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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 11



One of the guy tried to pull Ishana’s duppata when a punch landed on his face. IshAvJa turn and see a guy staring angrily at those guys. He beats them black and blue and holds their neck.

Guy: (angrily) How dare you to utter those words towards her?? She is my bhabhi!!! Do you understand!!?? My bhabhi!!!! If I see you near her again, that will be the last day for you. (He leaves their necks and pushes them)

Guy1: You don’t know who are we and what we can do.

Guy: And you don’t know who am I and what I can do. If you do anything, you will see the worst of me. Get lost from here!! (The two guys go from there but before they left, one of them gives an angry smirk towards him and Ishana. The guy turns towards Ishana and smiles in relief.)

Ishu: (smiles in tears) Rudra…. (Runs towards him and hugs him. Rudra too hugs her back. They break the hug) Are you ok, Rudra??

Rudra: I’m good, bhabhi. Are you alright?? Did they hit you??

Ishu: No, Rudra. I’m good.

Rudra: (cries) I missed you very much, bhabhi. Not even once you talked to me after you left there.

Ishu: (breaks the hug) I missed you too, Rudra. I’m sorry. But, I have no choice. I want to forget everything happened in my life. That’s why I didn’t contact you. Besides, Priyanka too didn’t want anyone of your family to find her. After whatever happened, how I will contact you?? I don’t want your family to know about my whereabout. I still couldn’t come out from those incidents. (Rudra hugs her)

Rudra: I’m sorry, bhabhi. I’m really ashamed of my family for doing like that to you. I’m ashamed of myself for not doing anything to protect you. I’m really sorry, bhabhi. (Cries falling on his knees)

Ishu: (kneels in front of him) No, Rudra. You have nothing to do with that. Only you, Priyanka and Soumya were there for me as my support. If you three are not there, I don’t know how I could have stay there. In fact, you are the one saved me that day. Or, I must have stayed there till now. Don’t blame yourself, Rudra. (Rudra hugs her and cries badly)

Rudra: You are such a gem, bhabhi. How they could do like that to you??

Ishu: (cries) Maybe it’s my curse, Rudra. That I only deserve more hatred than love from everyone.

Rudra: No, bhabhi. You don’t deserve hatred at all. You only deserve love. Me, Prinku, Soumya love you very much. Only brainless people will hate you. I’m saying about the Oberois.

Ishu: You are an Oberoi too, Rudra.

Rudra: (smiles sadly) I have forgotten it for long time. I never used my surname after you and Prinku left the house.

Ishu: Why did you come here, Rudra?? Do you want to meet, Priyanka??

Rudra: I met her yesterday, bhabhi. Actually, I came for my friend’s wedding. It has just ended and I thought to spend some time with Prinku. I was on the way to the orphanage but I saw you here struggling with those creep. (Ishana smiles sadly) How are you, bhabhi?? I suppose to ask this earlier but I’m asking now. How is your life, bhabhi??

Ishu: I’m good, Rudra. After I left Mumbai, I met my friends. I’m staying with them only. (Realised that AvJa are there too and turns to them. They are looking at her with mixed expressions. Ishana goes towards them followed by Rudra) Avni (holds her cheek)

Avni: (holds her hand) What is this, Ishu?? Who is he?? What he is talking about?? Why he is calling you as bhabhi?? Are you married?? (Ishana cries looking at her)

Pooja: Tell us, Ishu. Please don’t hide from us anymore. (Cries)

Ishu: Ok. I will tell you. But, you both have to promise me that you won’t get angry after listening to me. (Extends her hand) Promise me. (AvJa place their hands on her palm) Rudra, these are Avni and Pooja. My friends Neil and Gautham’s wives. They are my friends too. (Rudra smiles at them and they too smile back) He is Rudra, Rudra Singh Oberoi. Omkara Singh Oberoi’s brother.

Avni: Who is Omkara Singh Oberoi??

Ishu: He is the one I got married to. (AvJa are shocked and look at each other)

Pooja: You married without telling us??

Rudra: Didi, don’t misunderstand. Bhabhi didn’t get married willingly. She was forced to do the marriage.

Avni: Forced!!?? But, why??

Ishu: Because of one mistake I did. Not mistake, it’s a sin.

Pooja: Mistake, sin. What are you talking about?? You can’t do any wrong.

Rudra: You are right, di. That is what I and Prinku told her, but she didn’t want to accept it and still blaming herself. (AvJa look each other in confuse. Avni is about to say something but stop hearing Mishti’s cry. Avni lifts her and pats her back consoling her.)

Ishu: She must be hungry. It’s already very late. Let’s go back first. We will talk after we go back. Rudra, you too come with us.

Rudra: How are you going back??

Ishu: I booked the Uber but still it didn’t come yet.

Rudra: Never mind. You cancel it. I brought my friend’s car. You all can come with me. (Ishana agrees and cancel the Uber. They follow Rudra and leave in his car)


NeilGau’s Office


Ranveer finish telling them whatever Priyanka told him just now. NeilGau sit in heart broken. They clench their fists controlling their anger. Ranveer feels bad to see his friends state. He could understand how they are feeling right now. When Priyanka told him about Ishana’s past, he too felt angry. He is not very much close with Ishana but still he felt that much anger. If he himself felt like that, then how her best friends who consider her as their world must felt now. Ranveer just hugs their shoulders to calm them.

Neil: She has suffered these much but not even once she told us.

Gau: She hides everything inside her heart and pretend to be happy outside.

Ranveer: She doesn’t want you all to worry for her.

Neil: (shouts in anger) But, see where this has lead her. She is having nightmare almost every day. Just because of them. Which name she doesn’t want to get in her life, they gave her that name. MISTRESS!! (His eyes are welled with tears while saying it) I’m not going to spare the whole family especially that man, Omkara Singh Oberoi for ruining our Ishu’s life. She is in this condition because of him only.

Gau: Exactly!! We will file a case against the family for torturing our Ishu. The whole family need to punished. Let’s go, Neil. (NeilGau about to leave but Ranveer stops them)

Ranveer: Guys, please. Listen to me. Oberois are very powerful family. The law can’t do anything against them. If you make them arrested, it’s no use too. That Shivaay Singh Oberoi will use his influence to come out from the case.

Neil: (angrily) Then, what we have to do now?? Should we just leave them and keep quiet??

Gau: Why we have to leave them?? So what if we can’t punish them legally?? We will punish them illegally. I mean just finish all of them an encounter. Those people don’t deserve to live in this world.

Ranveer: Shut up, Gautham!! What the hell are you saying?? I agreed that you both love Ishana a lot. I know whatever happened to her is not good. But, that doesn’t mean you can disobey the law.

Gau: Then, what we will do??

Ranveer: You both don’t have to do anything. Ishana has to do it. (NeilGau look at them in confuse) Ishana has to give back to all of them. They have to answer for all her miseries she faced when she stayed with them. That means she has to take revenge on them. That is what Priyanka and Rudra wanted as well.

Neil: (shocked) What?? No. Ishu won’t agree with this. She doesn’t know to revenge anyone. She only knows to love but doesn’t know to hate. If she wants to revenge, she must hate them. Hatred and Ishu is very far.

Gau: I agree with Neil. If she wants to take revenge, she would not come back from there. She must have stayed there. She doesn’t want to meet them again. That’s why she left from there.

Neil: And that is the reason we want to punish those people.

Ranveer: No, Neil. Ishana has to punish them. It’s her pain. They have to know what she went through when they did like that to her.

Gau: So, what we have to do now??

Ranveer: Ishana need to go back to Oberoi Mansion again.

Neil: No way. We won’t let her go back to the hell again. We can’t stand if they hurt her again.

Ranveer: Don’t worry, Neil. Ishana won’t be alone there. Priyanka will be going with her as well. Rudra is also there for her. They love her a lot and they know their family are wrong. They wanted to teach them a lesson.

Gau: Really?? Then, why they kept quiet when Ishu was tortured there?? Why they didn’t do anything to protect Ishu??

Ranveer: Who will listen to the youngest one?? RuPri are the youngest in their family and they were studying that time. Of course no one will listen to them. What they will do?? (NeilGau keep quiet thinking with Ranveer’s words) Both of them are matured now. That’s why they want Ishana to be back at Oberoi Mansion and take revenge on their own family. Just think how hurt they are with their family till they took this decision.

Neil: I can understand, Ranveer but Ishu….

Ranveer: You need to talk with her and convince her. (NeilGau nod their heads)


NeilGau’s House


IshAvJa reached their house with Rudra and Mishti. Rudra is holding Mishti with him while IshAvJa leave to keep the things they purchased just now in their room. They come down and see Mishti playing with Rudra.

Avni: Mishti has quickly bonded with Rudra.

Ishu: That is his speciality. Anyone can easily bond with him. He is also just like a child.

Pooja: He loves you very much, Ishu. We can see that. (Ishana smiles at them. Rudra sees them.)

Rudra: Bhabhi, she is so cute. Whose baby is this??

Avni: She is our baby.

Rudra: Owh!! Three of you adopted her?? That’s great. (IshAvJa look at each other. Rudra smiles and kisses Mishti’s cheek. Mishti felt ticklish because of his stubble and giggles. Rudra laugh at her cuteness)

Ishu: Rudra, what you like to have?? I’ll make it for you. But, please don’t ask for protein shake. I don’t have it here.

Rudra: (laughs) Bhabhi, you…. Anything from my pyaari bhabhi’s hands. (Ishana smiles and leaves to kitchen. He looks at AvJa.) Why you both are standing there?? Please sit. (AvJa smile and sit on the sofa in front of him. Ishana comes with a glass of juice and hands over to Rudra. He has the juice.) Thanks, bhabhi.

Ishu: (sits beside him) I’m the one should thank you, Rudra for saving me from those guys just now.

Rudra: You don’t have to thank me, bhabhi. I did my duty only. (IshAvJa smile at him)

Avni: Ishu, will you tell us now what has happened to you??

Ishu: (nods) I’ll tell you. (Started to narrate)



To be continue…





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