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Udaan 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay attacks Chakor

Udaan 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor saying I have to go to haveli and save Gauri. Kasturi asks her to take care. Imli apologizes to Seth ji. Suraj gets Gauri there. Seth ji sees her face and says what’s this joke, who’s this other girl. He pushes Gauri. Suraj asks Gauri is she fine. He says it will be loss if her face gets bad. Imli says right, tell me if you don’t like the deal, don’t hope I will return money. Seth ji says you cheated me and changed the girl. Chakor, Chagan and Pakhi reach there. Chagan says I will not leave Imli if anything happens to Gauri. Chakor calms him. Pakhi says this is that old man’s car, he is here. Chakor says it means something wrong is going on here. Seth ji says I know I got cheated, that girl was different, I have seen her face when she ran off. Suraj says he is making

excuses to cancel deal. The man asks for his money. Imli says you won’t get money. She asks Gauri what’s this drama, none can save her. Chakor comes and holds Gauri. She shouts I will save. Suraj signs Chakor. Chakor asks Imli is this her market, where she sells girl’s respect. She scolds Imli.

She says I will bring your truth in front of everyone, villagers will beat you, about Gauri, I m taking her, if anyone stops me, none will be worse than me, I will make Gauri a weapon to ruin your rule. Imli laughs. She asks Chakor who was that girl who jumped in the well. Chakor says stop me if you can, I m taking Gauri with me. Imli says Suraj will stop you, Chakor will tell us about the girl. Shikhu gets girls. Chakor asks Imli does she have no soul in her. Imli says Suraj its time to kill Gauri. Suraj says it will be loss to kill her, I will see this Chakor, I will shoot her. He says Pakhi isn’t there in these girls, don’t worry. Chakor says fine, you do your work. The old man checks the girls. Pakhi comes there angrily with a gun and scolds the goons. They get shocked. Pakhi asks the old man not to touch the girls, else she will shoot him. Suraj asks Pakhi what is she doing. Pakhi says sorry, I know I promised you I will never touch the gun, but the world made me helpless. He says I don’t remember it, I have one promise to secure Imli. Chakor asks her to leave. Pakhi says I have always hated this Imli, I have been bearing her tortures since childhood, now this won’t go on, Imli let the girls leave else I will shoot you. Seth ji says this is the girl whom I chose. Imli gets shocked.

Gauri asks Pakhi what is she doing here, is she jealous of her, go from here. Imli shouts stop this drama. She sends the girls and says so this was your plan, it was good but you forgot just we win after each game. Suraj says these girls have hurt your respect, I will take them and punish. Imli says no use to take them out, I decided their punishment. She apologizes to Seth ji and says you will get two brides today, I have decorated a room for you, Gauri and Pakhi. She asks Suraj to go. Suraj says sorry, I don’t think this old man should get this benefit. Imli says I know well, you just take the girls to room. Chakor shouts on Imli. She says you have fallen a lot, you don’t deserve my hatred, you are a devil, devils are just beaten. She raises hand. Imli stops her. They argue. Imli says you have tried a lot to save them, don’t come in my way, else I don’t know what I will do.

Gauri begs Imli to let Pakhi go. Imli says Suraj will leave you two to the room. She commands Suraj. Suraj takes them upstairs. Chakor says you have to do something to me first. Ranvijay hits on her head and smiles. Chakor gets dizzy. Suraj runs and holds her. Ranvijay says then die. Suraj says Chakor…. Imli shouts Suraj, what are you doing. He says I m helping you, there will be problem in elections, I will kill her, but you stopped me. Imli says yes. Ranvijay says Suraj is doing good work, we will also do good work and take the brides to their groom. Gauri and Pakhi get tensed. Ranvijay takes them. Suraj looks on shocked. Suraj says if Chakor gets conscious, she will spoil your work, I will throw her out. Imli agrees.

Suraj takes Chakor to temple and asks her to open eyes. He says till when should I do this drama, what’s happening, get up Chakor. Chakor gets conscious. She says Suraj…… She sees the village. She asks where are Gauri and Pakhi, why couldn’t we save them, that old man would be eyeing them badly, we have to go. He says don’t be mad, you can’t save them, Shikhu will catch you, my truth will come out, Ranvijay has come back, we have to make a plan to save them. She asks him to go haveli and get them back safely. He says fine, I believe in your belief, I will save them. He goes. Chakor prays for them and cries.

Ranvijay gives Gauri and Pakhi to Seth ji. Chakor prays and holds the diya in her palm. Pakhi and Gauri beat Seth ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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