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Badho Bahu 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli decides not to marry Zalim Singh

Badho Bahu 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Titli begins to talk to herself. I don’t wish to marry this Zalim Singh! What’s happening with me Lord? Forget about love I don’t even feel angry when I see him! Save me Lord. A guy asks her who she is saying all this to. She tells him she isn’t a guy but a girl. I am going to be engaged to Zalim Singh. Will you switch place with me? He walks away.

Lucky gets his mother’s call. She tells him everything is fine. Come home now. It’s been a while. He wants to stay back for a little longer. She tells him that Badho is coming home tomorrow. He gets excited. She teases him for getting so happy after hearing that his wife is coming home. Sons change after wedding after all! Come whenever you feel like. He says it is ok. I will come back on my own. Stop making fun of me. When

your beloved DIL is back tell her that I am doing tapasya in Bakriawal. I wont talk to her for a long time. I will teach her a lesson. She agrees to tell Badho everything. Don’t return before then. He agrees and ends the call. Malti ji sure he will keep running in no time.

All the ladies and Ram ji are discussing the wedding. It would be one of its kinds. Titli joins them. Kamla ji tells her to stop jogging. You will marry soon. You can go with your husband after wedding. Pinki points out that she called Avinash Zalim Singh again. Kamla ji covers it up. Ram ji ask Malti ji if everything will be organized in the Rajasthani style. Titli asks him about it. Malti ji shares that Avinash’s mother wants the wedding to happen in Rajasthan. We thought that it is good to bring Rajasthan here if we cannot go to Rajasthan. We will follow Rajasthani culture and customs. You will also dress up like a Rajasthani princess. Pinki says from where we will bring Rajasthani clothes so soon. Varun comes in saying that he got them already. Titli hugs her brother happily. Varun meets everyone. He apologizes to Titli for coming at the last minute. Titli thinks how to tell him she does not want to become the bride. He gifts her her dress. Ram ji tells Titli to do as Malti ji says. Avinash has also called a folk singer named Mucchad Singh. Everyone laughs hearing it. Titli jokes that it sounds like Zalim Singh’s best friend. Malti ji gestures her to not joke like that. Ram ji takes everyone’s leave. Malti ji tells Titli not to worry. We are here. We will manage everything. Just get ready. Pinki offers to check the clothes in her room. I will tell everyone about this latest change now. She takes Titli inside.

Titli mimics everyone in her room as she paces angrily. No one cares what Titli wants! What to tell Bapu? He said I dint like any guy earlier and now that a guy chose me, I said no. Zalim Singh has changed and has become Avinash now. Lucky also keeps lecturing me now that I should give time to him and that things become better after marriage! He is Zalim Singh and not Lucky with whom any girl can live happily! Only God can help me now. Send an angel who can take me from here.

Teji says it is good that Pinki told me everything. I wouldn’t have found out anything if she had not told me anything. I was not here for a day and that Vardaan took Pragya ji with him to find Badho! I will fix him. I must keep Vardaan away from Pragya. She asks him who he wants to keep away from her. He lies that he was speaking of keeping problems at bay. She says that cannot be. You know that Zalim Singh tried to take my advantage twice. Everyone is saying he has changed but I feel he hasn’t changed till now! He asks her if she told this to Titli. She denies. He advises her to tell her everything. I am going to market to get Rajasthani clothes. He leaves. She thinks that Teji is right. Titli is my friend. I will tell her everything.

Titli tells Pragya not to worry. You are my friend. You can tell me anything. Pragya is hesitant as it is her engagement today. Titli does not mind it. Speak your heart out. Pragya says you and your Bapu knows about Zalim Singh’s past. Everyone here thinks he has changed but I can never buy this! I cannot forget whatever he has done with me. She tells her everything in mute. He may have become Avinash for the world but he will always remain Zalim Singh for her. I can never forget it! Titli thanks her with a hug. Since so many days I was wondering why I wasn’t ready to get engaged to him. Your one truth helped me make my decision. Thank you! Pragya goes. Titli thinks she has made up her mind but the path isn’t easy. I must take help from Lucky. She calls him. You would be upset but I want to tell you that I have made my decision. I am Titli and will always remain one. I will even keep poking you always. I have decided not to get engaged to Zalim Singh. Your lecture wont help me in any way. Now that it is decided then what’s the point of all this. I don’t want to stay with him and I just cannot do it. I don’t want to marry him. Don’t lecture me anymore. Be a good friend and tell me a good idea. He asks her if she really wants to do it. Think through. She affirms. I cannot stay with him. He makes her re-think her decision but she stays put. I don’t even want to see his face. I agree that people fall in love after marriage but I cannot become Zalim Singh’s partner. I don’t think I will be able to stay happy with him even if I marry him. Lucky agrees to support her if she has made up her mind already. Get ready for the engagement. Don’t do anything on your own. She taunts him for his great idea. He asks her to wear pink colour clothes. Leave the rest on me. I am your friend. I will manage the rest. She agrees to do as told. I have complete faith on you.

Pinki brings clothes, jewellery and makeup for Titli. Titli thinks this dress is of red colour. She tells Pinki she feels she will look great in Pink colour. Pinki declines. this will suit you more. Will you know more about colours than me? Titli reasons that it is her engagement after all. I got a right to decide what I will wear. Pinki is confused as to why a girl who wears track suit is thinking so much. She asks Titli to wear this red lehenga. I will get you a pink dupatta. Titli nods her head in confusion.

Lucky calls Jitesh. He talks to him about Mucchad Singh. Jitesh assures him that the work will be done. What and why are you doing this? Lucky tells him he will know everything at the right time. Jitesh decides to follow Lucky’s order.

Precap: Kamla ji asks about the dancers called by Avinash Singh. Lucky enters dressed in a disguise. He thinks I am here. I wont let this engagement happen. Avinash confronts Lucky. You are not the one I spoke to. Where is Mucchad Singh? Lucky wonders if he recognized him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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