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Kasam 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Tanuja in Children’s summer camp

Kasam 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Netra thinking Rishi can’t go with Tanuja, and thinks she is dying with onion fever, thinks Rishi can’t do this with her. Tanuja and Rishi come to the summer camp. They ask about Natasha and Tania. They ask a boy. He signs them. Tanuja kisses him. Boy signs them to hold each other hands. Natasha asks Tania what she will do after they come. Tania acts. They hear Tanuja’s voice and acts to cry. Tanuja asks if your teacher applies any antiseptic. Natasha and Tania say no. Tanuja checks and asks where is the injury? Rishi also asks them. Natasha and Tania say it was each other’s idea. Tanuja and Rishi scold them for lying. They ask them not to lie again. Netra tells Myra that she has to go. Myra asks her to listen and not to worry about Tania. Netra pushes her and asks her not to

stop her.

Principal asks Rishi and Tanuja why did they come and says parents are not allowed here. Tanuja and Rishi begin fighting. Principal asks them to go home. Natasha asks Principal to let them stay here for a night. Principal agrees. Tanuja asks for different tents. Staff woman asks them why two tents, when they are husband and wife. She says you people look good together and says you are made for each other. Netra thinks if Rishi and Tanuja will stay here together, and thinks how to go inside. She sees a woman taking something and thinks she got an idea to go inside. She covers her head and goes inside, asking Deepa to give her work. Principal says we don’t need any Servant. Netra says if she gets job for 2 days, then she can feed her children. Principal agrees. Deepa asks Netra to come.

Rishi asks Tanuja to sleep on bed and he will sleep on couch. He says there is no bed or couch, so you shall sleep on mattress, and I will sleep on floor. They collide with each other. Tanuja says first you hurt me and then asks again. Rishi asks her to ask her heart. Tanuja says she don’t have. Rishi says you have. He gets closer to her. She says we are together, but separated.

Tanuja falls on Rishi and they have an eye lock. Netra looks at them. Tanuja gets up. Netra is still standing outside the tent and peeps inside. Rishi gets up and covers Tanuja with blanket fully. He sleeps then. Netra looks on angrily. Tanuja wakes up, takes out blanket from the rope and covers him. She says time has come for you to go tanuja and this time permanently.

Precap: Bedi family and AK’s family see Tanuja and Rishi dead. AK is shocked and tells them that Netra is responsible for this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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