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I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari – 4 by suma

Hello guys read the note below you will get one clarity as many asked me to not show raglak scenes …yes I’m a Ragsan fan…but here story goes like this please read definitely you will enjoy both as I tried new this time.

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Sunrays fell on beautiful couple
Sanskar is hiding his face from rays and without his knowledge he is nuzzling  ragini neck and she is holding him tight.

After sometime ragini wokeup and saw sanskar beside her that to closer to her. She woke up with jerk as if he will get to know this definitely he will not sleep here next time.

Soon she grabbed her clothes and went to Washroom and came out and saw sanskar sitting on bed waiting for her to come out.

” Good morning sanskar 😍😍😍 ” she greeted

For that he just smiled and left to Washroom.
Meanwhile sujatha came to Ragini and said today some pooja is there so she has to wear saree and she also said sanskar to get ready soon for pooja.

Sanskar came from Washroom and saw ragini wearing saree …he stopped there ….

” Sorry ….sorry….sorry ” he said
By this she turned other side
He took his clothes and went to laksh room beside their room.


” Hey lucky …good morning ” sanskar said

” Lucky 😏😏😏 Good 😏😏😏 ” he said in sarcastic tone.

” Lucky today I have an important appointment with doctor regarding Kavitha…don’t discuss this with anyone and I’m leaving now ” sañskar said while getting ready and laksh nodded.

” Bhai….what is your opinion regarding Ragini “

” Is it necessary now ? “

” If not why would I ask you “

” She is a pure soul…sorry poor soul ..bcz she stuck with me ”  sanskar said

Laksh glared at sanskar
” Okay so why you shooting daggers through your eyes now ? “

” Bhai ….she is your wife now …you have to take her responsibility “

” Common laksh you know I don’t believe in this marriage and all… Soon I’m going to ask her divorce “

Laksh holded sanskar collar
“Dare!!!  you do that “

” Shutup lucky… I was joking ….Ragini is a good person and we became friends now…
Leave my collar , and tell mom that iam going to college” sanskar covered somehow and came out.

“Dono why I feel bad for ragini, seems I have to do something”lucky thought

Laksh going to his mom…but ragini called him …he saw her in saree and lost himself . He never saw her in saree…He soon got into some thoughts

Flash back

” Laksh …..laksh…..laksh ”

” Ha ” i said silently while riding bike

” Talk with me …I’m sorry …listen na…today is my birthday and you are not talking to me ” ragini

” Ha…that’s what I’m telling Ragini…it’s your birthday …so I wanted to make it more special this day asking you one day to miss college but you not even listening to me …arrey one day Yaar…ek din college ko nai jaana toh fail nai Hoga na!!! ” I said in rage

” laksh listen !!! We will go to college and after attending first class we will go out ” she reasoned him as she want to see sanskar in college

” Ok !! Only first class ”
She smiled widely and said
” Yes”
” listening to first class what she gets 🙄🙄🙄🙄” I thought

After reaching college…Both went to first class…
After completing the class i dragged ragini out of the class and walked to parking…soon she asked for something to eat and both went to canteen …I made her sit on table and went to order something, there I saw my Bhai who is talking to his friends.. I didn’t pay any heed to him and went to Ragini.

After 1hour we went for lunch which I planned and I placed a box in her hand

” What’s this laksh ?” She asked

” Open it ”
She opened the gift and excited

” Wow laksh it’s very beautiful ….I love red colour …this saree is too beautiful ”

” I thought it will look good on you!! Can you wear it ” I asked her expecting a yes

” Now!!! No laksh …I don’t know how to wear saree definitely I will wear this saree ”

My Face fell😔😔😔😔

Flashback ends…..

Soon he composed himself ..

“Lucky she is someone’s…she is someone’s ….” his heart is reminding everytime he see her.

Soon ragini dragged him and smiled

” Laksh… How am looking ???”

” Good ”
You are angel ragini….looking like an angel  have landed on this earth’ he thought

” Good!!!! That’s it , common laksh…I expected you will say more than this ” 🙄🙄🙄🙄

He smiled and asked
” Why you called me ? “

“Where is  Sanskar ?? I have to show him “

Listening this he feels like someone is dragging his heart from its cage and he can’t do anything than just feeling the pain

” Bhai went to college ” he said without watching her.

She felt hurt that he is not even mentioned about his leaving.
” Why laksh!!  Why can’t he even tell to me ” her eyes get moist .

He felt bad that He can’t do anything regarding this!!

” Ragini , don’t ! Come let’s have breakfast and go to college ”
She nodded
Sujatha accepted ragini words to do pooja tomorrow and sent her to college

Both Raglak reached college

” Ragini, you go to class I will come later “

” Why laksh “

” I have some work! I will join u later ”
She nodded and left


Laksh angrily walked to sanskar.

” You said you have to meet doctor and you here ….means you lied !! “

” Hmmmm…get caught 😋😋😋 “

” How could you do this bhai !!! “

” She came with you na, there is no problem right ! Then why are you shouting laksh ” sanskar said angrily.

” Atleast treat her as friend !! Bhai “

” I don’t need your suggestions laksh , you can leave now ” by saying this sanskar turned to other side.

😤😤😤 Laksh left the place.
Sanskar hit the bike with his leg frustrated and left the place.

Laksh dropped ragini to home and left to somewhere.
Ragini somewhere felt that laksh is hiding something  from her but thought not to ask him now .

Sanskar came drunk to home and slowly he enters his room .
Ragini saw him amused as he walking step to step concerned as he will fell.
Sanskar closed the room door and trying to bolt it but he couldn’t …Ragini felt something fishy and went near him.

” Sanskar ” she called him with that he closed his eyes tightly and turned to her.

” I will not drink again please don’t say to mom ” he said like a kid.

” You drunk?? ” She asked

” Ha…but I wonder how I get caught 😋” he is trying to balance himself.

She is just looking at him.

” Come let’s go, sit and talk. ” He holded her hand and said
” I’m holding your hand because you will not fell down …hold my hand tight ha..” he said like kid.

She smiled and holded him and she slowly made him sit and asked him

” Sanskar , you drink daily ? ”
He nodded his head up and down and left and right like confused 😖😖😟😟😟

” Don’t drink daily sanskar, it will spoil your health ” she said and gave him milk which is beside the table.

” I’m hungry Ragini ” he said holding his stomach.

” I will bring ” she said caressing his cheek.

Soon she came down and looked at kitchen and served food in plate , while coming to room she saw laksh.
Soon she kept her plate a side and ran to laksh who was fell on sofa keeping his legs on sofa and head on floor looks like he also drunk …

” Laksh!!! Laksh!!! ” She tries to wake him.
But he is not in senses

” Please don’t…..don’t…hurt …her ” he murmured
She listened but she zero idea about what he murmured.

” Laksh ….you too drunk and sanskar also drunk ” she said in flow

” Why!!!! Why you always see him not me!!! “

” What are you saying laksh !!! Getup..getup ” she tried to move but no use

He opened his eyes and saw ragini and tried to getup with her help.
And went to his room.

” Laksh did u ate something? ” She asked
He looked around but didn’t answered.
He tried to sit on bed but fails and holded ragini hand and both fell on bed.
He whispered
” He doesn’t love you…he doesn’t love you Ragini “

She came near to listen but he stopped murmering
He holded her and kissed her forehead.
She is too near to him then he said
I love u Mrs.Ragini Maheshwari

Listening this she was dumbfounded and shocked to hell 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
But someone other than Ragini is having no expressions on face that is sanskar standing infront of the door looking at Raglak position.

Soon he smiled and went to his room.

Ragini made him sleep and covered with blanket and came to her. But her mind is not letting to think anything but those words which she wanted to listen from sanskar but she listened from laksh
” I love you Mrs Ragini Maheswari” is only she is hearing.


Guys a small note that Please read the title again
That it’s ” I Love You Mrs.RaginiMaheshwari ”

I didn’t mention that Ragini sanskar maheswari…
This story has both Raglak and Ragsan. So don’t ask me to show less Raglak scenes as it contains both.
Yes she is married to sanskar but love is important na..whom she love…by whom she get love..

Will she be Ragini sanskar Maheswari or ragini laksh Maheswari???
Will she realise laksh love ??
Will she forget sanskar and accept laksh love?
Will sanskar love ragini??
Will laksh marry ragini??
Does she get her love ??
Keep voting and commenting
“Next update after 40 votes “

Thank you
Suma ❤

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