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Kabir and Sanchi had started to like each other. Kabir was now very much dependent on Sanchi for almost everything. They would care for each other equally and now Kabir had stopped working after 10:00 pm. He and Sanchi would sit and talk on how their day was or about their childhood or any random topics. They were developing a better understanding. Kabir would wait for Sanchi until she finished her breakfast to give her company as he knew that she was not in the habit of eating alone. He would mess up with his cupboard to find small-small things and then Sanchi had to fix up the mess as he did not allow anyone else. He liked the way Sanchi organized everything and also he messed up purposely so that he could hear her rantings. He loved to irritate her and the way she reacted was an entertainment for him.

Meanwhile, Karan and Isha had started to develop a bond. Karan’s grandmother was admitted to the hospital due to her ill health and her case was shifted to Isha. Karan had only his grandmother as his family. His parents had passed away when he was small in a car accident. His grandmother had raised him up and encouraged him whenever he was going through the ups and downs of life. He was very much attached to his grandmother and even the thought of losing her, sickened his stomach. Sanchi and Kabir were always there for him and Isha had also developed a good bond with his grandmother. She was recovering faster with Isha’s help and Karan was grateful to Isha for this help. They had started to meet and then eventually fall for each other.

Pragya and Veer were in a relation since the college times. Their families were aware about their relation and now they were planning to get them married in a span of few months. Sunil, Jaya and Sunny had shifted to New York as Sunil had started his new business there and Sunny’s college was also in New York. Sanchi missed them badly but she would face time them whenever she was free. The three ladies would often go on shopping and enjoying weekends in Isha and Pragya’s flat. Everything was just perfect and set in their lives.

Today the reunion was at the Kapoor Mansion. Sanchi was busy in arranging stuffs from morning. Kailash had gone out of India for some meeting. Kabir was in his study and he was getting disturbed with constant orders that Sanchi was giving to all the servants and also with her talks on the phone. The trio were in a conference call deciding what to wear and how to match the accessories. Kabir sighed in disappointment and took hold of his bag, some files and the car keys. He was going out when he dashed with Sanchi.

S: Kabir at least look and walk.

K: Excuse me; it was you who dashed with me and not me. How will you see when you are carrying this big box right in front of your eyes? Keep it down Sanchi, the servants will do it.

S: My eyes were covered not yours. You could have moved out of my way. Anyways leave it. You are going somewhere?

K: Thank god you noticed. I thought that you were too busy to acknowledge someone else’s presence in the house.

S: Stop taunting me. Tell me where are you going?

K: To Karan’s house and I will return tomorrow only after you guys are done. I will get bored in your girl’s night out.

S: That’s true but we can do one thing. We can have friend’s night out. I mean you call over Karan and I will call Veer along with Isha and Pragya and then we will have a night out. What do you say?

K: Actually not a bad idea.

S: One more suggestion.

K: Yes please.

S: Stop being a bland person Kabir. You don’t even enjoy a Sunday? Please don’t make Karan like you. He is really sweet and a bit tasteful.

K: You are calling me tasteless!

S: You heard me right?

K: Sanchi I’m leaving now and will be back before sunset. He said as he knew that arguing with her was a waste of time. She would eventually make him accept the point of their argument. He left and went to Karan’s house. There they discussed about some issues related to business. They had their favorite coffee and talked about Sanchi and Isha. How the ladies had made their life worth leaving.

It was evening. Kabir returned home and was surprised to see the whole house changed. He saw that the curtains were changed and all sorts of food stuff were on the service table. He saw Sanchi sweating out in the kitchen still making something. The couches were covered with an uncreased, hand stitched, simple and lively cover. He liked her choice and was proud of it. Of course he was one of her choices though not hers totally. He was falling for her grace, her beauty, her antics, her selflessness, her nature, her everything. He felt lucky to have her in his life.

K: Sanchi, are you aware about the time?

S: No.

K: Well I think that you should rush as it is already 6:30 and only half an hour to 7:00.

S: You could have informed me earlier Kabir. Anyways just tell Bebe to fry these. I’m going to get ready. She rushed to their room as now she was running out of time to get ready.

Everyone came by 7:00 pm. Only the girls were left. Kabir, Karan and Veer were sitting on the high stools near the bar counter in the hall. They were having light drinks and talking about business. Sanchi came out wearing a black frock with earrings and engagement ring as the only jewelry. Soon Isha and Pragya also came. They were also dressed in black but one wore pants and the other skirt. All of them sat on the couches and Isha and Pragya praised Sanchi for her decorations. Soon the girls were involved in their talks about the hospital and different affairs.

The men joined them after finishing their drink. The six of them joked and had a nice time together. Karan made a toss to draw everyone’s attention.

K: Hello ladies and gentlemen. I want to tell something to someone very special. He said eyeing Isha. Everyone cheered him as he took hold of Isha’s hand and made her stand opposite to him. He kneeled down and took out a ring.

K: The moment you have walked in my life, you have made my life heaven. The only person I love as much as dadi is you. Will you be my better half? Will you marry me?

Isha nodded her head in a yes and then she hugged Karan. He made her wear the ring and everyone clapped for them. Now the real celebration began. They headed for dinner. After the dinner was over, the ladies went to change in their night wears and the men were in the hall.

V: I must tell you are very lucky Kabir. Sanchi is a great chef. She cooks much delicious food.

K: I know. Actually Veer I wanted to talk to you about something. Then their conversation is muted.

V: Oh don’t worry Kabir that will be okay. I will see to it.

K: Thank you Veer

V: You’re welcome.

The girls were in Sanchi’s room. Sanchi and Pragya were teasing Isha and she was blushing heavily. They were up till 2:00 am at night and after that they went to sleep. Meanwhile the men were in different room as they were working on a project that involved the Kapoor, Malhotra and Oberoi merger. They were busy discussing the terms and their conditions.

The next few months went on well. Kabir and Sanchi’s wedding anniversary was in the next week. Time passed by quickly as they completed one year with each other. Kabir and Sanchi now had strong feelings for each other. The media was waiting for any updates of the anniversary party but the party was a private affair involving only few of them. Sanchi’s family had also come to attend it. She was happy by spending time with them. Sanchi was dressed in a red sari and she was looking stunning. Kabir was also in a red tuxedo. They were looking gorgeous together. Pragya and Veer were also married for a few months now. Everyone congratulated them and then they enjoyed and the party ended.

Sanchi came out of the changing room after wearing her night dress. She saw that Kabir was sitting on the bed and leisurely smiling at her.

S: What is the matter Kabir? Why are you smiling in this manner?

K: Don’t you want your anniversary gift?

S: You have bought one? I thought that you will not.

K: Why did you think so?

S: You have given me everything. Now what else will is remaining?

K: You have to close your eyes for the gift first.

S: Okay. He placed one envelope in Sanchi’s hand. She opened her eyes and saw the envelope. She opened it and was overwhelmed with emotions while reading it. The letter was from SDCH. It had given her the permission to do internship in the hospital and study further to become a doctor. Kabir had talked to Veer regarding Sanchi’s dream and the procedures he would have to follow for her admission during the night out. Her eyes were filled with tears as she smiled through her tears. Kabir stepped forward and wiped her tears.

S: Thank you Kabir. This is the best anniversary gift ever. Thank you so much Kabir. Thank you. She went on with her thanking session for some time. Kabir was just admiring the expressions on her face. He felt that she looked cute. He had a sudden urge to kiss her and without thinking much he placed his lips on her. Sanchi was shocked for a moment but then she too kissed him back. He pulled her closer by grabbing her waist. She also encircled her arms around his shoulders. The kiss was soft at the beginning as Kabir was unsure about Sanchi’s reaction but then as she too responded, the kiss deepened and turned a bit wild. They parted after sometime. Sanchi was blushing heavily and Kabir was still in a trance as it was their first kiss after a year of marriage.

S: Don’t you want your anniversary present?

K: I think I had mine. He said smirking and Sanchi went numb at it. She never expected that Kabir would tease her in this way.

S: It’s not funny. She went to the cupboard and took out a small box from the drawer. She gave it to him and he opened it. There he saw a chain with a locket. The locket was heart shaped and it contained a photograph of his mother on one side and Sanchi on the other side. Kabir was also very happy. He hugged her and then she made him wear the locket.

S: This will keep you connected to your mother and she will guide you through your difficult times.

K: Thank you Sanchi. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead. They went to sleep after sometime.


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