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Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together (What a co-incidence) by SAMMIE (PART-7)

Hello guys!!!Sorry for small updates actually this 2-3 days i will be regular so i m giving small updates and thank u for responding in my last part if this ff ..though the comments were less but it has more than 50 likes/dislikes ….And i m very happy ecause i got 4 silent readers commenting in my ff….

So lets start………


Previously we saw Sanchi -Isha-Pragya-Veer-Ria ‘s first class in which Sanchi got late….and Kabir scolded her but Anand defended and thus Sanchi was saved…

So today’s part starts from…..

Location :Outside the class

Time:After the class ended

After the class everyone went to do their duty…….

Our Sanishgya and Veeria thought to meet in cafeteria in breaktime

So time skiped ……to Breaktime everyone gathered in cafeteria as they planned and greeted each other

Veer:Guys I m feeling bore …..and ooper se today i was given duty in Children ward !!!!

Sanchi:Seriously a child was given duty in children ward!!!!

And everyone giggled on that except…..u know very well

Veer:Hehehe (while mimicing them)not so funny!!

Ria:So hope u enjoyed playing with ur classmates???(while trying to stop her laughter)

Veer:No! not at all!!! U. Know what they did they pulled my silky hairs

Pragya:Aree wah!!Thanks Veer!!!

Veer:Welcome!Welcome(being very proud to get a thank u )….But for??

Pragya:For aknowledging us that hair too have companies like Silk and all…

Everyone laughed at him

Veer just gave a cute pout

Isha:Oh c’mon yaar stop pulling his leg!!

Veer:Thank God atleast someone is there to understand me!!!!

Sanchi:Guys its really boring !!

Veer:Ok !!!So lets play dare and dare

Ria:Ni yaar i m very tired to do tasks……

Isha:Then lets play truth and truth!!!

Veer:Not bad!!!

Everyone agreed to play ….

They spinned the bottle…..and it was Ria to Isha

Ria:So Isha, U have a good skin !!Tell me na what u put !!!See na before feW Minutes i saw a pimple growing on my forehead!!!

While the other’s were shocked by her extra girlish question

Isha:Oh thats Very easy take an ice and put on itand for other face problems.blah blah blah (Sorry but i dont know what other girls do when they have pimples and other facial problems because i dont get time to do anything and so i dont know!!!!!)

They again spinned the bottle and it landed on Isha to Veer

Isha:So …u seem to be very cute tell me ur embarrasing moment????

Veer:Ummmmmmm….Yeah i remembered my most embarrasing moment was when i was in 12 standard I prposed a girl in front of my frnds…..but she slapped me and u know what her hand was so hard that all her five fingers got printed on my cheek

They laughed at his innocent face …..They again spiined the bottle and this time it was Veer to Sanchi…..

Veer:So u tell me if u ever had a boyfriend???

Sanchi  became upset …Isha -Pragya too looked at each other…

Isha:Ah Veer leave na….What will u do by knowing this things(While trying to avoid the situation)

Pragya:Yaa Veer leave it na

While four persons Were confused … ..

Yaa yaa i know it should be two but its four why????. Ok !!!First is Ria,Second is Veer then.    Third is the one standing behind the pillar aand lisenting their talks …..u all r quite well in guessing Yeah its Kabir but the Fourth????? Areee fourth are ………….U readers!!!!Because i know u all r also confused ……

Ria:but why its a truth  so must tell

Veer:Yeah and why is Sanchi so sad??Yeaterday also she was sad during dinner!!!

Kabir was also very desperate to know dont know why but he was


Veer:What!Where !When(while looking around him)

Isha:Ur watch

Veer saw his watch :Yeah yaar its really beautifull

Pragya:She meant break time is over!!!Leyts go

And Sanchi -Isha-Pragya went away

Veer:I think they r hiding something from us

Ria:Even i think!

They too went to do there duty!!!

And kabir too went to his cabin

In his cabin

Kabir:What is there that she is not telling ….wait a minute does she have a boyfriend???Ufff why do i care leave it!!!


Pecape :May be the truth revelation




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