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Heart To Heart Connection!! Episode 16

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Let’s Begin


Saanchi was tensed as well as shocked to see veer on the terrace..

Veer what are you doing??? Come down I’m saying veer come. Saanchi

No Saanchi first you say that you forgot me for my doing Saanchi please I want to be with you…Veer

 Veer we can talk later about this.. First please come down… please don’t do Spectacle here.

Saanchi this is not Spectacle I’m serious if you won’t ready to forgive me if you won’t ready to give me one chance then I’ll surely jump from there…he tried to jump

No, no veer… please don’t jump..

He smirked..ohh ok Saanchi that means you are pardon me??

 Veer come down here I don’t want that any kind of Spectacle is happen here please you are not kid and don’t be so childish.

Swabir reached at here he saw to Saanchi who was convincing to veer for come down. He was just looking at her it seems he was exploring something in her…on the exact on him one girder was hanging. He was unaware from that he was busy to starring at her.

Veer jumped screen freeze on everyone’s shocked faces.

But fortunately there were jumping form available thanks to garv and his gang..veer fell down on the jumping form and saved… veer stands up.

Some peoples held him. He came near to Saanchi and fold hands I’m sorry Saanchi I beg you please forgive me…I promise I will never doing like this..

She frowned at him and not talking with him but every one took veer’s side and requested to her for forgiving him. He was guilty she needs to forgive him.

Saanchi heard every one then she said

Ok veer I forgive you but we are continuing our relationship.

Veer hurt

We are just friends’ 😂 from now.

But Saanchi

Veer to be in relationship I think we need some time to understand each other’s values and morals we need to build up trust veer which is big problem in our failure relationship

From now I don’t want to bear any kind of burden on my head through this relationship..


He nodded okay

 Saanchi from now Jo tum chahti ho it will happen… but as we friends can I hug you.

Yeah sure they hugged while veer smirked… Saanchi felt something fishy… but she ignored this kind of feeling.


Swabir was looking them when Saanchi was hugging to veer her eyes went on girder that was about to falling on Swabir she shocked to see that girder and Swabir she Instantly broke hug threw away to veer aside she rushed to save Swabir and pushed him back she and Swabir fell down on the other side. Every one rushed there to see them.. Swabir injured while Saanchi got some injuries. All took Swabir to hospital Kusum find out Swabir in this condition… Saanchi cared for Swabir without thinking about own injuries… Kusum cried 

Swabu what happened to you beta??

Aunty actually he was stood outside and one big girder fell on him but thanks to Dr. Saanchi she saved her… Kusum Saw to Saanchi.

She shocked to see her she was really looking like swarda Kusum came near to her.

Don’t know beta how I can say you thank you.

No aunty please ap mujh see badi Hain you are like my mother and maa apnii beti mafi nahi maangtii and I didn’t anything. It was my responsibility to save peoples life because I’m doctor toh phir kisi ko kaise kuch honey de sakti thii main phir chahe woh kisi accident se bachaun yaa hospital main stretcher pe pade kisi patient ko and I  full fill my duty.

Swabir’s treatment started. After an hour he was able to talk.. Saanchi and Kusum sat beside him. He opened eyes and find out to Saanchi.

Muma he said

Kusum looked at him..

Swabu my bacha Dadi is here, are you ok??

Yes Dadi I’m okay..

He looked at Saanchi… mamma he raised hand towards her.

She puzzled but came Near to him.

Yes beta but why are you calling me mamma??

Because you are exactly looking like her.

Accha but where is she now??

He became said.

What happened?? Asked saanchi

Actually Saanchi beta his mamma my daughter in law is no more… she died while delivering him. He wasn’t saw to his mom.

Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t knew about that.

It’s okay beta how could you know??


What is your name beta?? Saanchi asked by Swabir

 Swabir, My name is Swabir Kapoor.

So Swabir can I call you Swabu?.

Yes of course… but what I call you?.

Uummm I’m looking like your mamma na so you can call me Maanchi.

Yes it’s great Maanchi..Hi five.

Yeah hi five….

Kusum smiled.

Nurse came in the ward

Dr. Saanchi bed 135 patient is waiting for you.

Ok you go I’m coming.

Ok Swabu you take rest I’ll come soon to you.

Saanchi bid adieu to them and went. Then kabir entered in…he rushed to the Swabir…he was worried.

Swabu my champ are you ok??

How was happened that??

Maa where you leaved him??

Papa papa I’m ok papa please ap Dadi ko mat daantiye.

Swabir I’m not scolding her…Kabir

I know papa but Dadi told me won’t go anywhere but I went out without informing her. Papa it was my mistake.

Swabir I wasn’t yelled at her coz she is my mom… but Swabir you need to care of yourself… what the need to go outside without informing her.. Swabir tumhari saitani din b din badti ja rahii hai…kabir

Swabir scared from him yelling….

Kabir what are you doing See Swabir is scaring…let it go na thanks of God he is fine now…said Kusum

Yeah Maa you’re right?? Kabir

But who saved him I heard one girl saved him who was she?? Do you thanked her na.

Yes papa we thanked see she is coming.. Swabir’s saw Saanchi was coming but when Kabir turned to see her then one nurse came front of her that’s why Kabir wasn’t able to see her face he tried a lot but failed Saanchi went to check other patients.


Something Very Interesting…Saanchi and Swabir’s Bond.


I hope guys you will like it…

bye tc.




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