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The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 13)


2:00 am

Veer entered the house with anger written all over his face. The so called meeting was actually with Sunil. They came to know that the person helping Kumar was one of the gangsters from their troops apart from Sunil. They hated betrayals. The punishment for betraying was a slow painful death worst then hell. Arjun followed Veer with the same expressions. Just as they ascended the stairs, they saw blood all over it. They were not scared. They just followed the trail and saw Sid unconscious in the room nearby. They were shocked to see Sid in this state. They exchanged confused glances with each other. They went up to check on Sanchi and meet Kabir to share the information. On reaching the corridor they saw the blood filled imprints. The imprints were smaller and they guessed it to be of a lady. Their heart beat increased as realization dawned upon Veer. They followed the imprints and found themselves in front of Sanchi’s door where the vase was broken. Her room was in a dishevelled state. They were scared and Veer cursed himself for not thinking on this aspect before. The main question arising was, where was Sanchi? They eyed around and found Kabir’s door a bit open. They went there and saw that the moonlight adored the two sleeping figures. They were looking like lovers who had met each other after much hardship. They were hugging each other tightly even in their state of deep slumber.

Veer was astonished to see Kabir sleeping carelessly for the first time in his life. From the time Veer had been with Kabir, he had seen an insomniatic Kabir who would be up for most hours of night. Kabir was frustrated with his inability to sleep and as a result Veer had brought those strippers to relieve Kabir from this frustration. Veer moved closer and glanced at both of them. He saw marks on Sanchi’s body which were tended. He also saw an expression of relief adoring Kabir’s face. Veer was contented to see Sanchi safe. He was happier to see Kabir at peace after almost twenty years. He just nodded at Arjun and went out of the room.

It was dawn. Kabir opened his eyes as he felt a tight force tugging at him. He looked down to see the heavenly face which was lit up by the weak light rays snicking from the window. He smiled, a small one, with content. He thought all his mornings to start with the witness of this face and feeling the most beautiful soul in his arms. He stared at her for a while as he registered her features in his mind. Then he loosened Sanchi’s hold over him and got up. He covered Sanchi with blanket and she buried herself deep in the mattress as she took in Kabir’s woodsy cologne from it. She had satisfaction on her face. Kabir was surprised with his act. Never in his life had he allowed a lady to cuddle and sleep in his arms. He had not got a sleep as good as this one. He just sat there in amazement. He glanced at the watch; it was 4:00 am. He had slept like a log for four hours! Even sleeping pills could not help him to sleep for more than two hours. He was quiet used to less sleep. He recalled the incidents of last night and straight away went to the room where he had left Sid.

He reached out of the corridor and found Veer and Arjun cleaning the mess he created last night. He stared at the blood prints of Sanchi and his blood boiled. He turned around to punish Sid.

A: you are not doing it all alone bhai. We will do it together.

V: you have one more reason.

Kabir glanced at him questioningly.

V: Sunil told us the first name. SID.

Kabir’s eyes were erupting lava like a volcano. First of all Sid tries to touch what was his and secondly he betrayed them. He just nodded and walked away. Veer followed Kabir and Arjun went to take something. They opened the room and switched on the lights. Sid opened his eyes and groaned in pain. Sid was a gangster and hence was strong enough to bear the blows of knife and bullet. He stood up and was about to speak something when Arjun threw a knife in his mouth which cut through his tongue. He had gone out to bring the weapons they would require for Sid’s punishment.

A: this was for bad mouthing about our angel.

Sid was about to scream when a second knife plunged in his throat technically destroying his voice box.

A: don’t you dare to make a single noise. Our angel is sleeping.

Sid was devastated. He bent down on his knees as he was feeling the pain but was not able to utter a single word. He joined his hands for forgiveness. Veer passed a wooden piece which was sharpened like an arrow through his hands.

V: there is no forgiveness for sin. You broke our two rules. Respect women. Never betray. So pay now.

Sid’s hands were bleeding profusely. He was helpless. He wanted to scream, scream till he loses his voice. But he did not even get the pleasure to depict his pain and suffering by words or groans at least. He was now losing his life. He just lay down in a lifeless condition. He started to breathe loudly. Kabir bent down to his level and whispered in his ears.

K: never ever think of looking at what is mine.

With that he pierced the knife right at the center of his heart. It was mistake to think of Sanchi even in dreams where as Sid had dared to touch her. Kabir felt a little bit satisfied as he had taken his revenge. Sid breathed his last and died in that pitiable state for which he was himself responsible. Sanchi was only Kabir’s. Only he had the right to touch her and no one else. Sid’s death would make that clear to all other members. He just relaxed and went to his room for taking shower. His clothes were soaked with blood. He just removed his shirt and kept it on the couch.

6:00 am

Sanchi opened her eyes. She was perspiring as she had a nightmare of Sid coming back. She sat straight and searched for Kabir. He was nowhere to be found. She panicked and started to shiver. She rocked back and forth to comfort herself a little. Her eyes fell on the blood soaked shirt that was lying on the couch. She ran to the shirt and took it in her trembling hands. She could identify the smell of the cologne. It was of Kabir. He was nowhere to be seen. She thought that Kabir….. Just as she was standing there with Kabir’s shirt in her hands, she heard the door of the washroom open. There she saw Kabir come out wearing treks. He was shirtless as he used to move around in his room shirtless. Sanchi, the shy girl, did not care much at that time and ran towards him and hugged him with all the force she had. Kabir was unsteady with the sudden force but later he balanced himself. Sanchi just hugged him with all her might and gave out a loud sigh of relief. She rested her head on his chest and was surrounded by the fragrance of the woodsy cologne. She just loved it and it did make her feel comfortable, secure and happy. She rubbed her body against him and it was difficult for Kabir to control anymore. He broke the hug and was about to question Sanchi when she spoke.

S: whose blood is this?

K: Your room is ready. You can go.

Sanchi just nodded as she felt embraced for reacting in an anxious manner. She went out of the room leaving behind the rosy smell of her cologne in his room. He took in the smell and breathed out in relief. The heavenly smell of their cologne was enough to make each other feel their presence. She got ready after a quick shower and came down to have her breakfast. She was starving. She sat at the big dining table all alone. She was waiting for someone to pass by but no one turned up. She thought of checking herself. She climbed up the stairs and all the memories of the last night flashed her mind. She held the wooden railing tightly as she felt weak on her knees. She brushed those thoughts aside and began to walk forward. She passed the corridor checking each and every room for even a trace of Veer or Arjun. Just as she was about to enter the room next to Kabir’s, she heard Arjun call her in a soft low voice.

A: angel…

She turned around and was surprised to hear the enthusiasm and liveliness deprived voice of Arjun. He was never like that. He was always happy and energetic. She grew concerned and ran to Arjun quickly.

S: where have you been till now? I was searching you. Arjun did not answer he just kept looking down. Sanchi found something fishy. She cupped Arjun’s face and made him look at her. His eyes were moist. Sanchi’s eyes grew wider as she was seeing a man like Arjun crying for the first time.

S: Arjun please tell me what is it. I am worried. Where is Veer? He is okay na? Did something happen in the meeting? Answer me Arjun please. Please…

Arjun was taken by surprise when he heard Sanchi’s questions. Instead of complaining about the misbehavior she faced, she was worried about them. He just could not control himself. He threw himself in her arms. He was weeping at the goodness of their hostage. It was barely a month that they knew each other but still she was so much concerned about them. It was the least that he could say in his weak shattered voice.

A: sorry angel. Sorry.

Sanchi just hugged him back. She did not understand why Arjun was saying sorry to her. She pulled him back and spoke to him lovingly.

S: what happened Arjun? Why are you apologizing to me?

A: I know everything that happened last night.

Sanchi was shocked to hear that. How did they know? Who told them? All the questions were running in her mind but it was more important to pacify Arjun now.

S: it is not your fault Arjun. Kabir saved me. I am alright. Just look at me. Don’t feel guilty. I miss my joker Arjun. I want him back.

Arjun pulled Sanchi into another bone crushing hug. He chuckled lightly on Sanchi’s statement. Had it been any other day, he would have been offended when Sanchi called him joker but today he was relieved. He felt happy to have Sanchi in his life. He just closed his eyes and relished that moment. Sanchi broke the hug and asked Arjun.

S: where is Veer? He is okay na?

A: he is in this room. (Arjun said pointing to the room where Sanchi was about to go.) He did not come out after the punishment. He just locked himself in.

Sanchi was actually not listening to what Arjun was telling. She just listened that Veer was in that room. She knew that Veer was feeling much guiltier. She went to her room and took the first aid box and barged in Veer’s room. The room was darker as the shades were drawn down. She could not see anything properly. She went and lifted the shades up. The room lit up in a flash as the sunlight raced to come inside. She saw Veer sitting in a corner of the room. He was in a terrible state. Blood was coming out of his hands and his face was bruised. Sanchi ran towards him and she stumbled on her way as she hit the hard punching bag which fell down. She approached Veer and took his face in her hands. All his wounds were red and fresh. She took hold of his hand and began to walk towards the bed. He jerked off her hand and went away from Sanchi.

V: I am a failure Sanchi. I don’t deserve your care.

Sanchi could sense Veer’s emotions. She knew that her responsibility was in Veer hands and she also knew that Veer would do something silly to hurt him and thus she had carried the first aid box with her. She was shocked to see Veer’s state. He had been hitting the punch bag till it came down with force. His hands were bleeding because of this. When the punch bag returned he did not move and hence it hit his face hard. God knows from when this stupid boy has been doing all this- Sanchi thought. She was really pissed off by Veer’s behavior. It hurt her when he told that he did not deserve her. She was angry and said in that angry tone.

S: I think that I have the right to decide for whom to care. Who are you to tell me that? Now don’t argue you are raising my anger.

Veer confided and Sanchi took him to bed. She sat beside him and began to heal his wounds. She saw that Veer had lowered his gaze and kept it fix on the floor. He did not wince when the antiseptic touched his wounds. Sanchi came up to his face. She cupped his face in her hands and their eyes met. She could see a gust of emotions reflecting in his eyes. Sanchi had observed that Veer had one of the most honest eyes in this place. She could read his each emotion from his eyes. His eyes were filled with pain, guilt and anger. She just let out a sigh in relief.

S: Veer, you are not a failure. It was not your fault. I still trust you and yes you cannot cut your ties with me easily. I will not leave you. She joined their foreheads. She could see tears struggling to come out but Veer had learnt to suppress them. Veer was not ready to forgive himself. He thought that it was his mistake. Sanchi tried to make him understand about the situation. She assured him that she was okay and Kabir had saved her. Veer was not ready to listen anything. He just thought that he could fail again if he will take up responsibility. His sensitivity was observed by Sanchi. She knew what was supposed to be done. She got up and ran to her room. She brought a ball of thread that she had purchased from a shop on her way to the mall after much of Arjun’s hesitance. She brought that ball and took out a long piece of thread from it. She held Veer’s hand and tied the thread on his hand.

S: this is a sacred thread that I am tying on your hand. Whenever you will be busy in your work, this thread will make you realize that you have Sanchi in your life. So you won’t fail the next time. Okay?

She was sounding stupid but that was the only option left out. Veer smiled at the innocent nature of Sanchi and gave up. He just hugged her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Their moment was interrupted by Arjun.

A: angel this is not fair. Where is my sacred thread? Do I have to hurt myself for that thread? Sanchi just laughed and pulled Arjun besides her. She tied the thread on his hand and they three hugged each other tightly. Sanchi winced as her wounds pained her. Veer and Arjun let go quickly and started to bombard her with questions. Sanchi just shook her head and said in a loud voice.

S: guys, I’m hungry.

The trio burst out laughing and headed towards the dining hall.
Few days passed… Sanchi was reviving from the shock. She was never left alone. All her wounds were healed but her soul hurt her a lot. Veer and Arjun would accompany her everywhere. They would stay with her in her room at night as Sanchi would have nightmares. Mrs.Webber, Rishub and Abhay were not in the house so Sanchi decided not to tell anything regarding the incident to them. She did not want them to worry unnecessarily. She had taken up the responsibility of the household for the time Mrs.Webber was away. She was fond of cooking and thus she made delicious dishes every day. All praised her cooking skills but Kabir never did. She was disappointed but then thought Kabir to be a typical khadoos who could not appreciate other’s work. Being a Mafia King, appreciation was far away from him.

All the time she would venture around the enormous house and discover new things. She found that they had temple in the house. She was surprised to find a temple in a gangster’s house. She used to spend most of the mornings in the temple praying for the wellbeing of every one and missing her besties a lot. She also came across a huge room full of books. She was fascinated by it. There were all sorts of books in the so called library. She found her time to read those books. It was not at all like kidnapping. She was allowed to roam in the premises of the house and explore the house. No one ever stopped her from going somewhere. It was like she was a part of this house from her birth. She was attached to all of them and now she did not want to let go off all the relations she had found in this ‘devil world’.

One day she was having her lunch with Arjun. They were talking about random things when they heard noises from the hall. They went there at once and Sanchi was shocked to see a lady, older than her, standing at the entrance and calling out every one’s names. Arjun ran to her with joy and hugged her.

A: oh my god! Priya di I missed you so much.

The lady hugged him back and said in an affectionate voice.

P: I missed you too my joker. Sanchi was astonished to see her bonding with Arjun and Veer came from the entrance with three bags in his hands.

V: this is not fair di. You made me hold all these heavy bags. Look my hands are paining. He said in a childish tone as if complaining.

P: you deserve this. You came late to pick me up dumbo.

Sanchi burst out laughing on hearing Veer’s pet name: dumbo. Priya’s attention was drawn towards Sanchi. She went near her and held her hand.

P: I knew Kabir would find his life partner. I am so glad to see her. You are so beautiful. What is your name?

Sanchi was speechless as she heard Priya’s words. She and Kabir, well that was a near impossible case. She just stared at Veer and Arjun who were smirking.

S: no no. You misunderstood me. I’m Sanchi. I’m not his life partner.

P: then who are you? What are you doing here? You cannot be related to Veer or Arjun as they would have told me before. Then why are you staying here?

Sanchi just looked down as all her memories of the past were coming back to her. Veer and Arjun intervened and told Priya everything about Sanchi and their deal. Priya was angry and speechless. She never thought that her brothers would do something like this. She just went to Sanchi and cupped her face in her hands. She wiped out the tears and spoke in a low voice.

P: I’m sorry Sanchi. Sanchi just hugged Priya. Priya caressed Sanchi’s hairs and then broke the hug.

P: I’m Priya. I am Kabir’s sister. Real sister and these two are also like my brother. This Arjun is the joker and Veer is the dumbo. Sanchi giggled at their names. She just thought Priya to be a good hearted person. Priya was angry on Arjun and Veer. She had decided not to talk with them. She ignored them and went away to her room which was near Sanchi’s. Veer and Arjun turned towards Sanchi and made puppy faces. They requested Sanchi to talk to Priya di. Sanchi just smiled at them and turned to leave. She straight away went to Priya’s room and saw her unpacking her luggage. She started helping her and conversing with her.

S: so Priya di where have you been?

P: I went to Paris to sign the deal.

S: deal?

P: yes. I handle the fashion business and hence I went to Paris for a deal.

S: I actually wanted to …..

P: please Sanchi now don’t defend them. They were wrong.

S: yes I totally agree that they were wrong but they did the right thing for me unknowingly.

Priya stared at her in confusion. Sanchi narrated Priya her life in her father’s house and here in this house. She told her about the good changes that happened in her life. That she was happy with this life.

S: please di. I am very happy here. I got new relations here. Please don’t punish them. They love you di. They cannot bare your rude behavior. Priya just stared at Sanchi and pulled her in a tight embrace. She spoke without breaking the hug.

P: you are just like Meena. Okay I will forgive them but just this time. Sanchi smiled and they continued their work.

Sanchi and Priya developed a great bond in just few days. They were like real sisters. They could understand each other through their emotions. They could read each other’s eyes. Priya had helped Sanchi to recover from the incident with Sid. She had appointed Sanchi to deal with the software business. Sanchi was a software engineer and only Priya knew that. Sanchi and Priya together were taking care of the house and the business. It was new beginning for Sanchi.
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