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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha hits netrasur.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha running towards vrindavan as netrasur follows her and says I will kill you girl and everyone who comes in my way. Balram walks out of vrindavan and he fins kanha and rishi gargacharya. Balram comes with his plough and says kanha where have you been? I was finding you everywhere. Balram says and where is radha? Kanha says radha got left behind, and I have to find her, I feel like she is in danger. Rishi gargacharya says I will head to vrindavan to see yashoda, you both go and bring radha back to the village. Kanha and balram go.
Kansa tells pralapt and janur, my so-called bhakts, see there, netrasur will go and bring back my bounty. I will kill Vishnu with my own hands.
There radha runs towards vrindavan as netrasur follows her. Kanha and balram go

ahead and balram sees netrasur running. Kanha says brother wait, lets hide behind this tree, let netrasur come, we will put a surprise attack, you split up and hide behind that rock. Balram goes and kanha hides behind the tree. As radha runs ahead, kanha comes in between and says stop netrasur! You cannot go ahead. Netrasur says who are you kid? Are you a fool? You think you can stop me? Kanha says don’t underestimate a child netrasur. Kanha picks a stone and says you will see what I can do. Kanha throws the stone on netrasur’s head and teases him. netrasur gets angry and runs behind kanha. Kanha goes and hides. As netrasur comes walking ahead, balram then throws a boulder, the boulder rolls down and hits netrasur, he falls down. balram goes to kanha. Netrasur gets up angrily and then sees radha, he runs behind radha. Radha goes and stands in front of a tree and is cornered. Netrasur comes and radha looks scared at netrasur. Suddenly radha turns into mata sita’s form of tretayug.
Laxmi asks lord Vishnu, prabhu how is sita’s form there? Lord Vishnu says don’t you remember devi what you encountered in treta yug? Laxmi says I don’t exactly remember. Lord Vishnu says in treta yug, that time when you were collecting flowers, you were eve teased by a crow. Laxmi says yes I remember prabhu. In flashback, sita collects flowers in the forest in a basket. There in the trees, indra dev’s arrogant son stands, he sees sita and says sita looks so beautiful, I wish I could touch her but if I touch her, I will become lord ram’s enemy. Son thinks and says yes I have a way to touch sita. The son turns into a crow. As sita collects flowers, the crow flies over sita and he tries to touch her using wings, sita screams as she is scared. The crow then touches sita using his beak and puts a cut on her neck. The basket of flowers falls down and sita runs ahead, lord ram comes. lord ram says sita are you fine? Sita tells lord ram and lord ram takes a twig and throws at the crow. The twig turns into an arrow and hits the crow. Suddenly indra dev’s son comes in front of lord ram and kneels down. lord ram says how dare you touch my sita? I will destroy your eyes. The son stands up as one of his eye is already injured and asks for forgiveness.
There kanha thinks of a plan to save radha.

Precap: a soldier comes and tells kansa, netrasur has turned his direction from vrindavan and is going elsewhere. Kansa rides on a horse to find netrasur.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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