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Family- Solace of happiness: Character Sketch 2

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Naira, age: 12: the one and only daughter of ruvya. Bhavya died whilst giving birth to her so rudy thinks of her as a burden and bad luck but somu makes sure that naira doesn’t feel her mother’s absence. She loves somu the most. Despite being bhavya’s daughter, she is somu’s copy:  innocent, helpful, kind, bubbly, emotional,  makes everyone but papa smile, loves food and loves to make friends. She loves to dance a lot. Yearns for her papa’s love.


Image result for ruhanika dhawanRuhi, age: 9: rumya’s daughter. Full of life and is soooo sweet. Loves soft toys and like her father: takes life easy and like somu: sweet and makes everyone smile. Also loves food. She rather think positive than negative.  Quite childish and is an Aamir Khan fan for life. Loves her sisters and is pampered when she is with them. Willing to do anything for her sisters.

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Naksh, age: 5: rumya’s son. Sweet and cute. Rudy’s replica: takes life very easy, a bit too childish, duffer, doesn’t need to think much, health freak, chilled out, little careless and he behaves like super man for his brothers. Football lover and wants to be a footballer when he grows up. Very close to Sahil.

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Aastha, age: 11: the only child of prinku and dev dixit. She hates ranveer to the core since he was her father’ murderer. Refuses to accept her step siblings. She is a bit like her mother: sweet and very quiet. She loves to cook like shivay and isn’t innocent at all. Like her real father: she doesn’t believe in love and she is very smart and clever. She doesn’t believe in god.

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Suhana, age: 6: daughter of priveer. Very sweet and bubbly.

Shubh, age: 2: son of priveer. A sweetiepie.

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