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Belan Wali Bahu 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahesh patch up with Laddo’s ghost

Belan Wali Bahu 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem is drinking wine and says to forget Lata and Roopa’s fight, I have to drink. Lata comes there. Prem tries to hide wine. Lata asks him to give it, she takes bottle and drinks wine. Prem is stunned. its Laddo’s ghost in Lata’s body.
Mahesh is in Roopa’s body, he says to Laddo’s ghost that I will kill Dada and Roopa will get blamed and will be sent to jail. Laddo’s ghost starts fighting with him. Family comes there and sees Roopa and Lata fighting and kicking each other. They are shocked to see their kicks making each other fly far away. Jitendra says Lata can fight like this? Prem says I never saw her fight like this. Shalini says I should take fight selfie with them. Jitendra says they wont spare you. Laddo’s ghost and Mahesh keeps

fighting but gets tired and falls down. Family sees Lata and Roopa lying down. Laddo’s ghost says to Mahesh that remember how we used to beat people together, Mahesh says once a boy beat you, I beat him so much. Laddo’s ghost says and today you are doing this? I died but Roopa takes care of everyone, you do what you want. Mahesh says you want to make me emotional, I am tired too, I have realized that your family loves each other a lot, I am ashamed that I used to take this family as my own and today I tried to brak them, your family is very strong, nobody can break them, please forgive me. Laddo’s ghost says okay I forgive you. They try to give hifive to each other.
Dada says to Prem that check Lata and Laddo’s ghost. Prem says you do it. They all come to unconscious Lata and Roopa.

Roopa have headache. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I have power now, I can hold things and can go in anyone’s body. He tries to hold thing but cant. Roopa says enter my body, he tries but cant focus, he says it happened for a moment.

Scene 2
In morning, Roopa says to Dada that you cant eat oily food, doctor said it can give you one more heart attack. Dada says I want to eat parathas. Roopa says then you all have to do exercising. Roopa says we all go to gym from tomorrow at 6AM. Shalini says we need gym wears.

They all get gym wears. Prem says we will meet at at 6AM. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that you will go with us too? He says yes.

Next morning, Roopa and Laddo’s ghost wakes up at 6AM. They all wait for others but all are sleeping. Roopa goes to wake up everyone.
Roopa comes to Jitendra and says wake up, its time for gym. Jitendra wakes up. Roopa asks Shalini to wake up for gym selfie. Roopa goes to wake up others. Jitendra and Shalini goes back to sleep.

Roopa wakes up Dada. She asks Suzzi to wake up too. Suzzi says give me five minutes, they leave. Suzzi and Dada sleep back.

Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes to Prem and asks him to wake up for gym. Prem says I need tea, she goes to make it but Prem sleeps again.
Roopa comes to Naren, he is still talking to his girlfriend.

Roopa and Laddo’s ghost wait for everyone to come to lounge. They go to sleep.
Prem comes to Roopa, Roopa wakes up and says its 9AM. We can go to gym now. Prem says can I get tea? Dada says I want green tea. Roopa says I will give morning teas but you all have to go to gym. They all drink tea. Roopa says should we go now? Shalini says we should something. They all have heavy breakfast. Roopa says we should go now? Naren says we should wait 30 minutes. Roopa waits and asks everyone to go now. Shalini says gym must be closed now, we will go tomorrow.

PRECAP- Roopa brings gym equipment home and says we will exercise at home.
Laddo’s ghost hears gym equipment seller telling other goon that tread mill have bomb in it, if they increase speed to 6 then it cant go down and if it goes down then bomb will explode.
Jitendra runs on tread mill and goes above 6 speed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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