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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma’s Disturbing Memories

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma gets concerned seeing Kanak’s injured hand. Servant brings first-aid box. Meera slaps servant and yells why did he come so late, where is his event manager, she will sue his company. People discuss servant’s job is gone for sure, so much anger is not good. Meera apologizes everyone and invites Kanak for lunch tomorrow at her house as an apology. uma says no. Kanak says looks like Meera’s husband also does not like government officers. Uma says she must be having a lot of work and must be busy. Kanak says she is, but they also may be very busy than her, even then they are finding time for her, so she will come. She says bye and leaves. Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piya ji…song..plays in the background. She leaves in a cab while Meera fumes looking atg her

rejected car. She returns home and cries reminiscing Uma’s betrayal.

Uma returns to his room and seeing it well decorated with flowers reminisces Meera telling they will romance tomorrow night after wedding anniversary party. Meera comes and starts luring him wearing a skimpy nightie. Shhe then removes his shirt and pushes him on bed. He sleeps senselessly. She asks why he is cold shouldered, she is trying to convince him since 2 years, but he does not respond at all, they are married and should forget everything and start a family. Uma says it is a compromise and not marriage. She says she did so much for him and even got his mother on her feet. Uma says she won him as a trophy via compromise and she can do anything with his trophy, but not with his soul. She says she wants even his soul and not just his body. Uma says that she will never get and walks away. Meera angrily breaks things.

Uma walks on road reminiscing getting a call from crying Suman to come and rescue her. Uma runs to her. She says she killed a man by mistake, she was going to pay fees and thief snatched her and ran away. She hit him with stone and he fell down and died. Out of flashback, Uma thinks he could not tell this secret to Kanak. He goes into flashback again where Suman takes him to dead body. Uma asks how did this man come here, who brought him here. Suman says someone helped here. Uma asks why don’t they take this man to hospital. Meera enters and says because this man had already dead. Uma says this is wrong, he will inform police. Meera asks to think about his alive sister, he has only 1 chance to save his sister. Suman cries she does not want to go to jail. Meera says she will hide all the evidences and not let Suman go to jail as only she and her father are sole evidences, he has to marry her in exchange and shows sindhoor. Uma helplessly applies sindhoor on her forehead and marries her. Out of flashback, Uma walks on street saying he did not betray Kanak and does not want to lose her. A speeding bus applies brake just in front of him. Conductor scolds if he wants to die. Uma gets into bus and sits on seat. Kanak is seen sitting behind another seat.

Precap: Bhabho confronts Kanak that she helped Uma so much, but he promised to marry her and betrayed. Meera walks in and says Ms. Kanak has her husband’s item. Bhabho asks why will she.
Meera asks who is she.

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