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Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: rishi agastya takes all water of kaveri into his kund.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kartikeya telling the story of rishi Agastya, in flashback, rishi Agastya says kartikeya that he shall learn other battle tactics now. Rishi Agastya gives kartikeya his spear and then he uses his power and brings many rocks in air, kartikeya is ready to fight. Rishi then uses his power and throws all rocks towards kartikeya. Kartikeya uses the spear and destroys the rocks flying towards him, kartikeya then lands on ground. Rishi then teaches other tactics and fighting patterns, he teaches him to use the knives, daggers, swords, shields and other weapons. Kartikeya learns everything quickly. Rishi Agastya then says, kartikeya I was happy to have you as a student and I have taught you everything there is to be taught for battle and you have qualified very well in everything.

Kartikeya says pranam rishi and takes his blessing. Rishi then picks his spear and attacks kartikeya. Kartikeya dodges and says but rishi you just said I had qualified, then why are you attacking me? Rishi throws kartikeya on the ground and says this is your test.
As kartikeya gets up, rishi punches him and kartikeya holds the punch instantly. Then he removes his weapons and fights rishi Agastya as he attacks kartikeya. Rishi pushes kartikeya behind, kartikeya attacks rishi and fights him. Kartikeya then uses his power and attacks rishi and pushes him behind by punching him. Before rishi falls on the ground, a sofa comes above emerging from the ground and rishi lands on it and then sits. Kartikeya says how did that seat come above? Rishi smiles and says this is the ground, the earth saved me from falling down. Rishi smiles and says kartikeya you have learned well, to protect yourself as well as anyone around you, you qualify truly now. Kartikeya takes blessing of rishi Agastya.
Mahadev continues and says after that, rishi Agastya stayed and he meditated. In flashback, as rishi prays, there is one day a huge battle between all demons and gods in the south. Kartikeya commands the god army with all gods by his side fighting the demons. As they fight, the demons have powers and they hide inside the river kaveri’s water and attack from underwater. Rishi Agastya sees this as gods say the demons are hiding in the water, how will we fight? Rishi Agastya gets up, he comes at the banks of river kaveri and then sucks all the water from his mouth into his 2 hands, slowly the water comes on rishi agastya’s hands and he takes entire water from river kaveri and puts inside his kund pot that he holds. The demons are exposed. Kartikeya and all gods attack the demons and destroy their weapons thus defeating and killing them.
Rishi Agastya sits for meditation and soon after months the south dries up because of severe droughts. Rishi Agastya opens his eyes to find the situation entire south is in as animals and trees have died and everything has dried up. Rishi is sad and he removes water in his hands and prays and throws it on the ground, he starts meditating again for years. Without water and in so much drought, rishi becomes dehydrated as his body becomes dry too. Some rishi’s appear and rishi opens his eyes with blurred vision. The rishi’s say Agastya you have to do something about this situation, the water is not flowing and everything is in drought. Rishi says what do I do? I tried pouring water on the ground but nothing happened. Rishi’s say you have to marry the daughter of vidarbha naresh, she is devi lopamudra who is actually the river you have in your kund. Rishi says okay and as suggested he goes to vidarbha naresh one day, lopamudra is a girl who walks the path of dharma and all time stays busy in praying to gods. Vidarbha naresh thinks what work does rishi Agastya have with me?

Precap: rishi Agastya says vidarbha naresh I have come to ask your daughter in marriage. Mahadev says rishi married lopamudra and he kept river kaveri in his kund only to keep her with him. Ganesh goes as a crow to free the river.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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