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Kunj woke up with empty bed. He was full of guilt. Alisha had left after he had fallen asleep. She was quite smart and knew exactly what to do and how to do. Kunj wondered whether she had done something like this before or not. He heard some soft sounds of bangles that was coming from outside his room. His heart clenched with guilt. How could he do something so wrong to Twinkle? 

He couldn’t face her, not yet. He was guilty. He knew that man of his stature keeps wife at home and enjoy somewhere outside. He knew his father also did the same way and he vowed that he will never be like his father, but here he cheated on his wife like his father did with his mother. 

Kunj- I cheated on twinkle.  

What the hell are you talking about- UV said with a hint of anger. 

Kunj- I cheated Twinkle last night. 

UV was shocked to what he heard from his best friend’s mouth. 

Kunj- Last night when you left to flirt, I wanted to dance and found someone to dance. 

UV laughed that at Kunj’s explanation. Kunj was confused. He was feeling so guilty that he can’t face Twinkle and his best friend UV is laughing. 

UV- Dancing with another woman is never called cheating. You scared me for a second. 

Kunj- No UV, I didn’t only dance with but had s*x. 

UC’s laughter faded. He was shocked would be an understatement- What the hell is the matter with you? Just because Twinkle was a bit reluctant doesn’t mean you will just meet some random girl in a club and screw off. UV was shouting at Kunj. 

Kunj- I know and I am regretting it badly now. 

UV- Did Twinkle find out? 

Kunj- No, I am avoiding her. I can’t face her. She will hate me. I left earl without telling her and came straight to your place. At that moment he felt like a coward. 

UV- She will divorce you. 

Kunj- No she can’t. There is a clause in our contract that if we get divorced the merger will be partially dissolved and the losses will be monumental. Her father would never forgive her. She is not going to divorce me. He remembered when he told her father that he will divorce Twinkle if Mahi gets married to Shaurya, how she cried, though he never intended to. 

UV- She is stuck. 

Kunj- What do you mean? 

UV- She can’t even leave. If she finds out then she will hate you, still she will have to spend the rest of her life with a man whom she will hate. 

Kunj- Shit! There UV’s words had logic. He was absolutely right. There was no way Kunj would let Twinkle find out about this. 

UV- What are you going to do? Are you going to see that girl again? UV asked not really wanting to know the answer. 

Kunj- No. The guilt is already killing me. I am never ever going to see that lady again in my whole life. I just hope Twinkle never finds out. I don’t want to lose her. 

UV- Who is going to tell her? There are only three people who knows about it. You, me and that girl on earth knows about it. I am not going to tell her, you are not going to tell about it. She and Twinkle don’t know each other. I meant to say is you are absolutely safe. 

Kunj- You are never going to tell this to Twinkle? 

UV- No bro, you are my best friend. Why will I do that to you. Never did in college why now? 

Kunj- Thanks UV. Well you tell me how did yours go last night? 

UV- Chinki. She is amazing. I think I will fall in love with her. 

Kunj rolled his eyes on UV’s dramas. 

Kunj- Did she come here? 

UV- Yes, she did and boy she was wild. UV said with a smirk. 

Kunj- Oh my God! Just shup up UV. 

UV- Ok, tell me are you going for the business party tonight? 

Kunj- Business party, oh yeah, it’s a dinner, right? Yes, I am going. I don’t know if am facing Twinkle or not? 

UV- She has to go with you otherwise what other people will think. 

Kunj- Damn, will I have to take her. 

UV- Don’t panic, just stay here and tell that you will meet here there in the party. 

Kunj- Good idea. 

Kunj sent text message to Tinkle telling her about the business party and he will meet her there in the party and then called his secretary telling that he won’t be coming to office today. 

Then UV asked Kunj about the girl and Kunj started telling him about her- Her name is Alisha, very modern and bold which I like it. 

UV- Shut up, you like it? You cheated on Twinkle with her and you say you like it? 

Kunj- She is married. 

UV- What the hell? 

Kunj- Hmm, and unhappy with her marriage. 

UV- that doesn’t mean that you will go around and cheat your spouse. UV started getting angry again and shouted. 

Kunj- UV I am sorry… I don’t know what to do. 

UV- Don’t see her again. 

Kunj- I won’t, I promise. 

Twinkle looked at her and saw Kunj’s message, telling her to meet her at some business party which is a dinner party. She felt sad that she hadn’t seen him for so long and thought him to be angry with her. She tried calling him but he kept his phone off. She even tried calling at his office but there also she was told that Kunj won’t be coming to office that day.  She was wondering where Kunj was and was he avoiding her? 

She absent-mindedly looked through her closet, searching for something formal for a business party. She was not aware how do people get dressed for business parties as she had been to parties with Kunj but they were not business parties. She was not even sure about what happens there in these kinds of parties and what should she talk there. She wanted to ask Kunj about all these things but he was not available anywhere. 

Finally, she decided a formal white net saree with a black border. It was a simple and elegant saree with black blouse and white 3/4th sleeve. (please refer the link given below).×614/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/s/r/sr_16012_1.jpg. 

She was ready in the saree and wrapped the drape in a same way as Kunj had done last time when they were going for Roshni and Sid’s anniversary party. She felt so sophisticated in that saree and was sure that Kunj would approve it. She got ready and there was some time for her to leave for the party, so she tried calling Kunj again but his phone was still off. 

In the other scene, Kunj and UV had arrived in the hotel where the business party was going to be held. All big and known business men and women were present there in the party. It was a brilliant opportunity make more business contacts. UV had also invited Chinki to accompany him. Kunj and UV had picked her up on the way. She was beautifully dressed in an evening gown perfectly ready for the dinner party. UV could hardly keep his eyes off her. Twinkle hadn’t arrived for the party yet. Kunj had sent the driver to pick her up. Kunj was very nervous about seeing her after their argument and after what he had done was unpardonable and unthinkable to her. 

Twinkle! You look stunning- UV said once he saw Twinkle coming. 

Twinkle said thanks while eyeing Kunj. 

Kunj and Twinkle had an eye lock and for the first time Kunj looked away. He couldn’t bear looking in Twinkle’s eyes. She walked up to him but didn’t say anything. 

You look beautiful- Kunj blurted, saying the first thing came in his mind. 

Twinkle- Thank you. Her expression told that she was relived thinking that Kunj was talking to her. 

Twinkle- UV interrupted seeing the tension built up between Kunj and Twinkle- This is Chinki, I met her last night. 

Chinki- Hi Twinkle, nice to meet you. 

Twinkle greeted her back. UV watched two ladies closely, hoping that they gel up well and turn to be good friends. He had thought from before only that he will never date a woman who will not be friendly to Kunj’s partner and he really liked Chinki. Kunj observed UV’s concentration on Twinkle and Chinki and normally he would have pointed it out to embarrass him but was not able to speak around Twinkle’s present. 

UV- Well let’s go girls, we have to do some mingling before dinner. 

Chinki linked her arms with UV as they moved inside the room. Kunj walked behind them not making much eye contact with Twinkle. Twinkle who was little confused and sad with Kunj’s behavior just followed him. For few minutes Kunj and UV stayed together as they were business partners. Twinkle was relieved that Chinki also not much aware about the business thing much just like her and they started their own conversation leaving the men to handle the business talks. Later, Kunj and UV had to split up much to Twinkle’s dismay. She had lost her newly found friend and had no one to talk to. 

Out of the corner, she saw someone ad for a better look she saw Shaurya mingling with some of the businessmen at the corner. Twinkle was shocked. She was walking little behind Kunj, rushed up to him and clutched his arm tightly. Kunj stopped abruptly. 

Kunj- What is the matter Twinkle? 

Twinkle didn’t answer. Her grip on Kunj’s arm tightened He removed her hands from his arms and held it to know. 

Kunj- Twinkle? 

Twinkle- Shaurya. She whispered looking down. 

Kunj looked around, when his eyes found Shaurya, his fists clenched together and jaw tightened. Shaurya caught Kunj’s eye and quickly looked away. 

Kunj- Twinkle he won’t touch you. 

Twinkle- Please don’t leave me alone tonight, please. 

Twinkle looked uncertain. She first looked first at Shaurya and then at Kunj, unsurely. 

Kunj- I promise, he won’t bother you. 

Twinkle- But please… 

Kunj- Yes, I won’t leave you alone, promise. Kunj hesitated a bit before promising Twinkle to be with her. That was the last thing he wanted to do was to be with Twinkle in the whole event. He had thought to keep a fair distance from her but this was not going to happen. 

UV- It is so boring out here. He said as Chinki joined Kunj and Twinkle. 

Kunj- Stop complaining. Do you have any idea, how much progress we are making by meeting these people? I had met with so many people around here and do you have any idea how much profit we are going to make? 

UV- That is why we are partners. You handle all the profit and I just nod and tag along like I know what the hell is going on. 

Chinki laughed and Kunj and Twinkle smiled. UV was a sample. 

Twinkle’s eyes landed on another woman wearing a saree. They were the only two in the entire hall wearing sarees. The other lady was wearing navy blue saree with some work on the borders and the drape she wore was like it was covering her head. Twinkle watched as her husband was talking to other people and she was seems like to get bored. Kunj and UV also joined the group. 

Hi, I am Hiten. I have heard a lot about your work in Australia. The only Indian man in the crowd greeted Kunj and UV. 

Hiten- This is my wife Alisha. 

Kunj looked like he has seen some ghost. His face turned pale and was looking extremely disturbed. Alisha looked at Kunj and gave him a smile. Kunj looked at her husband Hiten who introduced himself. The first thing that came in his mind was that Alisha’s husband was older to Alisha. He must be in his early forties. He was overweight and clean shaved. He was tall. Kunj took a look at Twinkle, thinking he being a lucky one who also had his marriage arranged and she was very beautiful. 

Kunj was feeling suffocated. He needed some air. He never wanted to see Alisha again but she was here standing right in front of Twinkle. 

Excuse me- Kunj said and quickly moved away from the crowd. He made his way to terrace area where he can take some fresh air in open. As soon as he reached there he felt someone hugged him from behind. Thinking it to be Twinkle, he plastered a smile and turned. He got a shock seeing the person. The person wasn’t Twinkle but Alisha. His smile faded immediately. He took a step to be away from her and tried to escape. 

Kunj wait- Alisha said. 

Kunj stopped but didn’t turned around to face her. 

I need you- Alisha whispered. 

She walked around and kissed him unexpectedly. Kunj resisted and roughly pushed her away. 

Kunj- We can’t. He screamed at her. 

Alisha- Why not? Come with me. She grabbed his hand and led him inside the hotel and found a coat closet in the lobby and pulled him inside. 

Kunj- Why the hell we are here? He asked, frustration was clear in his voice and he was also getting angry at the whole situation. 

Alisha- Kunj, I need you right now, just like you needed me last night. She nuzzled into his ear and kissed him again. 

Kunj- Alisha wait. He said and piled her away from him- My wife is…. 

Alisha- She won’t find out, please Kunj. She begged. 

She pushed Kunj against the wall and pulled his jacket off. She pressed her lips to his and fiddled with the buttons on his shirt. She threw the drape of his saree, exposing herself in front f him. She tried kissing him again but Kunj pulled and threw her back roughly. 

Stop it Alisha- Kunj shouted. He knew he couldn’t bear the guilt of making the mistake again and won’t be able to face Twinkle then. Kunj could already feel a wave of guilt washing over him as he surveyed their undone clothes. Alisha looked like she was going to cry. Gone was the confident and bold woman he had met last night. Standing before him was someone a lot more vulnerable. 

Alisha- Did I do something? 

Kunj- No, it’s not you. I just can’t do this. I can’t betray my wife. 

Alisha- You have already betrayed her. You don’t even love her. Why does it matter to you? 

Kunj- It does matter as I care for her and never want to hurt her. 

Before Alisha could say anything, they heard a knock on the door. Someone was trying to open the door. 


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