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Ikyawann 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya denies Leela’s truth

Ikyawann 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Leela hearing a recording. Kali comes and says you didn’t do a good thing, you are after someone’s life, how can you stop anyone from going ahead, Lord will decide about people’s life and death, you can’t change things like Lord, Susheel is gone from Satya’s life, leave everything, forget it, its not a good thing, stay away from Susheel, else I will do something bad. She goes. Leela gets a message and rushes.

Susheel comes for wrestling selection programme. The man announces about the sportswomen. Susheel comes there. She sees all the wrestlers. Kali comes to her room and cries thinking of Susheel. She says sorry, I failed you Susheel, I have failed too, I couldn’t save your marriage. Satya comes and asks what happened, why are you crying. She says I have lost

to Leela.

Fighter Didi asks Susheel not to think anything, just think what opponent wants her to do, her one mistake will make her lose. She does her soil tilak and says we are made by this soil, just keep its pride. Susheel sees her country flag. She says my life’s new chapter is starting, I m glad you came in my life. Fighter Didi sends her for the match. Susheel takes some soil in her hands. The man says the winner will get a chance to represent their nation in the national wrestling championship. He welcomes Jessica, aka killer machine. Leela thinks so this is killer machine, I have to see how dangerous she is.

The man says this is a secret round, the players don’t know what will happen, player’s flexibility will be checked, there will be blind wrestling match today. Susheel sees Fighter Didi and comes to her. She asks what to do now. Fighter Didi says make this your strength, every person has unique traits, focus on it. Leela wishes the killer machine kills Susheel. Satya asks what did Leela do. Kali says sorry, just go. He says tell me, what did Dadi do, its all my mistake, whatever happened with Susheel, I married her knowing Kiran got mad because of Mehul. Kali asks did you wish to kill Susheel when she was born, because Mehul broke relation with Kiran. He asks what. She asks you tried to kill her twice. He asks what are you saying, you mean Dadi did this. She says yes, Leela has committed sins. He says no, this can’t happen. Kali says I knew you won’t trust me. Jhanno comes and signs them. She takes Satya.

Jessica wins the blindfold round. Susheel looks on. Susheel comes for next match. She competes with someone. She puts the opponent down. Everyone claps. Susheel wins the round. Jhanna gets some toys from Kiran’s drawer. Satya asks what are you doing. Jhanno depicts the bus accident, in which Susheel’s family was injured. Kali cries. Satya gets tensed. Jhanno gives a baby toy and signs its Susheel. He says you are mistaken. Kali says this is Susheel, her mum gave her birth and died. Jessica wins the third round. Susheel competes with another opponent Alisha. She thinks of Fighter Didi’s words and hears sound of the soil when Alisha moves. Susheel catches Alisha and pushes her down. She wins the round. Everyone claps. The man says the last competition will be after two days, between Susheel and Jessica. Leela thinks last competition of Susheel’s life.

Satya shouts my Dadi can’t do this. Jhanno screams and shouts Leela did this. Satya and Kali get shocked. Leela meets Jessica to make a deal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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