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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri identifies Indra

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone coming back to the same point and seeing their cars. Thakur says how can we come back after walking so much. Lakhan says yes, we should have gone 4 kms ahead. Indra says this is my car. He sees Shambu and gets shocked. Indra goes to see. Gauri sees something and sits inside the car. She checks and sees the hair wig and fake passports. She gets shocked seeing Seth ji’s photo. She thinks is Chobey really Seth ji. She sees Indra and gets tensed.

Indra says there is no one, I called mechanic. Gauri says then give our phones, we will call someone to help. Indra shouts no, till you reach Kashi, I can’t give you phone, I just called mechanic. Lakhan says I don’t feel good. Latika asks him not to worry, it happens. Gauri asks Thakur not to look at her and

just listen. She says we are trapped, Chobey is actually Seth ji, not any inspector. He gets shocked. Gauri says don’t look at me, he will doubt, I have seen fake passports in his car, see him and recall Seth ji’s face, he took our phones so that we don’t call Yashpal, just make an excuse and leave with Lakhan, I will get Latika. Preeti sees Shambu and asks Yashpal to stop the car. She directs Yashpal and sees Shambu going somewhere. Namrata asks Lakhan not to touch her bag. She slaps Lakhan. He asks what’s inside this bag. Thakur asks Lakhan to leave Namrata. He asks Indra can he go for nature’s call. He takes Lakhan along. He says that inspector Chobey is Seth ji, come fast. Gauri asks Latika to come. Indra asks where are you two going. Latika says we are going there too. Indra says fine. He asks his men to go and find them. Latika asks Gauri what happened. Gauri says that Chobey is Seth ji, he wanted to kidnap us, we have to run away, come.

Preeti sees Namrata. Yashpal points gun at Indra and names him by his different names. Indra says you came on time. Yashpal says Preeti got us here, as if she knew about you. Rahul asks Preeti how did she know. She says you won’t believe, Shambu showed me the way, maybe you didn’t see him. Indra hits Yashpal and runs. Rahul runs after him. Preeti sees Minty sleeping in the jeep and goes to find Indra. Rudra comes to Namrata and smiles. He wakes her up and asks won’t you go to Rahul, come on, go. Namrata says yes, when will I get Rahul. She goes.

Rudra goes. Shambu looks on. Gauri and Latika run. Minty wakes up and shouts mumma. Indra comes and says don’t be scared, its me, your Papa. She says you are bad. He says I m not that bad uncle, I m finding him, I will make everything fine. She asks really and hugs. He gives her a phone and says inform me what Rahul, Yashpal and Preeti talks, don’t tell them about me. She says fine. Rudra follows Namrata. Preeti says Shambu really guided me, maybe you didn’t see him. Minty hides the phone. They leave. Shambu looks on. Indra claps and sees Gauri. He says you ruined my hard work. Gauri recalls Indra and says you are Rahul’s brother Indra. He says yes, I m Indra, Seth ji and Chobey, I did this to get shivlings, you all always failed my plans, you are blessed by Kaal Bhairav, you will get shivlings for me.

Namrata is at checkpost. Constables stop her and check bag. They see some dry leaves and flowers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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