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Episode 3,Theme :Tragedies and Promises.

Scene 1:Park.

Karan:Sayesha please don’t take stress it’s harmful for our baby and what if even we are adopted from that Sukoon ghar My Avni Di and your Neil Bhai still love us.

Someone says from behind no they don’t they look back and it’s Mitali Mehta the granddaughter of Dayawanti Mehta and the daughter of Deeksha Mehta,she brainwashes them and turns them against Neil and Avni.

Scene 2:Seashore.

Avni:We will be friends but before that you say sorry as you know everything about me but then also you asked that do I also hate my father.

Neil:Sorry and now let us go from here and did you forget that today Ali and Reha are getting engaged and I know how to get out of here.

They both arrive at the engagement party and everyone gets surprised to see them together and that also in wet clothes but they tell them everything and change their clothes but then Neil gets a call and drops his phone Avni picks it up and puts it on speaker and the voice on the other end says:Come fast to the city hospital a couple have died  in an accident and their name is Karan and Sayesha.They rush to the hospital and they come to know that Karan married Sayesha and that Sayesha was pregnant and that Karan and Sayesha came to know that they are adopted.

Scene 3:Cremation ground .

After the cremation Avni goes near Neil and says that she has lost many people in her life and can’t lose Neil after that Neil promises her that he will be always there for her. They suddenly hear yells and go to the other side of the cremation ground and find that Neil’s grandma has picked up a gun and she shoots herself and her last words are that Neil and Avni should get married.

Precap:Neil and Avni get married and Mitali gets mad and tries to shoot Avni but herself gets shot by Neil as Neil has caught her for killing Karan and Sayesha .

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