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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Genda shocks Chaitu by Kachra Rally

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Imli praying to Hanuman ji. Rajneeti says its Dadi’s photo instead Hanuman. Malai says don’t worry, Puttan did all setting. She gets cleaning aids. Everyone gets ready for the Kachra rally. Puttan asks Chaitu not to worry, he is a minister, he can sweep the nation without any broom. Khoji says police is guarding the junk so that Chaitu can come and clean it, the junk is stinking a lot. Policeman faints by the foul smell.

Chaitu and his family come to clean the filthy garbage. Khoji covers the news. Reporter asks Chaitu to accept demands of the cleaners. Chaitu refuses to accept illegal demands. He gives his interview. Malai sings Saathi haath badana….. puttan says its importaed garbage. They all clean the garbage. A heroine also helps them. She

says Puttan has made me the brand ambassador of this campaign. Chaitu holds his breath. Khoji asks him the experience.

Chaitu faints. He is taken to hospital. Puttan says I feel someone is planning to break our party, I will not leave the culprits. Khoji says the garbage will be sent for tests and then there will be an enquiry. Chaitu gets itching. He says Puttan did everything. Puttan gets forensic reports. He says someone wants to ruin our campaign. Chaitu asks how did garbage get changed. Puttan says opposition has done this. Imli asks Chaitu to apologize to cleaners and sweepers, as he can’t work more. Puttan says I have an idea. He tells about the campaign to clean the city. Khoji says the garbage has come on roads again, will the cleaners mend or will they mend the ministry.

Khoji goes to Chaitu and says your party workers are blamed for stealing the garbage bins. Chaitu says enquiry is going on. Khoji asks when will the strike end. Chaitu says I can’t say. Jha asks him to do something, fulfill few demands and leave them with an assurance. Chaitu doesn’t listen and say fire them from jobs. Genda says Chaitu is having much ego, we have to spoil the city with garbage, I will have a Kachra rally and put all the garbage at Chaitu’s house.

Chaitu sees the news and worries. Imli asks Chaitu to do something. Chaitu asks Jha to have a police rally and stop this. Jha and Puttan argue. Puttan asks Chaitu not to worry, they will be stopped before reaching home. Its morning, Genda starts the rally. Imli asks Chaitu to do something and stop Genda. Puttan runs and comes to them. He says Genda has come with garbage, police couldn’t stop her. They see the news. Genda dumps the garbage and asks Chaitu to clean the garbage. Chaitu asks why will I go. Jha says you have to go, else media will say you got scared. Chaitu and his family come there and clean the garbage. Genda says make their video. The cleaners come and stop Chaitu, saying this is our work. They try to make Chaitu realize his mistake. The sweeper takes Genda’s class for having a bad soul. Chaitu thanks the cleaners and requests them to resume work. He promises to help them and give them a better life. Puttan calls Genda a junk. Genda and her party workers run away. Chaitu hugs Puttan and laughs.

Chaitu says I will go and meet farmers. Puttan asks him to attend minister’s wife’s party. Farmer gets mad and keeps his demands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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