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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer feels lonely, Naina feels his pain

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naina and Preeti coming to Nana ji’s house. Servant informs her that Sameer’s parents took him to Delhi. Naina cries and takes his pic. She recalls Sameer’s words. Preeti asks her to come. Naina asks do you have his number. Servant says no.

Dadi scolds Mr. Sumani and Vishaka for not letting her before going. Rohan wakes up and hugs Vishaka, says I love you mom. Vishakha’s daughter comes to Sameer’s room and runs back. Dadi tells them that Rohan couldn’t go to swimming today and says they stay in kothi and if they had informed her then she would have make arrangements for his stay in some room. Sameer comes out and hears them. Dadi asks Vishaka to send him to hostel and says she don’t want Rohan to get affected in any way. Mr. Sumani agrees with

her. Vishaka tells that Sameer will adjust and there is no need to send him to hostel.

Sameer recalls his good times with munna and pandit. His voiceover tells that he was feeling lonely in stranger’s house, as they fought because of his stay in the room. Vishaka comes to Sameer and says she will make him meet Deepika and Rohan. Deepika comes. Vishaka says he is your Sameer bhaiya. Deepika says I don’t know him, my brother is Rohan. Vishaka says Rohan met him before. She asks Deepika to handshake with him. Sameer feels pain. Vishaka gets pin in her hand and scolds her. Rohan is also in the room and looks arrogant. Deepika says he is not my real brother, but step brother. Sameer is shocked. Vishaka asks who is teaching you all this. Deepika asks Sameer until when he will stay in their house and also asks who is his father?

Vishaka tells Sameer and Rohan about each other. She asks them to shake hands. When Sameer don’t shake his hand, Vishaka makes him shake hand with Rohan. Rohan hugs Vishaka and goes. Vishaka asks Sameer to keep his stuff in a corner and sleep on one side of bed, while Rohan will sleep at other side. Sameer tells her that Rohan will never accept him as his brother and viceversa. Vishaka asks them to make the first initiative and asks Sameer to be careful of Rohan’s schedule. She asks Servant to inform Sameer about Rohan’s schedule and says she will talk to Mr. Sumani about his admission.

Naina cries and tells Preeti that she knows that Sameer might be feeling lonely. She says she should be with him now. Preeti blames herself for telling that he will go far away from her. Naina says she will go home and wait for his call. She asks her to go to school and take his number from munna and pandit. Sameer thinks about Naina and runs out of home, he is about to collide with a girl and recalls colliding with Naina. He says it seems like he woke up after 3 days and wondered where is Naina. Naina cries hugging Preeti.

Sameer calls at Naina’s landline, but bela picks the call. Naina comes home. When Sameer calls again, Rohan’s Dadi scolds him for calling many times.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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