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Jealousy – A Samaina fanfiction Introduction

Hey guys I’m a huge fan of samaina so I wanted to write a fan fiction on them. It starts after naina and sameer have come back from the mount abu trip. Hope you guys like it.


Naina was in her room crying. She has been upset since she came back from the mount abu trip. And why would she not be. The person she loved so much had broken her trust. How could he do this to her. She lied for him changed so much for him but what he did was break her heart. He had broken her completely. She did not want to see him again but she knew she had to everyday and that hurt even more.

Here Sameer was upset too even if he hadn’t realized that he loved her he did know that she was special and this whole bet thing felt wrong. He felt guilty to have hurt such an innocent girl and he had decided to apologize but little did he know that there was someone coming in their lives who will make him realize his love through another emotion – JEALOUSY.

Precap – Prem arrives at the ahmedabad station with his mother. (prem is the someone I was talking about) 

Do comment and let me know how was it.I will try to upload everyday.

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