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Yuvani, a unique story, part 21

Suhani and Pratima’s convo was very emotional.  Both were broken and Pratima apologised to Suhani. Poor thing, she was weak and was not able to take a stand in front Dadi.

Loved the way Suhani calmed her, by saying that she is luckiest of all in the house as Pratima is with her, also requested her to keep smiling, always. Suhani was right; Pratima had been through too much of troubles and in spite of all those, she still smiled.

But when Suhani mentioned about her leaving the house, Pratima shattered, again. And this time Suhani failed to calm her, it was a touching scene, and it was cute to se Yuvraj and Sharad watching them. Sharad was disheartened by then, he lost hope, but Yuvraj was still determined. He had to be, after all it was about his life, his wife and he can’t stay idle.

He is such a sweet heart; he blamed himself for Pratima’s sorrow. He was never the reason behind the situation, he was the victim. He was cheated by the girl he fancied, had to marry a girl who is not of his choice that too forcefully, he had to comprise his life. Even then, he was an ideal husband, when he got to know that Suhani was innocent, from that moment onwards, he became an ideal husband. He stood by her side always, kept her happy and always tried to protect her. He is such a sweet heart. It is just that he was not aware of the feelings he has developed for his wife, well after all these ups and downs she was still with him, and may be because of that he didn’t think much of it, his feelings.

Suhani somehow calmed Pratima and came out, she was broken and met Yuvraj outside, he asked her not to fall week as they don’t much time remaining and she agreed.

Bhavna was excited when she called Suhani and told her about her birthday surprise for Punkaj and Suhani…. Well, she was still upset with her dad, luckily she was able to manage the situation without Bhavna knowing things, and then Soumya came in.

I seriously don’t understand her, I mean, she has became a parasite by then, she snatched Suhani’s happiness from her and still she want Suhani to stand by her, well not by her side, because I won’t say that she wanted a friend, but someone who supports and protest her in spite of all the foul things she would do to them.

Suhani answered her correctly and then mentioned about Krishna’s marriage. I was happy seeing her anger, for it proved that she still has feelings for Krishna and this really gave hope.

While Yuvani were discussing about Soumya’s feelings for Krishna, Krishna’s dad called Suhani and requested her to talk to Krishna. Yuvraj asked her to agree, I seriously love way, the action, by which he told her this. And it was decided, Suhani and Sharad were to meet Krishna and stop his marriage and Yuvraj was all set to brainwash Soumya. (21 April 2015)

Yuvraj and Suhani talked to Soumya and Krishna respectively and got to know about the feelings they have for the other. Yuvraj was so excited the share the news with Suhani, when Soumya approached him. She apologised for defending Krishna and told him that he can do anything with Krishna, When Yuvraj said that she should not have defended Krishna, Soumya quoted Yuvraj, him defending Suhani always. Yuvraj’s face changed when she mentioned Suhani, and it was worth watching, wow! I just love him.

Because Dadi kept him busy on wedding dress, Yuvraj was not able to talk to Suhani and then when he entered to Pratima’s room he saw Suhani calming Pratima saying that he will make everything fine. He smiled and came in, and then tried to irritate Suhani saying that he cares for Pratima the most. Their expressions were cute. Yuvraj told the two about Soumya’s feelings for Krishna.  Suhani was almost sure of it, that Soumya was interested in was the luxuries of BH, and nothing else. Yuvani had an eye lock, and it was full of emotions, loved it. Pratima brought them back to sense and Suhani told them about Krishna still being in love with Soumya. Yuvani again argued and accidently Yuvraj told her that he will send her to get Soumya’s wedding dress. Oops! She became dull, I mean that would be too much, to shop for your sauthan! Poor thing, Pratima scolded Yuvraj for the same. They were happy by the Kriya’s feelings for each other, it gave them a chance.

At night, Yuvraj and Sharad were on the terrace and were discussing about breaking Krishna’s marriage when they saw Suhani’s laptop. Yuvraj read her diary. It was about Punkaj. It was his birthday the next day and she was still very upset. Yuvraj found the tear drops on the key board and then they heard Suhani coming. Sharad went from there and Suhani saw Yuvraj reading her diary. She in a way scolded him for this, but he told her that he won’t apologise to her. He then questioned her on her anger for her father, asked her to forget whatever happened and move on. But it was not easy for her, for, she is was in that situation because of her dad, and…

She started to leave and he held her back, He made her sit and talked her about his dad. Told her about he stayed away from him because of his scolding. How he was always angry at his dad and before he could realise it, his dad left them. Only then he understood the love his dad had for him and started to miss him, he wanted see him and apologise to express his love for him, he can never. Suhani was getting affected and they both got teary eyed.

He told her that she is lucky as her dad is still with her, she has a chance to correct her mistake, whereas he, he lost his chance, he asked her take out the burden from her heart and she stood still. (22 April 2015)

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