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Recap/Sumary of previous chapter- (Specially for those who would have Forget😅)=

So yeah..the epi started with twinkle saani and kunj leaving for pta meeting than the next scene was at night when twinkle returned from office. She remembered how her emplooyees dint liked her and cursed herself then it was like a flashback she remembered.

(IN A SIMPLE WAY- Twinkle’s parents died and she lived with usha. From her Parents death she had missed everything happened (about 2 years). She remember the 6 month before usha died, so according to her(till she remember) she lived with usha for 6 month and then usha died but in actual she lived with her for 2 AND HALF YEARS. THAT IS 2 YEARS AND SIX MONTH.

Due to the trauma she faced when usha died,her brain had gave up but her heart dint left her,so she lived 8 months after usha’s death in COMA. When she wakeup she had lost her memory  (of those two years) so before that she knew all. Her(usha) death made her memory loss.

Anf the next chapter followed with some growing new bond between anita and twinkle and twinj’s friendship until the MYSTERIOUS guy made an entry agin!!






She immediately ran to her car. While a shadow watched her leave. His back was visible with broad shoulder and a tall figure.


A wicked laugh escaped his mouth,”Bye..Bye Miss.Sarna” he spoke verociously and turned…


It was …………..KUNJ

He redo his mask and looked around before leaving.




Twinkle ran throughthe long corriodors which seemed not to end in ever. Tears build up in her eyes. She wouldnt process what was going on.


Why the hell was this mystery man was making an entry again and again.


Why all of a sudden.?


What he wanted.?


Whats his motive.?


She dint knew anything,neither of her past..nor of her present about whta was going on and dint knew about her future either.


Though she knew,her future wont be bright as a day in anyway coz all The time life had played games with her. First her parents death..then usha’s death and then the memory loss.


She cursed her ill faith,she cursed herself for the sins she would have done in her previous birth,she cursed herself for always hurting him.


Whoever she loved was taken away all her life.?

And she just wanted to know why. Atleast she should know for what she is being punished.?


Her face was sweaty with hot tears gushing down her eyes. She looked around to catch the surrounding where she was to see more of the secluded place. The dark brown doors appeared on her front with black and brown long away at her sides. The dim orange lights did honor of horroring.


No-one seemed to be around. Thus,she concluded it to be the back side of that big 5 star hotel. It was personally booked for the whole day so no1 was up.


Her knees suddenly wobbled and like a jelly she felt on the ground curling herself to the corner. The tear soaked her cheeks and went down her dress. She suddenly felt disgusting.


That touch made her feel like a wh*re. She cringed to herself and let out a big growl. She threw her hairs away. And covered herself through her arms.


His lips touched her bottom cheek came in a view and again a hot bucket of tear made its way. She massaged her face roughly to knock out that terrible feeling.


Why was god so terrible to her.?


Was there any personal issue with her to god.?


Her phone went off again and again but she couldnt process anything….

She was just numb… NOTHING came to her mind.


Neither her daughter, nor her family. All the worries and griefs she was holding from months and was trying to be strong were bursting out of her.


She couldnt be strong anymore….

But…..she couldnt be weak either,she reminded herself..


She grabbed her phone when iy was ringing every second and was about to click the switch off button when a message popped on her phone.


‘Sani is taken to hospital. We have been calling you for a while. Come soon..she needs you. Twinkle..pleasee’


Her throat went dry.. A big lump formed within her. She wanted to burn herself,cut herself or wished to ground to swallow her.


“You couldnt be god..if you are so cruel..” she looked up indicating to god.


She tried to stand up but failed as she was lifted to the ground with a thud. Balancing her and grabbing her footwear in her hand. She ran again.


Escaping from the backdoor she called her Bodyguard to bring the car at the back side.


Before any media could catchup and come she entered the car and closed it in a blink. She rested her head lifelessly on the window not able to analyze.


The car moved when suddenly her eyes took a glimpse of SOMEONE.


“Kunj..?” She muttered at the dark black dressed man.. he had his half figure turned and was talking on phone. The place was vacant. No1 was there except the man.


Before she could analyze more the car was drone out of the way,thus she couldnt stop and bring him in.


Or maybe she wanted to gather herself before facing another harsh reality..

Another cruel faith..

Another sleepless night..

Another weeping night!





“Saani..?” She ran without wearing anythingnin her foot and with her hairs hanging loose out of the beautiful Up-do braid she had styled for this ‘Unforgettable’ day of her life.


“Twinkle..?” Anita stood up with a confused and scared face. Her face had few tears too,”what happen to you.?” She asked


“Where is sani.? What happened.? Is everything okay.?” She hurled up her questions.


“She dozed away donno why. She hadnot had her dinner. Just evening snack that you made her eat. She had been crsmming aftet that about her stomach ache. God knows what happened. Thankfully KUNJ WAS WITH US ALL THE TIME”


she looked flabbergasted and looked at kunj who was standing at a corner.


His eyes met hers. Carrying pain im each others orbs….he moved towards her.


“She…she will be fine… he muttered as he reached her. More tears made its way to her cheeks. Her eyes wasnt tired of crying still.


She immediately wrap her arms around his and cried out.


“Shhh…its going to be okay!! Dont cry. She is going to be okay..” he muttered as she soaked his BLACK suit in her tears..






Well first of all,

To clarfy this chapter. I hope i depicted the pain well.and secondly,if you are confused and boghled about twinkle’s state. I just want you to know.DONT READ IT AS TWINKLE AND KUNJ’S STORY AND HE IS ONLY HIS HERO AND HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS.

Oh come’on. No women would like if anyone touches her. No1 would do a HAPPY DANCE that yay..my future husbamd/prince charming Touched me and abused me physically.

She is right in her place. SHE WAS ALREADY TOMENTED AND BROKEN FROM WITHIN. FROM ‘YEARS’ and now this

Physical stuffs is breaking her more. She is losing hope from her life.


I hope you understood her as A WOMEN and not a protagonisht pf this fan fic.

And was i succesful in depicting the pain.?





Ok so now..




So how arr you guys outta there.?


I missed you’ll and your lovely support.

Thanx for supporting me always.


I know EVERY READERS dont read coz i can see the votes.but i am glad that mostly are commenting and showing support too. I dont write to be famous and get all thw attention but yea..i am happy with those who are supporting..

*flying kisses to all*







Now precap😉😆..


PRECAP-WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SAANI.?😲. like always god will be cruel againa and snatch twinkle’s loved ones from her.? And………..😍😉 TwiNj Moments.



What do you think about kunj?😮😞😥.


You all said everyone knew that it was kunj😅 thinking it as pretty obvious,right.?

Well..Still keep guessing.


We have got quite chapters left only😉.


And i have instant subkitting approval so it will be posted right away😚



Shee youhh shooonn!!😘 *babyish tone*

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