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AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode 11th

Aankhon mein Teri 

Episode  – 11

Yesterday :- Janki announces that she’s looking for a suitable girl for her son in Party , Pinky tells Ahil about how Naina is brought up by her parents , Ahil tells Naina that he loves her .
Continued Form last scene from Temple …..
~ 1~

Naina : Please , Don’t say this , Why do you want to Waste your life with a blind girl like me , You’ll find Anyone else .

Ahil : what if I say , PYAAR TO ANDHA HOTA HAI ( love is blind ) , And I want you in my life I’ll accept you as you are then

Naina : No , No I can’t believe it .

Naina stood up and moves away , Ahil shouts from back ” Ab toh meri zindagi ka maqsad hi yahi hai … ki main itna kaabil ban sakoon … ke tumhare har sapne ko poora kar paun ( Now it’s the only goal of my life that I could become so capable that I could fulfill every dream of yours )

They both Sat in rickshaw , Both were looking In opposite direction .

Ahil in his mind : One day you’ll realize I’m sure

Naina : I want to but , What I don’t know , I’m muddled , I can’t think anything .

AHIL : See Naina , I’m not forcing you or pressurising you , I just told you what my heart said , Now it’s up to you , It’s your decision now .

NAINA once again recalled Kamini’s warning ‘ Ahil is made for Riya only , If you tried to come in their way , I’ll kill your grandfather ‘

Naina vibrated and exclaimed ” SO for the last time listen to my Decision , NO ”

AHIL in a little sad tone ” Alright , I got it ”

They reached back home .

~ 2~
THE Party was over now all the guests were seen off .

Janki and Adesh were sitting on sofa .

Janki : AD see these are all the pictures of suitable girls for Ahil

Adesh : Okay , But what we’ll do with these pictures

Janki : I’ll select one of them , Maybe I could get a girl for my boy .

Janki one by one sees pictures , ” Her eyes are not good ” , ” she’s little dark “, ” Hmm no , She has wide jaw ”

AD : If you’ll do this , Our Ahil will be a bachelor for whole life

Janki : So what should I do , I can’t wait AD anymore

AD : What I said Let Ahil come back home , We’ll talk to him

Janki : I don’t care what Ahil wants , He’ll obviously marry the girl I’ll chose , And that’s my promise to myself .

AD : Okay , Okay , Now let’s go and get fresh .

~ 3~


Ahil and Naina reached home , There they saw Kamini talking to Abhay ( Ratan )

Kamini : What can I do , We’ll have to go

Ahil : What happen Kamini Ji

Kamini : Bantoo , My mom got sick , So we’ve to go to see her to HARIDWAR

Ahil : Ohh so you should go

Kamini : We’re leaving by tomorrow morning .

Abhay : Okay fine .

Ahil and Abhay goes to their room .

Ahil : We’re leaving tomorrow

Abhay : what ! Why ?

Ahil : She said she dosen’t needs our help

Abhay : So you’ll also say No

Ahil : Yes , I’ll , I told her what are my feelings for her but she made it clear , That she dosen’t wants to be

Abhay : See Ahil , Maybe she needs some time

Ahil : I don’t know , Anything , I’m going away tomorrow .

Abhay : But aahilll !!!

Ahil got up and goes in washroom .

nαínα’s rσσm

Naina was sitting was one corner , Crying .

Pinky : Now there’s no need to cry , You yourself told him NO

Naina : Pinky how could I explain myself

Pinky : You’ve to there’s no other way

Naina : Please go away , I want to be alone .

~ 4~
AT CITY HOSPITAL ( where naina’s grandfather is admitted )

Doctor calls Naveen ” Sir , Pavan’s ( grandfather ) heart is not responding Now , We can’t keep him under machines and medicines

Naveen : What ! Isn’t there any other way

Doctor : No Sir , Since months he’s breathing because of medicines and machines , Now it’s getting more critical

Naveen : See doctor , Tomorrow I’m leaving city , It’s urgent , Just handle till tomorrow

Doctor : I’ll see that but after that ?

Naveen : I don’t know , I don’t want to waste my money on this oldan now , What is the cost of heart transplant ?

Doctor : Around 10- 15 lakhs , Sir

Naveen: what No No , Bye .

He shuts the phone , Doctor to nurse

Doctor : Nurse tomorrow I’ve to go to another city urgently so I’m leaving him as it is okay , Take care

Nurse : Okay sir , what if something serious happens

Doctor : Just call at his home and say we don’t care now , We’ve given a warning already .

Nurse : Okay doctor .

~ 5 ~



Abhay and Ahil were in room , Ahil had already packed his bag .

Abhay : Bro , Just go think once again

Ahil : I don’t want to leave but what could I do if she herself dosen’t need my help , I can’t force her

Abhay : Don’t you think you should once talk to her

Ahil : I’ve tried many times , But what is going in her mind , She never tells .

Abhay : what about mission

Ahil : If she’s not with us , Then there’s no role of mission .

Ahil rose up and goes upstairs to the roof top .

Abhay to himself : No this friendship can’t break so early .

Abhay decides to talk to Naina for once .
Abhay : Naina are you sure

Naina : Yes I am

Abhay : You know I’ve seen love for you in his eyes , He really loves you

Naina : I know that

Abhay : What ! Then what are you waiting for ?

Naina : I’m sorry I can’t tell you .

She shuts the door , Abhay standing outside spoke ” Naina ,Please stop him , He’s leaving tomorrow , And then he’ll never come back to you ”

For tomorrow :- Will Naina stop AHIL ? , A major incident for tomorrow , Will something will happen that can bind these two together ? , will Naina tell Ahil what’s in her heart ?….

Sorry if it wasn’t good , I was busy whole day , If u liked plz put 👍👍👍do comment…, I know it wasn’t that good , But hope u would understand …

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