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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 6)

Hi guys iamback with next part of my ff without further ado  lets continue

zoya went back to her house on her way back

zoya-to herself) I have to prove my husband innocent.pooja,s mother also dint tell me anything she is absolutely hiding something. The way she responded was not justified

@aadis house

adis mother went to his room-

mother-adi beta (crossing his hairs ) beta get up its 12

adi- mom let me sleep na . Aha my head is acheing

mother- aur piyo . Adi you crossed all your limits yesterday beta.

adi(trying to remember) what happened yesterday?

pooja mother entered

poojas mother- nothing son u were late yesterday and u were drunk

adi- what s new in that. It’s my regular routine isint it ma

adis mother-yes beta unfortunately.but yesterday u were not able to stand by your own and u were almost unconscious .

adi-(slightly remembering) yaa. I was drinking on terrace ..then.. I don’t remember anything who brought me home

poojas mother- adi what rubbish u are talking Ofcourse Arjun na who else

adi mother – oh stop lying . Zoya brought u here adi . She stayed here yesterday she left 2 hours before

adi -zoya( remembered hugging her) oh .. Shit ..I have to go

poojas mother- where beta

ma in law -I will tell u later

he went from there

poojas mom was about to leave suddenly-adis mother held her hand-

adis mom- stom pretending that u care for my son. I know everything .what u did and why u did .. One thing I want u to know that I will not let you to spoil my sons life any more ,

she leftand poojas mother also left silently

@ company zoya was attending the meeting with clients when adi entered

zoya-so mr and mrs mahesh war ideal is finalised. .

client- yes  I want the marriage to be grand don’t worry about budget ok

they left adi was sitting quietly as his head was acheing vey much

zoya -ramu kaka bring one coffee and one lemonade

ramu kak- ok mam

adi- ur going to drink nimbu paani?

lZoya- no u are going to

adi- I hate it

zoya- I know it’s help to decrease ur hang over ,

adi -actually aim sorry for yesterday

zoya- it’s ok

adi – why do u care for me???

that it guys do cooment and tell me how was it


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