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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mausa ji irritates Daali

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daali getting ready in a traditional way. The chawl women make her ready. Daali says now I will teach them a lesson. Kanhaiya gets mesmerized seeing Daali. He gets complimenting her beauty. She meets Mausaji. Kanhaiya asks Daali to go and greet Mausaji. She says Mausaji is itching a lot, I won’t touch his feet. Kanhaiya insists. Daali greets Mausaji. He misunderstands Daali.

She tells him that she will have overcooked tea like always. Mausa ji scolds Kanhaiya. He asks Daali not to worry, he will stay with them and correct Kanhaiya. He starts coughing. She feels like puking seeing Mausaji. She asks Mausaji not to give them details of his illnesses. She asks why are you still here. Kanhaiya asks him what did he get. Pilot comes and says I got it. Mausa ji says I got my bag, there is a gift for Daali.

Daali asks what’s inside. Pilot says maybe jewelry. They check the bag and get shocked seeing coconuts. Mausa ji says I got four coconuts for bahurani, there are fresh fruits inside too, there is village milk. Kanhaiya says Daali is a good cook. Daali pinches him. Kanhaiya asks why are you angry. She says I didn’t cook ever. She beats Kanhaiya. Mausa ji tells them about his fav food. He asks Daali to massage his legs. She refuses. Kanhaiya says just do it, what’s the harm. Daali massages Mausa ji’s legs. He tells the story of saving his wife from a python. He says devotion is everything. Daali says I knew this, such thing happened with me too. She also tells a story of her Mausa ji. Kanhaiya looks on.

Mausa ji asks Daali is she fooling him. Mausi and Mausa ji smile. Mere piya gaye rangoon….plays…. Kanhaiya says amazing Mausa ji. Mausi massages his legs. Daali changes her clothes. She gets ready. She asks Kanhaiya did he get a car. He says its fully loaded AC, come. He gets her bag. They do downstairs. She sees his auto. She says you told me about AC car. He says its my AC vehicle, everything is free, sit. She sits in the rickshaw. Kanhaiya sings a song and takes her. Ek raasta hai zindagi…..plays….

Janki does Daali’s welcome. He asks Daali to appear happy to get property. Daali and Kanhaiya start lying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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