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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 5)

Hi guys Siam back with the next part but I know guys that the previous one was very short so I decided to upload another one today itself . Guys and I want u aal to respond to my Ff whether u all liked it or not.

i want ur views on my ff so without a further ado lets continue

zoya was over adi and they locked there eye for few moments . But zoya realised her position and got up and helped adi to get up to she holded adi and but of them went down stairs there was a deep silence admist them.

zoya-adi this is the cab . This car will drop u home safely . U will manage is na.

adi-yes…yes. Ofcourse . I managed entire event . Now I will manage this car then I will manage the entire world

zoya- (understood that adi cannot be left alone in this state) I will come along u(sitting inside car)

adi-ha I know u can’t live without me na

zoya-high hopes

soon they reached adis house

zoya- adi we have reached ur home come out

adi – yes boss

adi stepped out but about to fall due to lack of balan ce

zoya-supporting adi) I will drop u inside ur house

they entered and both were. He’ll shocked because overly one was awake

adi mom- adi what happened

zoya -actually aunty( told everything to her)

adis dad- wow till date ur son came drunk alone but see today he needs support .that to of a girl and he dint found any other girl but zoya . His wife’s boyfriends wife wow amazing

hwe went to sleep

adi mom- Arjun take adi to his room

arjun -yes mom

he took adi to his room

pooja  mom-thank u beta , thank u very much

zoya- no need aunty

zoya-I shall take leave now

aadis mom-beta it’s 3 am it’s not safe to go alone tonight u stay here only

zoya- no aunty I will go

mom- no beta u should not deny ur elders

zoya- hesitatedly) ok aunty

pooja mom- come up will  show u room

the went upstairs and adis mom also went

@ guest room

poojas mom- sit na beta

zoya-ya aunty I want to ask something


zoya-we’re yash and pooja was in relation ship.

pooja mom-sometimes it’s better not to answer the question

she leaves

zoya – something is fishy

thinking about yash she sleeps and In adis room he is blabbering about pooja

next day-

zoya woke up and went downstairsand saw every one was eationg breakfact

adis mom- come zoya join us

zoya sat

zoya-where is adi

adis dad-do u think that the drunkard mAm will wake up so easily

zoya-aunty I’m done I have to leave

mom-but have not eatin any thing

zoya-aunty I’m getting late for company

mom-ok then u can leave

zoya left

guyzs tell me do you liked it or not and guys do comment and all your ideas are accepted

thNk u


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