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SwaSan OS: Love is- Together, even after death

Hey guys, back with another OS, I hope you all like it… enjoy reading.

A lady in her early 20s was standing in the kitchen and doing some work. Just then a man, dressed in a blue tuxedo and was in his mid-20s, enters the kitchen and picks up the lady happily in his arms, making the lady gasp in shock.

Man: Swara! Swara! Swara! I am so happy swara!

Swara hugged him tightly as her husband was twirling her fastly.

Swara (little scared): Ahh! Sanskar! I am feeling dizzy!

Sanskar puts her down and held her shoulders, “I..I am so sorry shona.”

Swara: Tch! Leave all that, you tell me what happened? Did you get that contract?

Sanskar smiles widely and hugs her, “yes shona, I got the contract. Finally, I will be able to complete my dream. I am so happy.”

Saying he placed a kiss on her bare shoulder as she was wearing a red off-shoulder top.

Sanskar whispers in her ears, “You are my lucky charm shona. Since you came in my life, in our house… my business is expanding more and more. I love you princess.”

Swara smiles and replies, “I love you too sanskar. (breaks the hug) I knew that my husband will win the contract for sure. So I made your most favorite dessert, kheer.”

Saying this she forwards a bowl of kheer to him. Sanskar took the bowl from her and kept in on the slab making her confused.

Sanskar: No my dear wifey. Kheer is my second favorite.

Swara (pouts sadly): Then what is your most favorite?

Sanskar pulls swara by her waist and smashes his lips on hers. Swara widens her eyes due to the sudden kiss.  She closed her and started responding to him with same passion and love. Swara wraps her hands around his neck. Sanskar moved his hand inside her top and started caressing her bare waist. Swara gasps as she feels his cold hand caressing her petite waist. After few minutes, they broke the kiss while panting heavily. Swara looks down with a flushed face.

Sanskar smiles teasingly. He moves his hand sensuously from her neck till her bare shoulders. He slides down her top a little more.

Swara shyly puts her hand on his and says, “Sanskar what are you doing?”

Sanskar (huskily): Doing romance with my wife. By the way, you are looking hot in this off- shoulder top.

Saying this he slides the sleeves down further. Swara pushes him away and replies shyly, “Mr. Maheshwari, you are seriously very shameless. (sets her top properly)

Sanskar: Only for you my princess. And get ready fast as we are going to have dinner outside at your favorite restaurant.

Swara smiles widely and replies, “Really sanskar!”

Sanskar: Yes, now let’s go and get ready.

Swara nods in a yes and ran away to the room making sanskar admire her cute antics. She is very happy and excited, to spend time with him. She would be as he was very busy since last 1 month and they couldn’t spend any quality time with each other. Swara understood him and didn’t disturb him but he knows that she craved for him. And finally, today he decided that he compensate everything today.

He went upstairs, to their room. As he entered the room, he was awestruck seeing the angel in front of him. He opened his mouth in shock. Swara was standing in front of the mirror in a cream net saree with floral designs on it. She was a shoulderless blouse, revealing her beautiful collarbone and the mole on her collarbone, increased the beauty of it.

 She was a shoulderless blouse, revealing her beautiful collarbone and the mole on her collarbone, increased the beauty of it

He took steady steps towards her. Swara’s gaze went to sanskar, as she heard his footsteps. She was looking at through the mirror and her intense burning gaze made her cheeks go crimson red. She understood one thing today, he is not going to leave her tonight. She blushes more. Sanskar stood behind her and wrapped his hands around her bare belly. Swara closed her eyes.

Sanskar (huskily): You are looking so beautiful today.

Saying this he turned her around. He kissed her eyes lovingly.

Sanskar: Open your eyes shona. I want to see the love that you hold for me.

Swara slowly opens her big doe eyes and looks at sanskar lovingly. Sanskar gazes swara from bottom to top. He smiled seeing her in off shoulder blouse. He just loves to see in off shoulder tops or dresses. He finds her more cute and beautiful when she wears off-shoulders. This is the reason, most of her tops and dresses are off-shoulder. But for the first time, he is seeing her in off-shoulder blouse.

Sanskar: You are wearing an off-shoulder blouse, I am impressed Mrs. Maheshwari.

Swara shyly keeps her head on his left chest and replies, “Because you love it when I wear off-shoulder.”

Sanskar wraps his hands around her waist and says, “So you wore it for me.”

Swara nuzzles her face in his chest smelling his manly scent, “Yes”

Sanskar: If I say that I would love to see you in short clothes, then will you wear it.

Swara: yes

Sanskar: If, one day I lost all this money and property and I would have to beg on roads then.

Swara: Then I will beg on the road with you sanskar. If I have to die for you then I will happily…

And before she could complete her sentence, sanskar angrily pinned her to nearest wall harshly and started kissing her angrily. Swara was totally shocked by his sudden kiss. She realizes what she blurted out. She closes her eyes and starts rubbing his back. She clutched his shirt in her fist as he bit her lip harshly. After few minutes, he broke the kiss and looked at her angrily with tears in his eyes.

Sanskar: How dare you talk about death? Do you know how much mad I become if I see a scratch on your body?

Swara immediately hugs him and replies emotionally, “I am sorry sanskar. It was just a slip of my tongue. I am really very sorry sanskar. Please (chokes) calm down.”

Sanskar breaks the hug and cups her face, “Swara, Jaan ho tum meri (you are my life) And if anything happens to you then I will become mad. I will also die…

Swara puts her hand on his mouth and says, “Sanskar, please. Don’t say that. I.. I…(hugs him tightly) am sorry for saying all that.”

Sanskar hugs her more tightly, showering his love, care. His whole life depends on her. He can’t afford to lose her. He lost his parents a year ago in a car crash. Swara’s mother also died in that same crash. After few minutes, they broke the hug.

Swara wipes the tears from the corner of his eyes. She keeps her feet on his feet and kisses his forehead lovingly making sanskar smiles.  And before she could keep her feet back on the ground, sanskar held her waist and smashes his lips again on hers and started kissing her softly, soothing her pain which he just gave. He broke the kiss and caressed her lips with his thumb.

Sanskar: I am sorry

Swara smiles at him lovingly and says, “It’s okay. We should go now.”

Sanskar nods and both of them went to swara’s favorite restaurant. They spent quality time with each other, feeding each other and teasing each other. Few hours passed and swasan reach their mansion, giggling and teasing each other.

Swara was standing in front of the mirror, taking out her jewelry. Sanskar, who just came after parking the car, was standing leaning on the door and looking at her with desire. He walked towards her and back hugged her tightly, smelling her beautiful scent. Swara smiles shyly and turns around. Sanskar caresses her cheeks romantically, sending shivers through her body.

Swara puts her hand on his waist and sanskar starts laughing loudly as swara started tickling him. Swara giggles seeing him laughing loudly. She pushed him and ran towards the bathroom.

Sanskar: I will not leave you swara

Saying this he ran behind her. Swara was going to close the door but sanskar put his feet, preventing her to close the door. Swara tried her best to close the door but sanskar was stronger than her. He pushed the door. Swara started moving backward.

Sanskar (smirking naughtily): Now where will you go?

Swara kept stepping backward with a shy smile on her lips. By mistake, her hand hit the shower knob and water started flowing on them. Sanskar pinned her to the wall and looked at her intensely. Both of them were fully wet. Swara’s saree was fully sticking to her body revealing her beautiful curves. Her belly was clearly visible due to her net saree.

Sanskar kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks. He then leaned towards her lips and started kissing her. His one hand was fingering her hair and other was caressing her bare waist. Whereas, swara’s one hand was caressing his hair and another one was on his shoulder. As the kiss was deepening, swara moved her hands to his shirt buttons and she started opening the buttons of his shirt and caressed his bare chest, making him groan in pleasure.

Sanskar moved his hand to her bare shoulder and unpinned her saree pallu. Swara broke the kiss as she realizes her saree pallu being open. She shyly looked down and crossed her hand across her chest.

Sanskar smiles and picks her up in his arms. Swara hid her face in his bare chest. Sanskar softly put her on the bed as if she is made of glass. He came upon her and caressed her hair lovingly. He kissed her forehead lovingly. He dug his face into her neck and started kissing and biting her making her moan in pleasure. He trailed wet kissed from her neck to her bare shoulder.

He traced his finger sensuously from her forehead, nose, lips, neck till her cleavage and before he could touch her br*ast, she put her hand on his. He smiled teasingly and bent down.

He bit her cheeks and whispered huskily in her ears, “There is no point of it as I have already seen them.”

Swara hid her face in his chest shyly making sanskar chuckle. Sanskar moves down and kisses her bare stomach whereas swara brushed his hair, pulling him more into her. Sanskar went more down and kissed her beautiful feet. He took the blanket and covered themselves. The whole night, the room was filled with groans and moans of pleasure and pain.

One week passed, and the love between swara and sanskar kept increasing. They were even known as the heavenly and the hottest couple of the town. Everything was going well. Swara would wake up sanskar in the morning, who shows many tantrums and ends up getting a kiss from swara. Then they would do breakfast together and sanskar would go away to the office.

Swara would get ready, make sanskar’s favorite food and go to his office with his lunch. Then they would have their lunch together in sanskar’s cabin. In the evening, sanskar would come back home, have coffee with swara. They would either watch movies, go for a long drive and would sit in the garden in each other’s embrace. This was their life full of love, romance, teasings, and happiness.

But swara has been feeling nauseous since last few days. She would feel dizzy and vomit almost every day. One day, swara was in her room, setting their wardrobe. But she again felt dizzy but was able to stabilize herself.

Swara (holding her head): Oh god! What is happening? I have been feeling dizzy and getting vomiting sensations since last few days. (something strikes in her mind) Vomiting, dizziness. These are the clear symptoms of pregnancy. (Swara looks down and keeps her hand on her tummy and caresses it softly) Am I pregnant?

Swara smiles widely thinking about their child. Sanskar would shout out to the whole world, once he gets to know about her pregnancy.

Swara: No no! Before telling to sanskar, I should confirm it once. If I will tell him first and then go to the doctor and get negative results. He will get sad. I think should I confirm it once.

Saying this swara immediately booked the earliest appointment with the doctor and went to the hospital. She told the doctor about her dizziness and vomiting sensations.

Dr: Hmm… Mrs. Maheshwari, these are one of the symptoms of pregnancy. But we can’t be sure yet so I will do some tests and the reports will be ready by tomorrow.

Swara: OK doctor, thank you

The doctor took some tests and swara went back to the mansion. Soon sanskar also came and then they had their dinner together.


Sanskar was sitting on the swing whereas swara was on his lap. Both of them were gazing at the twinkling stars. Swara snuggled more into him and gazes at sanskar.

Swara (monologue): I just hope that the reports are positive. My sanskar will be the happiest person when he will get this news.

Swara snuggles more and more into him. Sanskar looks down at her caresses her hair.

Sanskar: What happened to my princess today. She is cuddling a lot.

Swara (nuzzles her face in his chest): Sanskar, I just love being in your arms. I feel the most protective here only. Whenever I am in your arms, I love snuggling and cuddling with you.

Sanskar smiles widely and hugs her tightly, giving more warmth.

Swara whispers: I love you sanskar

Sanskar: I love you too swara.

Saying this he picked her in his arms and went to their bedroom. Then they slept in each other’s embrace, cuddling. The next day, after sending sanskar off to his office, swara went to the hospital to collect the reports.

Swara was sitting in doctor’s cabin while fiddling with her fingers nervously. The doctor and sat in front of her with reports in her hand.

Swara immediately questioned the doctor, “Doctor, is it positive or negative?”

The doctor replied back with a pale face, “I am sorry Mrs. Maheshwari, but it is negative.”

Swara with a sad face, “Oh! ok… but why was I feeling dizzy and getting vomits from last few days?”

The doctor took a deep sigh and said, “Mrs. Maheshwari, the news I am going to tell you is a bad news.”

Swara (little worried): Wh..what doctor? What happened to me?

Doctor: Mrs. Maheshwari, you are at last stage of cancer.

This was like a bomb dropped on swara. Tears automatically made their way from her eyes to her cheeks.

Swara (stammering): Wh…wh…what! Can…cancer

Doctor: Yes Mrs. Maheshwari and we need to start your treatment as soon as possible otherwise it could lead to… your…. death. Umm… here is your report and please inform us as soon as possible about when you want us to start your treatment. I am currently prescribing some medicines. Never forget to take them.

Saying this the doctor prescribed swara some medicines and gave her reports. Swara was totally lifeless by now. Not because she was going to die soon but because she was worried for sanskar. 

How will he live without her? 

Swara manages to reply the doctor, “Thank you, doctor.”

Saying this she went back to the mansion. Swara walks into her room lifelessly with reports in her hand. She closed the door and slid down, sitting on the floor with a thud. She looks at sanskar’s picture, which was hanging on the wall. He was looking so happy in that picture. She burst out of crying while looking at his picture.

She remembers how they met the first time when he and his family came to her house with a marriage proposal of them. She clearly remembers how he was looking at with a smile, trying to make her feel comfortable.

She remembers all their moments before and after their engagement. Then how he proposed her in their sangeet function in front of everyone. She clearly remembers each and every word of his.

Swara! I am not a cheesy type of person and neither I am good at all of these things. I just want to say that your innocence, simplicity, and love towards your and my family something I adore you for. I don’t when how this heartless business tycoon, Sanskar Maheshwari fell in love with you. I LOVE YOU SWARA AND I AM REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE THE BEST GIRL IN MY LIFE.

Swara smiles widely and replies back shyly, “I love you too sanskar.”

She then remembers all their moments after their marriage. And then how he was very vulnerable when his parents and her mother died in the accident. She had to compose herself first and then console sanskar. She then remembers the recent incident when she talked about death

Sanskar breaks the hug and cups her face, “Swara, Jaan ho tum meri (you are my life) And if anything happens to you then I will become mad. I will also die…”

Swara wipes her tears and says, “No.. no, I should not tell about this to sanskar. He will be shattered. I..I can’t see him crying every day for me. No, I should do something which make him move on in his life. I can’t ruin his life due to me. I have to do something. (looks at sanskar’s photo frame)  I am sorry sanskar. But I have to do this, for your betterment.”

Saying this she put the report in a drawer and locked it so that sanskar cannot find it. She then goes into the bathroom and washes her face several times. She immediately comes out as she heard car ‘honking’

Swara (monologue): Sanskar came so early. Did the doctor tell everything to sanskar?

Saying this she immediately went to the hall and opened the main door. She saw sanskar coming but there were no tears or dullness on his face. She took a sigh of relief. Thank god! She plastered a fake smile.

Swara: Sanskar, what happened? You came so early today.

Sanskar comes and hugs her, “Actually, today my wife forgot to bring lunch for me so I thought why not go back to home and have my lunch.”

Swara closes her eyes tightly as she forgot about his lunch due her being drowned in her own miseries.

Swara (breaking the hug): I… I am so sorry sanskar. I… was actually busy so..

Sanskar put his finger on her lips and said, “It’s okay. I don’t need any explanation. I understood that you must be busy.”

Swara: I will just go and make lunch for us.

Saying this she was about to go but sanskar held her hand and called her, “Swara”

Swara turned around and looked at him.

Sanskar: What happened? You look pretty dull. And your eyes are also puffy and little red. Did you cry?

Swara (gulping her saliva): Woh…woh! Sanskar, actually… han, I was watching an emotional movie so I got very emotional.

Sanskar shakes his head in disbelief. Sanskar believed her words as swara normally cries whenever they see an emotional movie. This is the reason he prohibited her to watch any emotional movie.

Sanskar (hugging her again): Awww! (kisses her scalp) Swara, you know that whatever is shown in movies is not real. And how many times do I have to tell you… not to watch those stupid movies. (he broke the hug and caresses her puffy eyes) See, what they have done to your beautiful big doe eyes.

Swara: Ok baba, I won’t… happy. Now go and get freshen up. Till then I will make lunch for you.

Sanskar: ok.

Saying this he goes away to the room. Swara enters the kitchen a tear rolls down her cheek. She quickly wipes it. She has to make him hate her. She starts to prepare lunch for them. After few about 30 minutes, swara prepared lunch and went to the dining table to serve. She started serving the food to sanskar.

Sanskar made faces seeing gobi sabzi, “Swara, you said you will make my favorite paneer but you made gobi. You know that I don’t like it”

Swara: Oh! I am sorry sanskar. I actually forgot about it. I am really sorry.

Sanskar pulls her and she lands in his lap, “It’s okay my princess. I can eat anything you make.”

Saying this he kissed her cheek. Swara starts wriggling in his grip.

Swara: Sanskar, please let me go.

Sanskar (smirking): And you think I will let you go.

Swara replies back with little stern voice, “Sanskar please.”

Sanskar was little hurt from her this behavior as swara never talked to him in this tone. But then he thought that she might still be upset due to the movie so he shrugged off the feeling.

Sanskar: Cool down my wildcat.

Saying this loosened his grip on her and swara immediately stood up.

Swara: Umm…sanskar, I actually already had my lunch so you eat your lunch. I am going to room as I have some work.

Before sanskar could say something, she went away to their room. Sanskar’s heart bled as swara was ignoring him. He was confused and hurt seeing her behavior. She never ate a morsel without him, they always have their food together but today she had her lunch without him.

Maybe she was feeling hungry so she had her lunch and is still upset due to that stupid emotional movie!

Like this sanskar consoled himself. He then looked at the plate and took a sigh. He has got habituated of eating with her, getting fed by her. But today, he has to eat alone. He took the plate and went outside the mansion. He called the watchman and gave the plate to him.

Sanskar: Give this to a needy person.

The watchman nods and took the plate.


Swara was sitting on the bed and thinking something deeply.

I have to do something soon!

Her trance was broken by a phone call. She looked at the caller ID ‘Vishesh’, her childhood best friend.  Swara remembers she met him in the mall when she and sanskar were shopping. Sanskar very jealous seeing a man so close to his wife. A faint smile appears on her face.

(You guys can imagine Naman Shaw as Vishesh)

Swara (monologue): Now vishesh has to help me.

Saying this received the call.

Swara: Hello vishesh, how are you?

Vishesh: I am good swara, you tell how are you how’s your hubby?

Swara: We both are good! Vishesh, I have to tell you something really very important.

Vishesh: Yes, tell me.

Swara: First you have to promise me that you will not shout at me and you will do whatever I will tell you.

Vishesh: Why do I feel that there is something big cooking in your mind.

Swara (nearly choking): Please vishesh!

Vishesh: ok ok, don’t cry, I promise you… now tell me.

Swara (tears rolling down her cheeks): Vishesh, today I went to the doctor and… (swara tells vishesh everything including her plan to make sanskar hate her)

Vishesh (shouts at her): Are you mad swara? Do have any idea that what you are doing? Damn! you are hurting sanskar and hiding such a big thing from him. Swara , do you even know that cancer is such a big disease and you haven’t told this to sanskar. He loves you like anything swara.

Swara (crying): This is the reason, I am doing this vishesh. Because he loves me like anything. He will be broken vishesh. Please vishesh, help me! You have promised me that you will do whatever I will say.

Vishesh takes a deep sigh and says, “Swara, I advice to tell everything to sanskar.”

Swara (sniffing): Please vishesh… please.

Vishesh: ok… ok, I will help you but swara, you are doing wrong.

Swara: I know but I have to do it. Bye vishesh and thank you.

Vishesh: Bye

Swara cuts the call and wipes her tears. At the same time, sanskar also came into the room.

Swara: Sanskar, did you have your lunch.

Sanskar: Yes.

Saying this he sat beside swara and held her hand, “Shona! are you sure that you are not hiding anything from me.”

Swara: Tch! Yes sanskar, I am not.

Sanskar cups her face and kissed her forehead lovingly.

Swara: Acha now you go to the office.

Sanskar: hmm

Saying this he stood up and goes back to the office but before giving a last glance to swara. Sanskar could sense her sadness, her behavior.

Like this, the day passed and swara spent her whole day in the room. In the evening, she went to the hall and was waiting for sanskar to come. As soon as she heard the sound of car door opening and closing. Swara immediately took her phone and pretended as if talking to someone.

Swara (pretending to be happy): Hahaha! Vishesh, do you remember that night when we went to have chaat without our parent’s permission. But our parents got to know the next day and what scoldings they gave us.

Swara looks towards the door with the corner of her eyes and sees sanskar coming inside the house.

Swara: Vishesh! you are such a flirt. listen, sanskar will be coming any time now… so bye.

Swara turned around and pretended to be surprised seeing sanskar, “Sanskar! When did you come?”

Sanskar smiles fakely and replies, “Just now when you were busy in talking.”

Swara: ok, you go and get fresh till then I will make coffee for you.

Sanskar (confusingly): Only for me!

Swara: Yes, woh! I am feeling like drinking coffee so…

Sanskar: It’s okay, do one thing don’t make for me also. As I don’t feel like drinking it. I am going to study room.”

Swara: ok

Saying this sanskar goes away. His eyes were getting moist as for the first time, swara didn’t open the main door. As normally, swara would open the door for him, before he knocks. She would hug him tightly and would have already snacks and coffee.

Swara (monologue): I am sorry sanskar. Please forgive your shona.

Like this days passed, swara was dying every moment due to the disease but also due to hurting her sanskar. Even in her dreams, she would never hurt him but now she has to, for his betterment. Even sanskar’s condition was not less, he was breaking day by due to swara behavior. She has stopped coming to the office for lunch. She has stopped drinking coffee with him in evening. He would always find her talking to vishesh on phone. But he didn’t say anything because he can feel her sadness. He asked many times that if something is bothering her, but swara always changed the topic

One day, when sanskar back from office. He was shocked seeing the scene in front of him. He was seeing swara and vishesh dancing closely with a smile on their faces. He gulped down his unshed tears seeing them dancing closely. He was, yet again hurt.

Sanskar: Swara!

Swara and vishesh pretended to come back to their senses and looked at sanskar.

Swara: Arrey, sanskar. You came!

Sanskar smiles fakely and says, “Yes (to vishesh) Hi vishesh.

Vishesh: Hi sanskar.

Swara: Actually sanskar, we were just recreating our college days when we often used to couple dance in college parties. Umm…. you both sit and talk till then I will bring snacks for both of you.

Vishesh and sanskar at on the couch whereas swara went to the kitchen.

Vishesh: So sanskar, how’s everything going?

Sanskar: Yup, good.

Vishesh (monologue): I think this is a good time to tell sanskar about swara’s illness. I have promised swara that I will help her but I didn’t give any promise that I will not tell sanskar.

Vishesh: Ummm…sanskar I have to tell you something important (sanskar looks at vishesh confusingly) Actually swara has…

But before she could say anything, swara interrupted.

Swara: Vishesh, sanskar!

Both of them look towards swara, who was coming with a tray in her hand. Vishesh closes his eyes due to the frustration of unable to tell sanskar.

Swara hands the cup of tea to sanskar and vishesh.

Swara: I am sorry sanskar, actually vishesh loves tea so I made tea only.

Sanskar: It… it’s okay swara.

Sanskar looks at swara and vishesh who were talking, teasing each other and giggling. His eyes got glassy seeing swara’s ignorance towards him. If swara has to make tea for guests, she always makes coffee for sanskar too. But today she handed him the tea. He drinks a sip and keeps looking at them. Now he had enough. He starts feeling suffocated due to her ignorance. He can bear her scoldings, beatings, anger but not her ignorance and hatred. He keeps the tea on the table.

Sanskar: Swara, I have to make an important call.

Saying this he goes away to the room. Whereas swara kept looking at his retreating figure with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. She gazes at the cup of tea on the table. She took the cup (from which sanskar took a sip of tea) and started drinking the tea with closed eyes.

Vishesh looks at swara disbelievingly, “Swara, you still have time. Please tell everything to sanskar.”

Swara keeps the cup on the table, “No Vishesh.”

Vishesh takes a deep sigh seeing her stubbornness. She is very adamant to not to tell sanskar. Whereas sanskar, who just entered the room, went straight into the washroom and splashed water on his face several times.

Sanskar: What do you think shona, that you will get succeeded in your plan. I don’t know why you are doing this but I know that there is something which you are hiding from me. You spending more time with vishesh so that I start doubting you and eventually hate you. But this will never happen shona. I can never doubt you and your character.

Sanskar wiped his face and came back into the room. He heard swara’s phone ringing. Sanskar took the phone and was going to call swdara but stopped in the middle as he saw ‘doctor’ calling.

Sanskar: Doctor (gets little worried) Why is the doctor calling swara? Is swara alright?

Sanskar picked the call.

Doctor: Hello Mrs. Maheshwari, I just called you to inform that tomorrow morning is your appointment with the cancer specialist. And from tomorrow chemotherapy will start. see you tomorrow, bye.

Saying this the doctor cut the call. The phone slipped down from his hand while fresh tears formed in his eyes. He was numb, shocked. He felt as if someone snatched his soul. His swara has cancer. His body starts shivering as he thinks about leaving without swara.

No! he can’t live without her. She is his everything. His soul, his heartbeat, his life. He can’t let anything happen to her.

He was hurt at the same as swara didn’t tell him. Now he understood the reason behind her changed behavior. He went downstairs where he saw vishesh asking swara to tell everything to sanskar. He was shocked again as even vishesh knows about her illness but he is the only one who has no idea about it.

Vishesh: Swara, why can’t you understand. You are on stage 4 of cancer and sanskar has the right to know about it.

Swara (shakes her head in a no): No Vishesh! Please don’t force me. I can’t tell this to sanskar. I can’t!

Just then they heard a voice, “WHY?

Swara widened her eyes as recognizes the voice very well. It was none other than of her sanskar who was standing near the stairs and looking at swara with a hurt expression. Swara slowly turned around. When she looked into his eyes, she could see hurt, pain, worried and fear…. fear of losing her and living without her.

Swara: S..A..N..S..K..A..R!!!

Vishesh: Swara, I am going home. Bye

Saying this he goes away leaving them. Sanskar came down and stood in front of her.

Sanskar (hurt voice and teary eyes): Who else knows about this swara? (Smiles painfully) your best friend knows about your illness but the person who loves you the most like anything doesn’t know anything. He has no idea about what’s going with his wife.

Swara (trying to cup his cheek): No sanskar!

Sanskar steps back, “Don’t you trust me enough to tell me swara?”

Swara finally breaks down in front of him taking out all her pain that she’s been carrying, “No Sanskar, it’s nothing like that. I didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid… I was afraid that you will break down. I was afraid that if you might not move on your life. I am sorry sanskar! I am sorry! Please don’t talk like this. I trust you the most in this world sanskar! I trust you blindly.”

Saying this swara sat on the floor with a thud and cries vigorously. Sanskar immediately sat down on the floor and hugged her tightly. Both of them were afraid. Sanskar was afraid to lose her whereas swara was afraid that sanskar will ruin his life and will not move on if she will die. Swara’s body started shivering due to excessive crying.

Sanskar immediately broke the hug and cupped her face, “Shhh…shona…calm down. I..I ..I will not let anything happen to you. Whether you call it my love or selfishness but I will not let you go far from me. will live swara. You will live. Your sanskar will not let you from him.”

Swara closed her eyes tightly as if she knew that he will say this if he will get to know about her illness. Sanskar picked swara in his arms and went to their bedroom. He put her on the bed softly and kissed her forehead.

Sanskar: I will talk to your doctor regarding your treatment.

Saying this he took the phone, went to the balcony and started talking to swara’s doctor who was treating swara.

Swara (monologue): Hey durga ma! Now sanskar got to know about my illness. He is having so many hopes but he needs to understand that… I will die soon. This is the thing I was afraid of. This is the reason I wasn’t telling sanskar about me having cancer. I am worried, what will happen after I will die. How will he live? Please durga ma, give my sanskar strength to bear everything… please, otherwise my soul will never be at peace.

After about half an hour, he came in the bedroom and sat in front of swara.

Sanskar: Swara, I have talked with your doctor. Tomorrow morning we will go to the hospital to meet the cancer specialist.

Swara: But sanskar, your office, your work.

Sanskar (emotionally): Swara, no work is more important than you.

Swara hugs sanskar tightly and starts sobbing. Sanskar blinks his eyes continuously to prevent tears to escape from his eyes.

Sanskar: Swara, from today… you will only rest. No work. I will be staying with you until the treatment is not completed. (breaks the hug) You take rest, I will go and make dinner for us.

Swara: No need sanskar, I will…

Sanskar (sternly): Swara! I said I will make the dinner.

Swara gives up and replies, “Ok”

Sanskar makes her lie on the bed and covers her with the comforter. Sanskar goes out of the room and into the kitchen. As soon as he reaches the kitchen, he breaks down. He sits on the floor and starts crying. He covers his mouth with his hand so that swara doesn’t hear his cries. He just can’t digest that his swara has cancer.

Why god? Why are you again snatching my happiness again? First, my parents were snatched from me whom I loved more than the god. But thankfully, my swara was there to handle me. She also lost her mother in that same crash but she stayed strong so that she can console me. We somehow came out of our miseries and started living our lives all over again. But now again… again you are snatching swara. You are not just snatching his swara, but my life, my happiness, my strength, my soul, my everything. I am afraid of living alone without my companion. No! I will not let you snatch my swara. I will do everything to keep her with me!

After about half an hour, he composed himself. He wiped his tears and started cooking dinner while sniffing. A pair of teary, red eyes were looking at sanskar’s break down. It was none other of swara, who came down to check on sanskar. She slowly went towards the room, without making any sound. When she reached the room, tears started rolling down her cheeks non-stop.

God, I will do anything to keep my sanskar happy. Please give me the strength to fight cancer so that I can live for my sanskar. Please god…please.

After about one hour, sanskar prepared the dinner. Sanskar fed swara her dinner and kept feeding himself in between. He then gave her medicines and they slept in each other’s embrace. Like this days passed, sanskar never sent to the office since then. His whole day passes in taking care of swara, taking her to the hospital for chemotherapy, making food at home.

One morning,

Swara was standing in front of the mirror. She was looking weak with a pale face. She was combing her hair but suddenly she went numb as she saw a bundle of hair in her hand. They were informed by the doctor that she will face hair loss as one of the side effects of chemotherapy. She was staring at her fallen hair, with teary eyes.

She loved her hair so much. Even Sanskar, loved her hair.

Sanskar came inside the room with a tray, “Shona, here is your… (he got speechless as he saw swara staring at her hair emotionally.)

He kept the tray on the table. He rushed to her, took the hair and threw them in the bin.

He cupped swara’s face and started consoling her, “Shona… they were just normal hair fall. calm down. Nothing will happen to your hair shona”

Swara (choking): Sanskar, I want to shave my head.

Sanskar was shocked listening to her decision. He knows how much she loves her hair.

Sanskar: What are you saying swara? Swara, see you don’t need to do it.

Swara (shouts while crying): Till when will you console me sanskar! You can’t deny the fact that my hair will keep falling off every day. (calms her self down) Please sanskar, it will break me every day. Please let me do it all at once.

Sanskar gives up and agrees with her, “Ok, I… I will call a barber to do it.”

Saying this sanskar called a barber with a heavy heart. In about half an hour, a barber was standing in the hall. Swara was sitting on a chair was totally numb. The barber started his work. Sanskar closed his eyes and went away from there as he does not have that much courage see it.  Sanskar entered the room and went to the washroom. He opened a drawer and took out a shaver. He looks at it with teary eyes.

Whereas in the hall, in about 5 minutes, swara’s head was shaved. The barber collected her hair in a plastic bag. He then gave it to her and went away. Swara looked at her hair and starts sobbing. She remembers a flashback…

Swara was standing in front of the mirror and getting ready. She tied her hair into a bun and turned around but dashed with sanskar who was standing behind her. Swara held his shoulders to balance herself.

Swara: Tch! Sanskar, what are you doing?

Sanskar: nothing Mrs. Maheshwari. 

Saying this he took untied her hair, making them free and fall till her waist.

Swara (little angrily): Sanskar! What have you done?

Sanskar smiles and kissed her cheeks, “You looks very beautiful in open hair so never tie them.”

Swara looks down shyly and sanskar looked at her with teasing smile.

Swara came out of her world when she felt a familiar touch on her shoulder. She turned around and was shocked seeing sanskar.

Swara (shouts): Sanskar! What have you done?

Sanskar (softly): I have done what you did.

Swara: Are you mad! Sanskar, I have shaved my head because I can’t see my hair falling off every day. But why did you shave your head? Everyone will tease you, make a joke of you.

Sanskar cups her face and replies, “I don’t care about the world. The only person I care about is you. Only you matter to me, no one else.”

Swara hugs him tightly and burst out of crying, “Why do you love me so much sanskar?”

Sanskar: I don’t know, I just do.

Few days passed, sanskar’s care increased as the doctor informed them that swara’s health is deteriorating. Sanskar didn’t believe the doctor, he believes his love. And swara was getting more stressed regarding sanskar. And after about 1 week, swara was rushed to the hospital as she lost her consciousness.

Sanskar sitting in front of the OT. He was praying to the god while murmuring, “please save my swara, please save my swara.”

After few hours the doctor came out. Sanskar rushed towards the doctor and started asking worriedly, “Doctor, ho…how is swara?”

The doctor looks down and replies, “I am sorry Mr.Maheshwari but your wife has very less time. She wishes to meet you one last time.”

Sanskar stumbled back in shock. He wasn’t able to believe that he as only a few minutes with his ladylove. He immediately rushed to the ward where he saw his fragile wife lying on the bed with machines surrounding her. His whole body was shivering.

Sanskar (with a broken voice yet lovingly): Shona

Swara slowly opened her eyes and looked at sanskar.

Swara: San…sanskar!

Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she got to know from the doctor that she doesn’t have that much time.

Sanskar immediately wipes her tears and says, “Shhh shona! Nothing will happen to you. Th…th..that doctor… was lying. He…he…he was lying. You will not go away from me.”

Swara: Please don’t make it difficult for me sanskar.

Sanskar (sternly): Shona! I said that nothing will happen to you then why areyou saying this? You have promised me to never leave my hand and you can’t break the promise shona!

Swara: Sorry sanskar, but I have to break this promise.

Sanskar: No! you can’t! I am your husband! I am ordering you that you will not go away from me.

Swara closed her eyes tightly as she hears his words. She opened them after few seconds and confessed, “I LOVE YOU SANSKAR!”

Sanskar: Shona, I know! And I love you too.

Swara: Please kiss me one last time.

Sanskar: Wh…what are you saying? Shona, nothing will happen to you.

Swara’s breath starts getting heavy, “ sans..k..a…r”

Sanskar cupped her face and kissed her forehead full of love, passion, and care. A smile appears on swara’s face and she closes her eyes and this forever

Sanskar (breaking the kiss): Nothing will happen to you shona

Sanskar sees her eyes closed. He starts tapping her cheeks

Sanskar: Swara! Shona! Swara, wake up shona. Please, don’t do such type of jokes with me. You know that I don’t like such type of jokes. Shona please, acha from now on I will not become a lazy bug in mornings. I will never tease you, I will listen to your every word. I will do whatever you will say. Shona! Please wake up, see I am alone. You know that I can’t live alone. I will take my vitamins on time. I swear. Please shona, wake up.

Sanskar hugs her tightly, “Please wake up shona… please wake up…”

When he doesn’t get any response, he gazes at her face without any emotion.

He then suddenly shouts her name “SWARA! SWARAAAA!” He starts crying vigorously while hugging swara’s petite body tightly.


We can see a man, with glasses resting on his nose and was wearing a black suit, taking a round of a building, where from each room, he can hear groups of children singing. As he passed a room where a group of youngsters was practicing, they saw him and started talking about him.

A girl of about 18 years saw him and whispered, “Yaar, was the founder of ‘Swara musical school’.

Boy: Yes Shanaya

Girl2: He looks so handsome at this age. Is he still single?

Boy2: No, he is a widower, whose wife died about 5years ago.

Shanaya: What are you saying arjun?

Arjun: Yes, I know him. He was a business partner of my father. My father told me that he and his wife used to love each other a lot. One day, his wife died due to cancer, since then he never smiles. He was unconscious for about 1 week as he couldn’t bear the death of his wife. He then sold his all property, except the mansion. He then started building ‘Swara musical school’ all around India and now around Asia too. He has also built many cancer hospitals, ‘Swara Cancer care’ where only cancer patients are treated and that too for free.

Shanaya: Oh my god, he loves his wife a lot. But is he going to remain like this forever

Arjun: Yes. He loved his wife a lot.

After taking rounds of the school, sanskar went back to the mansion. He entered the mansion, where he can still feel her presence, her aroma. He went to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee for himself.

He drank a sip and smiles faintly, “I am still unable to make coffee like you shona. Saying this he threw the coffee into the sink and went into the room.

The whole room was decorated with swara’s pictures, their pictures. Sanskar opened the wardrobe, took out one of her saree and sat on the bed. He smells the saree. He then took one of the pictures of swara.

Sanskar: Shona, how are you? Are you taking care of yourself? Shona! I have completed your dream of having a school which will teach music only. You only wanted one school, see I opened so many music schools for you. You also asked me to move on, see I have moved on. And yes, I will be coming soon. So be ready.

Saying this he kissed her photo lovingly.

Sanskar: I love you shona.


Every new channel was having one news only.

The head of the chain of school, ‘Swara musical school’ has recently passed away. His dead body was found in his mansion. His servant went to his room to wake him up but he wasn’t responding. He called the doctor and the doctor declared that he has passed away. And the biggest shock is that he was found hugging his wife, Swara Sanskar Maheshwari’s picture, and her saree. He was also having a slight smile on his lips. 

According to our information, he was the youngest business tycoon who sold his business after his wife died.

Above the world, in a beautiful place which was full of peace and happiness. A man, wearing white pant, white jacket, and a yellow shirt was walking around and looking for someone. A lady, in white saree, stood behind the man and tapped his shoulder. The man turned and he was revealed to be sanskar. Sanskar turned and saw his lady love, swara, looking evergreen beautiful in that white saree and her beautiful smile.

Sanskar smiles and hugs her tightly, “I told you that we will be meeting soon.”

Swara smiles and says, “I was waiting for you only.”

Sanskar broke the hug and kissed her forehead, “I love you shona”

Swara: I love you too sanskar

Their love was so strong that their togetherness was present even after their death.


For the first time, I wrote a story like this. I hope it was a good one.

Thank you

Signing off


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