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Let’s begin…

Rag smiles: good joke! I know u just want to scare me! For a moment i thought it’s real………(she looks front and her eyes went wide)

She looks at his side.. But to her shock he wasn’t there

Rag: sir!

Rag looks at front and sees her orphanage where she lived ..her home..her family..her entire world but what the shocking thing was the kids were holding a letter boards which showed “I LOVE YOU RAGINI..WILL YOU MARRY ME??”

She didn’t understand…but this thing made to relieve the past with Nikhil.. Who was her love.. And still he is her love.. There was no day that she didn’t remember Nikhil… Yes he is a jerk a criminal but it is not easy for a girl who had loved him like anything and now forget him.. Its not easy! If Nikhil was at a mistake she would have forgave him long back but no he is a sinner.. He not only cheated Sheena but also killed her unborn child….

Brushing off her thoughts Ragini got down the car….

All kids hugs her forgetting about everything Ragini mingled with Ragini

A kid: didi… Is he our jiju???

She was brought back by this kid’s question

Ragini knew about whom they are taking but she felt this should be a dream actually she prayed… To confirm about the happenings

Rag: about whom you are talking?

Kids looks at the direction even her gaze turned to the same… Her eyes widened

As sanskar was standing in his knees… He gives her a wide smile

San: will you accept this sa-doo khadoos akbar baadshah boss of yours…i know i am unromantic but from the bottom of my heart I Love You so much…i can’t express my feelings more than this afterall i am a sa-doo

He forwards her a ring!

Poorva comes there and takes the kids with her to give them a privacy!

Rag was froze at her place she never expected such type of situation.. it’s true that she cursed him called him in numerous names but she really admired him as ONLY BOSS for his dedication towards his company and his managing employees presentation clients he was more than superb in all… Now the situation…This scared her….. She was always scared of him after the slap incident and somewhere he was the reason where she could not come out fully but to some extents from Nikhil’s thought’s but this… She is still in the verge of thinking that is he playing prank but his intense looks on her and his bloomy smile was the witness.. Which is describing her that this is not the peak but the real….

Rag muttered “NO” being Shocked…

She moves back…

She turns to go… But her wrist was locked by his fist.. He pulls her towards him and she hits his hard chest!

San: why?
She bent her head and she couldn’t meet his intense eyes which is demanding for an answer

San shouts: i asked something damn it!

San: if you are thinking that i don’t know your past then you are wrong…i know that you were in love with a guy named Nikhil.. i don’t damn care about your present… For me our present matters.. If this is because of him why do you even think about him the person whose don’t deserve you… Even after these many days you can’t forget him

“For me our present matters…even after these many days you can’t forget him”this sentence ringed in her ears…

She pushes him by all her power

He stumbled a bit….

She looks at him with tear filled eyes

Rag: what rubbish is this?

San: this is not rubbish…

Rag interrupts:i am not over yet…

This was the first he saw Ragini like this!

Rag: are you trying to make me remember past which is my biggest mistake which even i can’t erase from my memories! May be..may be you don’t care about my past.. But i care…i course those days but it’s not easy for me to move on… And who are you in my life to point this and show me what is right and what is wrong??..You told it so easily that for you our present matters… Did you even think about me… You said this easily because you didn’t love someone truly…

San held her shoulders and pulls him towards him: hogaya tumhara….. Now listen.. Even i can point you… Who are you to point about my love? I Love You… You agree or disagree the truth won’t change!

He smiles widely and takes a deep breath: and you know what? even you love me!

Rag: no i don’t!

He leaves her hand: so if you don’t love me why did you saved me by hurting yourself?

Rag was froze: i…i..i would have done this of anyone would have been in this place

San: oh forget it…aaj kal koi bhi itnaa mahan nai hota jo ek stranger ko bachane ke liye khud ko chot pahunchaye!

Rag: you are not a stranger for me!

San: glad!!! If any other person would be there would you have saved him?

Rag: i..i…i wo….

San: i know that… So now i m giving you and myself a 10 days to prove that you love me! Search the ways to get out from my love but where will you run leaving the love for me in your heart….

Rag: you….

San: 10 days! You would yourself would come to me and tell me about your love for me!

He goes from there

Rag was shocked and she was not understanding how her present is shaping!

To be continued…..

How was the part??

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