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Mehrya My version part 72

On the other side due to bad weather , Shaurya was finding shelter at the Sharma’s front porch but their neighbor , old man who is living alone watches him since morning came out with an umbrella and insist him to come to his house to stay that night. Shaurya thanked him and change his clothes. Old man offered him dinner and as Shaurya eats he asked do you love Mehak so much that you leave everything and wait for her in front of her house like this and also this weather you are not going back but wait in rain. Shaurya continue to eat and once he finish he comes to sit next to the old man and asked can I call you dadaji, old man after sometime nodded yes. Shaurya continued I might have everything in my life, so much money, property and famous but all these have no values to me. The only girl who dares to slap me and tell me that all these I have is nothing and family’s love is the real wealth a man should have is Mehak. After I gets Mehak’s love I feel my life is complete the empty part within me has been filled by her existence. I am not lucky person because my childhood and my own family didn’t love me or even treat me as human but only Mehak even I was the most evil person she cares for me and she showed me the right things in my life. So dadaji for this kind of wife I don’t mind sitting at any weather or storm to meet her. Dadaji patted on his shoulder and said if Majnun is alive he will be jealous of you because of the way you love Mehak. Maybe he could have built Taj Mahal but you don’t need to do that just prove your love to her in your own way. Both men sat and chit chatted while Shaurya made chai and they drink together. Dadaji opens up how is his life, he is alone after wife passed away many years back I am like a ship without destiny daily looking around people here , eat and wait for death to invite me. Shaurya asked where your kids are. I have 2 boys but all left me here and went away for work, they will send money sometimes but my pension is enough for me. Life goes on like that beta. Dadaji give him some idea how to get Mehak back and they continue to laugh and share thoughts.

Next morning, Mehak wakes up and saw she was sleeping with her photo frame next to her and she put it aside and tie her hair into a bun and went to shower. As usual she went to kitchen opens the kitchen window and watches her society which was very busy all are busy as bee with their daily routines. She was smiling at herself. She saw the old man her neighbor and waved at him excitingly but he shows an upset face and walk away from her. She dropped her hand down and wonders what happen to him usually he will be so cheerful but he went away like that. Mehak see again looking for him but there is no sign of him , she went to the kitchen and start preparing something but interrupted by Mansi chachi, asking her to not to work as she have yet to recover after arguing with Mehak , chachi allows her to knead the roti for breakfast and she will prepare the rest. Mehak had an idea, she thought of preparing some extra rotis with gravy and send to the neighbor to cool his bad mood, she quickly pack them and went to her main door sneakingly opens it and checks around, she saw a little boy playing nearby she called him, chottu and sign him to come to her, he asked kiya didi, she give the food box to him and ask him to take it to the old man and give it to him. Boy nodded and took it from her, she waited for him to return and the boy said he didn’t see he old man but I give it to a young man. Before she could ask him anything he run away from there to play with other kids. Mehak wondering who is this young man, dadaji’s son came back is it? She was self-talking till it was broke by Jeevan chachu asking them to bring breakfast. She went in the house having breakfast with all. On the other side , the little boy passed the breakfast to Shaurya as Shaurya was standing at the house entrance, he quickly take it and opens the container with the smell he recognize its made by Mehak. He went to kitchen saw dadaji in the midst of preparing something for both of them. Shaurya stops him and say dadaji you don’t need to do anything your girlfriend has send you food, he open the container and dadaji’s face lit up in excitement.

Shaurya and dadaji comes up with a plan and dadaji said we need to use your power this time beta, please get press people, police as well. Shaurya ask him in doubt dadaji after this do you think Sharma’s will forgive me? First time I am getting nervous how if they gets really annoyed and chase me away. Dadaji assured this time nothing will go wrong trust me. Both give high 5 and Shaurya started to make phone calls to few people and started to arrange their plans.

In the meantime Jaggu went to Mumbai see Pooja and return to Delhi. He texted Mehak to come up to her terrace in the meantime he waited for her at Sonal’s terrace. Mehak went upstairs and looked towards Sonal’s terrace and he was there waiting for her. She asked him how the meeting is and he smiled. Mehak asked what happen why you are smiling like this. He said thank you yaar I listened to you and went to meet her and she was also so happy. I explained to her all about my work and why acted badly so now all problem sorted. We are happy, we went to movie eat lunch and walk around for a while then now here I am. Mehak jumped in happiness, you see, finally your problem sorted I am happy for you Jaggu. You see once you open up and explain all the problem solved. He bought for her a bar of chocolate and ask her to catch it as he throws at her. Mehak catches them and say thank you, then she naughtily asked ek minute why you are giving me chocolate now, you don’t remember any old stuffs don’t you she asked him naughtily. Jaggu snorted at her, my dear when I go back to my camp I need my 2 hands, 2 legs and this face I don’t want to find trouble with your hubby. Both laughing quietly as Mehak was savaging the chocolate like a child. Then he asked I heard your hubby came to house why don’t Chachus allow him in? It’s very bad yaar? Remember Jaggu I said he will not sit quietly he will definitely do something, so now started already. Today he is missing maybe he went back home after he knows Chachus are very upset of him. Let’s see how. Jaggu asked if tomorrow she want to go to out she has been confined in house for many days since come out from hospital, maybe Nehal can come along as well. Mehak said okay and both went inside their home. All these was watched by Shaurya and Dadaji from their balcony. You see you are not making your move and some other monkey want to bring your wife out , Shaurya said no Dadaji Jaggu is good guy you see he was just telling about his girlfriend maybe he is just helping Mehak as a good friend I know my Mehak Dadaji not to worry.

Next day the trio went to Connaught Place, they took metro and enjoyed the ride. They played bowling also Mehak has no idea how to play Jaggu with Nehal showed her how to bowl. Then they continued to play all the games at the arcade followed by meals and continue to watch movie as well. As they all coming together, one guy commented on Mehak sculpture as she is very s*xy. Jaggu went to pull his collar and ask him to watch out. Mehak pull him back and asked him what language he talked, it didn’t sound like local here, Jaggu replied it’s Tamil and he said you are very s*xy, so I went to warn him. Mehak turned and look at the guy who commented on her and called him hey that guy looked at her, she said thank you to him loudly and winking at him he smiled and she join Jaggu and Nehal , they looked at her unbelievable what did you do just now? Mehak replied he said I am s*xy so I said thank you that’s all. Nehal asked di usually you will be jumping high and low and create havoc and now you are saying thank you, after accident your entire senses are out or what? Mehak laughed at them and ask them walk , then she asked Jaggu how you know Tamil, he answered in camp we have camp mates from different states , religions and languages so I learn from there, so when he say like that to you I know what he actually meant. Later at night they return to PWG and rested at their home.

Nehal at her room called Shaurya talking about their outing with Jaggu and told about the mall incident, his anger shot but he was calm when he heard about Mehak’s reaction towards the incident. SJ didi has changed a bit after the incident. Maybe you should talk to her about your things and who knows she will be fine as well. Shaurya said yes I will, now getting late go and sleep and both hang up. Shaurya smiling to himself Mrs Khanna sleep well, tomorrow you will see a new show and he puts the mobile aside and sleep too.

Next morning was usual only , Sharma’s was having breakfast as they heard some commotion outside their house and Jeevan chachu ask them to eat while he go to check on it. He opens the door and saw the view in front of him and got shocked and unable to form a word as he was having hard time, Ravi chachu went to see him and also was in same shocked scenario. Then the rest of the family went to the entrance. Mehak went as well and she came in front moving others and was hell shocked seeing the view in front of her. It was Shaurya with the neighbor dadaji’s, all dressed in white kurta with few more other men sat under a tent with a signage “Purush Mukhti Morcha”. Ravi chachu questions them what are they doing in front of their house.  One of the man from the crown replied him, we are here in front of your house to get justice for our brother here Shaurya Khanna as he patted on his shoulder. Ravi chachu questions him Shaurya is this your new technic to tease us , the other day sat in front of our house thought you left at the evening but now you are doing this. Do you want me to call the police? Shaurya gets up and walks to him and join his hands to greet him, Namaste sasural walos. All these gathering I have written permission from city council to Police commissioner. No one can send us away. Hearing that Ravi chachu with Jeevan chachu asked him to empty these place and leave immediately or else it will be very bad for him. Another man from the crown gets up and said without getting a reply we will not reply from here. Balwant Daduji asked what you all want this is house matter why do we need to share with strangers. Shaurya and neighbor dadaji gets up and replied, when the matter was inside your house it was your house matter when you didn’t let this boy inside and let him suffer in the rain it is no longer house matter but it’s this society’s matter. When a woman have a problem at her sasural home , she can go to police or Mahila Mukhti to get justice for her , same thing now my boy Shaurya have similar problem with his sasural walos so here we are with fellow supporters to get justice. We will not go away till we get justice. Kanta chachi, Mansi chachi, PD and Nehal laugh quietly as the men argues with others and Shaurya winked at Mehak, she frowned and pouted her lips in annoyance.

All Sharma’s move back into the house closed the door and sat at the living area wondering what to do next. All the ladies gathered at kitchen laughing quietly seeing their condition and saying to Mehak this time Shaurya will not leave without bringing you back home. We have seen his stubbornness and today even smarter move.  Hours passed Mehak looked from her window and Shaurya saw her he sent her a flying kisses and Mehak look for something around her and she saw a vase and she took it and pointed to him whtr he wants her to hit him with that or not, he chuckled at her she went to sit back at her bed and scolding this Shaurya thinks he can do everything and no one will question him, you wait Khanna. You don’t know really who I am.

It becomes noon, and soon lunch packs were distributed among the men at the tent, all were so happy and some other old men at PWG society ask whtr they can join also, Shaurya offer them as well and all sat ate lunch. Vicky came to deliver them and he whispered something to Shaurya and both signed to proceed. Mehak watched all these from her room.

Later evening press people came to interview them. They asked what this Purush Mukhti Morcha is and why Shaurya Khanna celebrity is here. Dadaji replied them, usually in our society when abuse or mistreatment done for women we have Mahila Mukhti for defending women’s rights. But unfortunately time has changed, not only women get abused but men also get abused. We are here to get justice for our boy Shaurya Khanna, who is well respected in our society. He married to Mehak from Sharma’s, PWG. These Sharma’s not letting him to meet his wife or bring his wife back home. His wife just recovered from accident so he wants to be with her that also they don’t allow him. Poor boy sat here even in rain, my heart sank seeing him in that condition so I bring to stay in my house. Our boy come from a respected family, he didn’t abuse his wife he love her so much and they had misunderstandings and let them to sort by themselves but the men of Sharma’s are adding fuel and distancing them. So that’s why we are here to get justice for this young man. Shaurya showing his sad face to the press. Mehak and Nehal watching all these from their room window while Nehal laughing at the scene Mehak fumes in anger what is he thinking of himself , he never learn a lesson , always have to do something stupid now everyone at home will be more angry. She thought of something and took her mobile and dialed Karuna maa’s number. She greeted her and ask about her health and everyone at home. Mehak relayed about Shaurya’s action of camping in front of the house and ask her to call him to go home, it’s embarrassing and will infuriate Chachus more. Karuna maa chuckled and said beta you know Shaurya is very stubborn and how he will do things. Why don’t you go and talk to him and try to pacify him, you know he will only listen to you. She hangs up the call and Karuna maa was smiling and Dolly maasi asked her what happen jiji you are smiling at the mobile now? Karuna maa explained what Mehak saying about Shaurya and he is creating havoc at PWG.  Dolly maasi shakes head and said nowadays kids don’t listen to elders or even to anyone. Hopefully lalla don’t make things worse and bahu comes home, that’s all I want.

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