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Let start
Swara enter the class ..all boys and girls are staring her …boys are flat on her while girls are jealous..
Samrat:omg ..dude she is our class mate..
Akash:dude u forgot who she better stay from her ..
Samrat:dude she is so beautiful I can’t resist my self admiring her. They we’re talking.. When swara went near board kept her things on table and said.
Swara: good morning students ..let’s introduced my self I’m Dr swara Bose ..ur new anatomy guest lectures .. The gang are shocked to knw they ragged their lecture ..that gang consists of 4 boys and 3 girls .they are samrat ,akash,puneesh,vivek ,soumya,sanjana,Pooja…samarat is there leader.
Swara: now u ll introduced ur self ..all students Start to giving their intro nw came to that gang are all sweating to knw that they ragged lectures ..they start to give intro .
Samrat: my self samrat Gupta ..rest all gives. Their intro..
Swara: so ur that gang whom all CLG fears..they all bow their head down .
Swara: well I must stay u have guts ..u ragged ur lecture only.
Gang:sry ma’am..
Swara:its OK ..nw forget that ..I dnt have any enmity with ..jst a advice ..ur going to be doctors..doctor should be decent and soft from the nature ..they to be polite..swara turn to all.
Swara: I’m nt telling only to that grp .she pointed to grp which is standing bowing head down.. I’m telling to all..I hope u ll nt disappoint me ..now u all may sit ..they all seated .soon she start her lecture..
Here badi
Ragini was on terrace taking clots..dadi came
Dadi:ladoo.. Hearing her she turn
Dadi: ladoo come to home..I knw ur sad ..beta they never accept u as family..
Ragini: no dadi I ll nt come ..they all love me lot..
Dadi: ladoo don’t trust them blindly ..specially that swara.
Ragini:dadima swara requested laksh to forgive me .she is very nice .
Dadi:o my innocent ladoo.she is faking this all to get sympathy ..she ll snatch ur love ..dnt trust her.
Ragini: no dadima swara is before she complete dadi interrupted
Dadi:ladoo her mother snatched ur mother place nw she is doing that only ..I’m telling now only don’t trust her ..come back to home ..
Ragini: no dadi papa don’t like me he hate me ..
Dadi: no beta .I ll never hate u ..I ll convence him then u ll come na.
Ragini: if papa call me then I ll come.
Dadi: OK ..I convence him ..by telling this she went .ragini came to room and sat on bed..and thinking abt dadi words.
Sanskar was in meeting .after completing his meeting ..he came to cabin..followed by his pa.
Sanskar: John complete this all work..I need to go early .. I want this work should complete in one week.
Jhon:sure sir ..and he left ..sanskar took his belonging and left to mansion ..soon he came to mansion and went to his room and layed on bed ..in dreaming abt angel..
Here soon swara complete her class and came out.
While she was going all samrat gang came .
Gang: ma’am.
Swara stopped and turn to them.
Gang:maan we r sry …we don’t one that ur lecture
Swara: of u knw I m lecture then u ll nt ragg me.she asked ringing her eyebrows.. They all stood silently.
Swara: its OK guys leave that..I also crossed ur age ..its craziness ..bt be in limit … I didnt told to stop pranks and all..do pranks .which does cause any harm to anyone and all should be happy ..make all happy. So now relax ..I’m not going to take my revenge on u ll by cutting ur marks or failing u all in exams ..bt be carefull next time.saying this she left…all felt relief.
Samrat: she is so sweet yaar
Pooja:yes I was scared that she ll complain to Prini ..
Sanjana: chill guys she is not Hitler type.
Akash: yes she is so friendly.
Samrat: guys I’m falling more yaar.
Sanjana: hello romeo she is our lecture
Sam: so what she lecture inckg not out na .saying this he winked all shook there head in disbelief and all left ..
Precape: ragini jealousy

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