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Dil Se Dil Tak 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni gets drunk

Dil Se Dil Tak 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teni comes to Shorvari’s room and thinks she is an expert in taking advantages of opportunity, where to begin. She looks around the room. There was nothing around. Mohini comes from behind and questions what she was upto. Teni explains she only came to take Ipshita’s diaper. Shorvari also comes there, Teni tells her to confirm she didn’t steal everything. Shorvari spots Teni and Parth’s photo in the drawer. She forbids Teni to overthink about petty issues, gives her a pack of diaper and asks why she left Ipshita alone.
Teni finds Dada ji in the hall and decides to get some details and money from her. Dada ji asks Teni how is her mood, she was about to leave the house by morning. He advices her to control her anger, anger takes away a person’s vision. Teni asks Dada ji how she can be

rich, she would never be able to earn enough money from Nany’s work. Dada ji says she must continue her work heartily, they take good care of their workers. She must continue following Shorvari’s instructions.
In the room, Teni was sure Ipshita will begin to cry at 12. She goes to bring Parth who promised to teach her handle Ipshita, leaving Ipshita cry in the cradle. Teni was walking down the corridor to complain to Shorvari about Parth. In the room, Parth tells Shorvari he is going to help Teni with Ipshita, she is much irritated. Teni comes into the room and questions what Parth is doing so late in Shorvari’s room. Parth explains he came for Shorvari’s permission to look after Ipshita. Teni was happy and takes Parth along.
Ipshita readily slept in Parth’s arms. Teni was relieved and asks to accompany her enjoy some alcohol. Parth says this is Gujrati family, they might lose their jobs if someone gets an idea about it. Teni wasn’t ready to stay back and leaves the house. Parth comes to Shorvari, hands Ipshita to her and goes behind Teni. Outside, Teni was speaking to Chutkan and was upset that he emptied the bottle. He was relieved Teni won’t now go for a drink. Teni was determined she will drink wine surely and asks him to take her to Classic. Parth was worried that they used to go to there together, what if someone recognizes her there. Parth gets a call from Shorvari and lies they are going to sleep.
In the restaurant, Parth hides his face while Teni places her order. Teni removes the cover off his face, the waiter recognizes him. Parth explains he came here with Shorvari, and everyone here is called as Sir or Mam. Teni was finally convinced and allow Parth to place the order, she will pay for his party. She then place the order for him.
In the restaurant, Teni was drunk with 5 pecks. Parth spills his into a vase nearby and poses to have completed his drink. Teni tries to order another for him. Parth stops her but some young men recognizes Parth. Parth denies being a Bhanushali and calls the men as drunk. They were intrigued, the waiter comes to stop the fight. Parth leaves a heavy tip and takes Teni away. Teni was loudly singing while she was badly drunk. Teni questions what is Parth hiding from her; why people called him Parth Bhanushali? Parth says they had a misunderstanding. Teni calls him and his mistress a liar. She understood there was a complication for sure, and he isn’t mere a driver. She fells asleep over his chest. Parth smiles watching her calm.

PRECAP: Teni watch in news about a fraudulent gang of a man and a women, who trade in girls by giving them greed of high pay job offer. She later hear Parth discuss with Dadi that he and Shorvari wish to take Teni to Mumbai, but she must not know their intention. Dadi assures Teni won’t find that Parth is their son

Update Credit to: Sona

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