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The day when it rained – Part 8

hey friends. This is the 8th part of my fan fiction. hope you all will like it.
The phone was ringing like has no plan to stop.
Me: huh??
“Hello Naina??”
Me: Sameer???
Sameer: are you ok?
Me: yaa. Why?
Sameer: Then why don’t you reply to my messages??

Me: er.. I was sleeping…??
Sameer: oh..I am sorry.
Me: huh??
Sameer: I messaged you, but don’t get reply so I just checked if you are fine.
Me: oh… Yaaa. I am.. I am fine. Just sleepy.
Sameer: ok. I will hang up. Have a nice sleep.
Me: hey… Wait..

Sameer: why?
Me: do you have anything to do now?
Sameer: nothing important. Why?
Me: I don’t think I can sleep now. Can we talk for some time? Shefali has to her home so, I am room..
Sameer: oh!!!! Are you afraid of ghosts!!! (Laughs)
Me: kind of…..
Sameer: don’t be, they don’t do anything to you. They will just have watched you from above the fan and from the window near you…
Me: Sameer!!!!!
Sameer: (laughing)
Me: Don’t try to frighten me ok?????
Sameer: (laughing) I won’t.

I keep quiet for some time.
Sameer: Naina????
I don’t reply.
Sameer: Naina. I am sorry.. There are no such things as ghosts. You know they don’t exist. Don’t worry…
Me: hmm..
Sameer: don’t be afraid, trust me, I am with you. Ok???
Me: ok….
We both were silent for some time. There was a slight tension in the air. Sameer try to change the topic.
Sameer: so what’s your tomorrow’s program?
Me: have to go to town. Preeti told there is a place where we can get used books. So I am going to check out that.
Sameer: oh… Are you going alone?
Me: no. Preeti will wait for me in city.

Sameer: no friends from hostel?
Me: no….. Why?
Sameer: nothing just asked.
Me: what’s your plan tomorrow?
Sameer: me… There is an important match tomorrow. So we boys are planning to watch it..
Me: on TV??
Sameer: yaa. On TV…
Me: ok…
Sameer: ok.. Now go to sleep.. Good night.
Me: ok. Good night.

Next day morning I left from hostel. Preeti was waiting for me at the bus station. We took an auto from there and went to the book stalls.
Preeti: Naina, are you staying till evening?
Me: I don’t think we will need that much time. Why?
Preeti: we can plan for a movie then what you say?
Me: no yaar. I think it’s better if I reach hostel early.
Preeti: even Shefali has gone home and you will be alone, na..

Me: Ya, but we can plan some other day when Swati will also be free ok?
Preeti: Pakka??
Me: Pakka..
Preeti take me the book stores. They had a wide range of books all used copy, they even have old magazines. It is pretty much a book lover’s paradise. We nearly spend two hours there.
Preeti: Yaar. I am starving can we have something. Then you can go back to hostel.
Me: that’s a good plan.
Preeti: there is a nice sandwich place near here, let’s go there. Ok?
Me: Ok.
That’s when I got a call from Sameer.
Me: Hey..!
Sameer: is that how you answer your phone?

Me: mm I mean hello?
Sameer: (chuckles) hello..
Me: so..
Sameer: how is book hunt going?
Me: It’s over. Now we are going to this sandwich place.
Sameer: so you don’t have any afternoon plans?
Me: no.. I am coming to hostel. I don’t want to be late.
Sameer: Ok then.
Me: how is your match going?
Sameer: Match is great; I think we are winning…
Me: I think that’s good.

Sameer: yaa. Ok then. Bye.
Me: bye..
We left to the sandwich place. The place was really nice, with lot of hanging lights and walls filled with graffiti. We have finished giving our orders, and a voice startled me. A voice that is familiar still different….
“Hey Naina!”

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