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Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 7.

So guys, I am back with my fan fiction with the new chapter. Are you guys excited for this??? Let’s start….

Recap : Naina receives a admission letter from Delhi University and decides to join there. Sameer’s parents get to know about Sameer’s fight with some boys and insults him without knowing the reason. Sameer decides to go to Delhi to his grandfather.

Now the episode starts…….

Sameer is shown talking to someone on phone and is shown with a dull face. It is his Nanu on the phone…

Nanu : Sameer, once listen to me please!!!

Sameer : No Nanu. I am not going to listen to any of your words 😒😒😒

Nanu : Sameer, why are being so stubborn this time?

Sameer : Nanu, last time when I didn’t agree to come to Ahmedabad, it’s you that had took promise from me and sent me here. It has been almost 5 years now I was in Ahmedabad. I hadn’t complained anything as you took word from me. But now, I can’t stay here any longer.

Nanu : But my dear, tell what happened to you? Why have you suddenly thought of coming to Delhi, back to me? Did anything wrong happened with you???

Sameer : I will tell you what happened.

Saying so, sameer started to narrate the story. Nanu was listening patiently. Sameer completed telling.

Nanu : Oh!!! So that’s the reason you want to come to me???

Sameer : No. Not only this. I was really missing you a lot. And now, I can’t stay here any longer. Too much is too much. Nanu, please allow me to come there. I really don’t want to be here. Please!!!

Nanu : OK ok fine. I will talk to your mom and dad. Ok???

Sameer : 😃😃😃. OK Nanu. Thank you so much. I love you Nanu 😘😘😘

Nanu : Nanu loves you too dear 😘😘😘. Bye.

Sameer : Bye Nanu.

He disconnects the phone call and feels so happy that he is going to be with his Nanu 😊😊😊.

At naina’s house,

Arjun and rakesh ji are having lunch and preeti is serving them. Naina is preparing chappatis for them. Preeti signs arjun to talk….

Arjun : Papa, I need to talk to you.

Rakesh : What you want to talk to me??? About your cricket practice??? I already spoke to your coach about it na….

Arjun : No No papa.

Rakesh : Why? Is your coach asking more fees from you? Hmmm…. He knows that you would become a great cricketer in future so he wants to get his fees increased now itself???

Arjun, preeti gets shocked by hearing this from rakesh ji and looks at each other faces.

Sameer’s voice over : 😄😄😄 This always happens with my hone wali sasur. And my hone wali saala gets always stuck with my hone wali father in this way. And this relation is not going to change in future too 😁😁😁.

Arjun : No papa. I am not talking about cricket nor about my studies. I want to talk about naina.

Rakesh : Naina??? What did she did again???

Arjun : No papa. She didn’t did anything. Actually, she got a good opportunity to study.

Rakesh : Good opportunity??? What is it???

Arjun : Papa, she got a free seat at Delhi University. To get a free seat there is totally impossible. But naina got it by her hardwork…

Naina hears this from kitchen and feels so happy.

Arjun : So papa, naina wants to go there and study….

Rakesh : Why? Can’t she study here? You are also studying in the same college na…. And you are getting good marks na. Now, what’s the need to go there and study???

Arjun : I totally agree papa that the college we are studying is also a very good college. But papa, that’s a very reputed college. If naina studies there, you will get a great name too…

Naina suddenly looks from the kitchen and smiles….

Naina : (to herself) Now I understood your plan bhaiya 😁😁😁

Rakesh : If naina studies there, how will I get a good name?

Arjun gets up from his chair and goes towards his father

Arjun : Papa, you only think once. Everyone in our family always insults you that you couldn’t join us in a big college because of our financial situation. But if they get to know that naina is going to study in such a big college, that too with a free seat, your name will be increased papa. Once think over it. You will get so many benefits.

Sameer’s voice over : This is the way arjun deals his father when he couldn’t able to get the thing he wants. Rakesh ji always wants name and fame. And arjun took a good advantage of it. And let’s see the result….

Rakesh : Ha ok ok. Where is naina? Naina!!!

Naina came there running.

Naina : Yes papa. You want a chappati???

Rakesh : No. I am done. And ha, get ready to go to delhi with preeti.

Naina : Really papa?

Rakesh : Why will I joke? Do you think I am so free without any work to crack jokes with you???

Naina : No papa. I didn’t mean like that….

Rakesh : Don’t waste your time. Go and do your packing immediately. I will see about the tickets.

Rakesh leaves from there and naina hugs arjun.

Naina : Thanks a lot bhaiya. If you wouldn’t have convinced papa….

Arjun : Don’t talk like that naina. I will be always there to support you. Don’t worry and be happy. You are going to Delhi 😊😊😊.

Preeti : Yaaa…. It means naina is going to stay with me in Delhi 😁😁😁.

Preeti holds naina’s hand and starts dancing with her. Naina also dances with her.

Naina : Stop preeti. My eyes are turning.

Preeti : I am so sorry naina. I became too excited that you are going to stay with me.

Arjun : I can understand your anxiety preeti. But I am feeling very sad that my sister is going away from me 😢😢😢

Naina : No bhaiya. Please don’t say like that. Do you think I can be happy without you? Even I am feeling very bad about being away from you. You are my support system bhaiya. I will really miss you a lot.

She hugs arjun with tears.

Arjun : Arey, why are you crying naina? Don’t cry. This is the time for you to be happy and to become independent. You should learn to live without fear. Do anything with confidence. And don’t worry, very shortly you will meet such person who will become your greatest strength ever…. Ok dear??? Now smile…

Naina : 😁😁😁

Preeti : Delhi, see. My sister Naina Agarwal is going to come.

Arjun and naina laugh at preeti’s words and three of them hug each other.

Sameer’s voice over : Arjun was exactly correct. Don’t know whether it is arjun’s words magic or god’s decided decision because soon naina is going to meet such a person who is going to change her life forever….

At Sameer’s home….

Lata : But papa, sameer is absolutely fine here. What’s the need to send him there?

Sameer silently is watching his mom talking on phone with his Nanu.

Nanu : See Lata. I am missing my sameer a lot. Let him come here and be with me. What’s wrong in it?

Lata : No papa. I mean he is having his friends here, his college, and his family here. So how could he leave all these and come there?

Nanu : Oh dear. Then how did he leave all his friends, his grandparents and his school here and came with you to Ahmedabad??? Tell me how.

She becomes silent.

Nanu : Lata, don’t worry. He need a change of environment. And I will take good care of him. Why? Don’t you believe in me?

Lata : No No papa. I didn’t mean it in that way.

Nanu : Then???

Lata : But papa, his father has to agree na.

Sameer gets angry on hearing this….

Nanu : I already spoke to him. He agreed. So, do you have any problem now???

Lata : Ok then papa. As you wish.

Sameer gets happy hearing this 😊😊😊

Nanu : ok fine. Send my sameer soon. I am waiting for him.

Lata : OK papa. I will send him soon.

Sameer gets back to his room happily

Sameer : Yes, I am coming delhi. Get ready to welcome this Sameer Maheshwari 🎉🎉🎉

At naina’s house…

Naina is packing her bags. Preeti also helps her in packing.

Preeti : So naina, ready to go to Delhi?

Naina : I am really so excited to go to Delhi. I can’t wait 😁😁😁.

The episode ends….

Coming up : Naina and sameer reach Delhi….

So guys, are you excited for this upcoming chapter…. Stay tuned and enjoy reading 😊😊😊




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