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Chandrashekhar 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra gets sorrowful

Chandrashekhar 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagrani and Sitaram arguing over Chandra’s betterment. She refuses to send Chandra. He asks what shall I do, shall I make him britishers’ spy. She asks what. He says what shall I tell you, britishers want to make him an informer. She gets shocked and says how can they do this. He says they can do anything, what shall we do, I tried everything, I have no option than doing this. She apologizes for misunderstanding him. She says Chandra has to leave then, I will pack his bags. Chandra hears them and cries. Jagrani cries. Chandra starts throwing things in kitchen.

Sitaram catches him and slaps. He asks did you go mad, you ruined the week’s grains. He asks Jagrani not to come in between. He calls Chandra unlucky. He says since you are born, you have ruined our family,

I lost everything, you are the reason for this, hundred cows died, you are the curse. Chandra cries. Jagrani asks Sitaram to stop it. Chandra says pack my bags, I will go with Manohar. She cries. He runs out of the house. She packs his bags and cries.

Chandra thinks is Sitaram’s words and cries. Chandra meets his bheel friends. Tatya says you said your mum won’t send you. Chandra says I decided to leave, my dad… They say we will convince your dad. Chandra says why, I have decided it too. The kids get sad. Chandra says mum is saying this for my good. Kids ask him not to go. Darsi says don’t trouble Chandra, he agreed to his dad, we all should pray for him that he stays happy. She gives him some snacks. The kids hug Chandra. Chandra asks them not to make him cry. Darsi gets back when he tries to touch her feet. He says you are elder and touches her feet. He meets all Bheels and leaves from there.

Patwari says Sitaram is coming. Shambunath says tell him I m busy, I don’t want to meet him, what about the work, I asked him to recover money, I will meet. Sitaram greets Shambunath. He says I forgot to get that money from farmer, I will visit him in evening, I have come to take loan from you. Shambunath taunts him. Sitaram says I have such need. Shambunath says you have a right to ask for money, but I m helpless, I can’t help you. Sitaram says don’t say such, I will not touch britishers’ reward. Patwari says don’t worry, I will arrange something, Shambunath’s financial state is really bad. Sitaram worries. Jagrani packs food for Chandra. Sukhdev comes and asks the matter. She says Chandra has gone, he didn’t come back. Sukhdev says he will come, you know him. She says I m worried for Chandra. She prays for him. She waits for Chandra. Sukhdev says Chandra went on you, he knows Sitaram, he didn’t run away, he will be coming with Manohar. She thinks Chandra can get into a fight in bad mood. Chandra thinks of Sitaram’s words.

Chandra gets Sitaram’s sticks. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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