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Hi my dearies.

How are you all?

Must be angry. I know I had disappeared and left in middle.

Guys my exams had started, so, I can’t make it up.

But today I’m going to write a three shot which I already wrote on watt pad for a challenge.

I don’t know when I’ll post as my exams are up-to may14 . Please spare me.

I hope you all will enjoy it.

Let’s start with a smile.



1. Meeting her.


Kunj pov-

I closed my eyes remembering the most horrified day, which changed everything. My one single decision, one single moment and everything got changed and nearly got destroyed.

“Twinkle. We should breakup. I mean, I don’t love you and there is no need for us to stay in this relationship. ” I said with cold heart.

“what are you saying Kunj?  If it is a joke, then please I’m least interested. ” she said being strong, but I know deep inside even she is shaken too.

“no. I’m not. I had never loved you, it’s just attraction that I had for you, made me feel like this. I’m sorry. ” I replied coldly or to say keeping stone on my heart.

“you are lying right? ” she whispered,cupping my face, looking at me with hope.

“No. I’m not. ” I said.

“Kunj. For heaven’s sake, stop this drama. ” she replied frustrated.

“Twinkle, it’s not any drama, it’s the fact ” I replied.

“then why you said you loved me? ”

“because I want to become a great singer and being from middle class family, I can’t afford it. To become singer, I need lots of money and I found I can get it by you. So, I thought about fake love. But, now I can’t withstand with it anymore. You are freaking annoying. I just can’t lie to you more. Let’s breakup. ” I said without showing any emotion. She stood there digesting whatever sh*t, I said to her. Yes it is! Because it’s a pure lie.

She looked at me with unbelief and then her expressions changed into disgusting and anger. She slapped me hard across my face. I looked at her shocked.

“how dare you to play with my feelings?  I hate you! I hate you Mr. Sarna. I thought you loved me, but you just played with emotions. You betrayed me for your own selfishness. We are over. You and me are over. ” she said with those tears in her eyes. It pained me alot. I promised myself, that I’ll never hurt her but that day, I was the reason behind those tears. I felt so miserable. I wanted to hug her, to soothe her but I can’t. She cried and ran from there. I followed her to her home. I can’t take risk. She is broken now. She needs someone. I can’t leave her in this condition.

I stood outside her gate hoping to get at least one glance of her. As I know, I won’t be able to see her again. I waited there only. She came and stood in balcony. She started crying her heart out, unaware with the fact that, I stood there watching her.

It pricked me. I felt pain in my heart, seeing her in such vulnerable condition. Still, I smiled to myself. I know, this is for best. She will get best future where she can be happy. I looked at her for once as I’m sure, when for next time I’ll see her, she will get married to some other. That thought tore me. Yet, I smiled and looked at thoroughly then I left from there with a week smile on my face, with pain in my heart and tears in my eyes.

I opened my eyes when I felt something wet on my cheeks, only to realise that, those are my tears. I wiped them away replacing with a fake smile.

Raj, my PA came in.

“Sir. It’s the show time. ” he said. I nodded my head and took my guitar. I reached centre of stage. Whole audience is cheering for me. I looked at them and waved my hand. In reply, I got to hear loud hooting. I closed my eyes.

“This is for you Twinkle. ” I mumbled to myself and started singing.

Lafj kitne hi tere pairon se lipte honge
Tune jab aakhiri khat mera jalayaa. hoga
Tune jab phool kitaabon se nikale honge
Dene waala bhi tujhe yaad toh aaya hoga

(Vocals Break)
Teri aankhon ke dariya ka utarna bhi zaroori tha
Mohabbat bhi zaroori thi, bichadna bhi zaroori tha
Zaroori tha ke hum dono tawafy arzoo karte
Magar phir arzoo-on ka bikharna bhi zaroori tha
Teri aankhon ke dariya ka utarna bhi zaroori tha

I remembered those tears of Twinkle which came out of her eyes because of me, those promises we done to each other that we will be on each others side. Everything got broken and the reason is I’m. But that was the only way at that time.

Batao yaad hai tumko woh jab dil ko churaya tha
Churayi cheez ko tumne khuda ka ghar banaya tha
Woh jab kehte the mera naam tum tasbeeh mein padhte ho
Mohabbat ki namazo ko qaza karne se darte ho
Magar ab yaad aata hai woh baatein thi mehez baatein
Kahin baaton hi baaton mein mukarna bhi zaroori tha
Teri aankhon ke dariya ka utarna bhi zaroori tha

I closed my eyes. We went for temple. I won’t believe in god alot but Twinkle used to. She prayed. After her prayer I asked her.

“what you had asked Twinkle? ”

“that god gives you all the happiness, fullfil your all wishes and make you successful in your career. Most importantly that we should never get parted. ”

“we will never. I promise. ”

“I love you. ”

” I love you too. ”

I broke my promise. ‘I’m sorry Twinkle.’

(Vocals Break)
Wahin hai sooratein apni, wahin main hoon wahin tum ho
Magar khoya huya hoon main, magar tum bhi kahin gum ho
Mohabbat mein daga ki thi jo kaafir the so kaafir hain
Mili hai manzilein phir bhi musaafir the, musaafir hain
Tere dil ke nikaale hum kahaan bhatke, kahaan pahunche

I opened my eyes and found Twinkle. She wore a white dress looking like an angel. I looked at her with guilty filled eyes while she gave me a smile ‘that everything gonna be alright’. A lone tear escaped from my left eye,  she came towards me and wiped away that tear and nodded her head in no. She touched her forehead with mine.

Magar bhatke toh yaad aaya bhatakna bhi zaroori tha
Mohabbat bhi zaroori thi, bichadna bhi zaroori tha
Zaroori tha ke hum dono tawafy arzoo karte
Magar phir arzoo-on ka bikharna bhi zaroori tha
Teri aankhon ke dariya ka utarna bhi zaroori tha…

I opened my eyes and didn’t find her. I realised, she had came but in my imagination. I had not seen her. It’s been 2 freaking years. I remembered her smile.

Applauds and cheers are filled in hall as soon as I completed my performance. I bowed down my head, in a small gesture of thank you. As I was exiting to vanity room, many fans came and took my autograph and photograph.

I dealt them and reached my vanity room.

“I miss you Twinkle and I’m sorry. ” I mumbled. I went my home and took a long hot shower to calm my nerves. I changed into my night dress. I made a coffee for myself and stood near balcony gazing those beautiful stars and moon.

One fine day Leela aunty called me to her home. I got little nervous yet I went to meet her. I hid it from Twinkle as aunty wants me to. For us it’s a positive sign. It may mean that she will give green signal to our love. I know she is unaware with the fact that me and Twinkle being in relationship. But I want to ask Twinkle’s hand and give her a surprise. If she will accept then I’ll propose Twinkle for marriage. I reached the place where aunty asked me to meet, coffee shop.

“Namastey aunty.” I greeted her to earn good impression and also my mom thought me to always greet elders, no matter what. She nodded her head and asked me to sit. I took my seat.

“so you are Kunj with whom my daughter is in love?” she asked.

“yeah. ” I replied little nervously under her intent gaze, yet I’m shocked that how she got to know about it? Anyway, it’s OK. I’ll deal with her.

“don’t you wanna know that how I got to know about your relationship? ” she asked me. Though I want to know I had not dared to ask. Sensing my silence she replied.

” I looked your photos in her phone and got confirmed by your classmates. ” she said.

“aunty. I love Twinkle alot. I promise I’ll keep her always happy. ” before I can continue she interrupted.

“hold on boy! I’m not here to listen your bullshit.” she said. By listening to her, I can say this conversation is going to lead in a wrong way.

“I’m here to say that leave my daughter. ” she said. I felt like someone asked me to leave my breaths.

“sorry!” I said expecting it to be my hallucination.

“you heard right. Leave her. ” she said.

“I can’t. I love her.” I said the fact.

“I don’t like you. ”

“why? ”

“I want her to marry, my friend’s son,  who is rich enough. ”

“but she loves me and money won’t give you anything. ” I tried to argue back.

“what on the earth made you think that I’ll give my daughter to you and make her married to you. Look at yourself. You are nothing in front of her. She lived her life always in luxury and you can’t provide it to her. Love won’t fill your stomachs and your wishes. And top of that I promised my friend, so now, I can’t back off. ” she replied. I looked at her shockef. Still, I’m not ready to give up. I know and I can earn money more than she has now. I’m sure, Twinkle will support me throughout.

aunty. I love Twinkle and I won’t leave her. ” I replied stubbornly.

“listen. If you won’t leave her then, trust me, I’m gonna kill myself and you will be the reason. ” with that she grabbed a knife from near by table and held it across her wrist. I was taken back by her this action.

“speak. ” she demanded. I looked at her with unbelievable eyes. How can she do this with her own daughter. If I won’t leave Twinkle then, she will kill herself. Twinkle will never forgive me and how can I let someone die because of me or my love.

“fine. I’m ready. ” I mumbled and left from there. It took me hours to come out of that trance. Finally I made Twinkle to leave me.

I came out of my thoughts when I phone started ringing. I took it and it is from Raj.

“Sir. A new music company wants you to sing their next song. And by doing so, it may increase your fame.” he said.

“fine. Accept it. ” I replied. I had never paid interest to this things. It was handled by Raj always.

“Sir. For that we should leave for London as CEO of that company wants to meet you in person and he wants you to sing for his important meeting. ” explained Raj. I wanted to say no.

“yes. ” I replied. As this answer came from my heart without my permission.

“after two days we will be leaving. ” with that he ended call. Why I said yes? Why I feel like going their will change my life. Why I’m feeling so strange. Shrugging away all those feelings, I slept calling it night.

I reached London with my pa. We went towards hotel rooms. After getting fresh, we headed towards company.

I entered office. I felt some strange feeling deep inside my heart. My heart is feeling so happy. I went inside and met owner of company. Yuvraj Luthra. He welcomed us heartly. He made us comfortable and treated in a great way. He gave a introduction about himself. We talked for a while and became friends.

“Kunj. That’s perfect. You will be launching your next song from our company. ” he said.

“I’ll be glad. ” I replied. With a bang door got opened. We turned our heads towards the source. There stood she. I’m looking at her face after two long freaking years. She looked same beautiful as before. Nothing changed. She is my Twinkle. Maybe now, not mine and is claimed by others as his wife. I looked at her without blinking my eyes.

“Twinkle. ” I whispered.


How was it?

I’ll post next soon based on comments as I. Already wrote it.

Don’t forget to share your views.

Love you guys.

Keep smiling


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