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Swasan : Naughty pair by chaitu

Swasan always celebrate Valentine’s day in home only decorating surprises as arshi went out they get time to spend with each other
Swara came to sanskar room and saw him watching TV sitting on bed swara came and sat on his lap
Swara : happy Valentine’s day
Sanskar back hugged her tightly happy Valentine’s day to u too love he said nuzzling her neck
Sanskar saw swara Thinking something
Sanskar : what r u thinking princess
Swara : I’m not thinking I’m recalling the ingredients
Sanskar : confused for what
Swara : sanskar I want to prepare cake for Valentine’s day so i keenly saw dii preparing but I forgot the ingredients she made a sad pout
Sanskar seeing her face chuckled and sucked her pout
Sanskar : bus itni si baath OK chalo let’s prepare
Swara : how u know to prepare cake
Sanskar : ohh…swara I never taught that u will forget our first Valentine’s day madam last year I was the one who prepared our first Valentine cake bulgayi kya he made a fake angry face
Swara smiled sheepishly
Swara : I didn’t forget our first Valentine day but forgot that u prepared that cake  she pecked his lips sorry naa baba
Sanskar :  OK let’s go now
Swara : cutely piggy ride
Sanskar took her on her back and went downstairs
Swasan were in kitchen baking cake she was whisking the cream and he was back hugging her
Swara : sanskar check the sweetness
Sanskar dips her finger in the bowl and licks it
Sanskar : hmm…delicious he was still licking her finger
Swara smiles shyly after baking she was decorating it sanskar excused himself and went to his room after decorating the cake she went to her room and got ready and came to his room with the cake and spellbound to see the room decoration sanskar saw her and mesmerized seeing her waring saree he came and back hugged her

Sanskar : how is the surprise
Swara : beautiful how did you do in this much in less time
Sanskar : jaan you don’t know how much time you took to decorate the cake in that time I decorated our room swara smiled sheepishly sanskar rubs her nose
Sanskar : you are so cute kiddo
Swara : I’m not a kiddo Iam a big girl that much big kii I already have a boy friend
Sanskar smiled at her answer
Sanskar : yes you are a big beautiful se*y hot girl who is all mine
Swara : yes only yours my hot shameless boy
Sanskar : still you didn’t see my shameless swara trust me when you see it naa u will be so sore to hell he smiled naughtily  swara blushed but composed herself to stop his naughty talks
Swara : now let’s cut the cake she keeps it on a table spread with the rose petals he back hugging her cuts the cake she feeds him
Swara : how is it
Sanskar : Delicious
Sanskar about to feed her but she feeds him and kisses him tasting the cake sanskar was shocked because this is the first time she took bold initiave she was kissing him soundly he also kissed her back passionately while kissing they falls on bed sanskar on top of swara but still they didn’t break the kiss sanskar presses her waist swara moans in his mouth they were exploring each other mouth after like 20 minutes they broke the kiss panting heavily before catching her breath he started to kiss her neck swara moans he took the cake from the table and applies cream on her cheeks and licks and applies the cream on her neck and started to lick her making her neck wet with his saliva swara shiverd with the coldness and clutched his shirt moaning making him insane he removes her pallu and stares her boobs which is seen partially from her blouse he spreads the cake there and started to lick it he sucks her boobs on her netted blouse making it wet she was going mad with the pleasure and started to remove his shirt sanskar helped her to remove it after seeing his toned body she came on him kisses his cheeks and gives wet kisses on his neck she took the cake and spreads it on his chest feeling the coldness he also shivered making her smile she also started to lick the cake biting his ni**les he groaned loudly she sits propering her pallu missing her warmth he made faces and saw her giving him seducing smile he sits on bed shirtless she stood blowing her pallu on his face she turn on the music player she facing her back to him started to move her hips sensuously to the beat he came towards her and touching her hips moved his hands on her shoulder turning towards him their eyes met she traced her finger on his face sending shivers in him and bites his cheeks before he holds her she moves back making him groan she opens the window feeling the cold breeze she smiles her hair and pallu was dancing with the air he was standing still seeing her beauty he came to hold her but she ran making him hit the window door he frowned and closed the window before he turn she back hugged him tightly pressing her curves against his back caressing his chest she started to kiss his neck sanskar closes his eyes feeling her lips against his skin he was about to hold her but again she moved but he held her pallu and drags it twirling her making the saree open now she was in her blouse and skirt she turned hiding her curves and was blushing profusely sanskar back hugged her and started to kiss her neck before she lose control she moved towards wall and turned towards him seductively sanskar breath hitched seeing her wearing belly ring which he gifted her on his birthday ( refer part 12 of this ff in chaituNayaka account ) he came towards her touched her belly ring feeling his cold fingers  swara closed her eyes
Sanskar nibbling her ears
Sanskar : ummm…you are looking hot swara it looks mor beautiful on your belly

he sat on his knees and kissed her on belly ring swara held his hair he was giving kisses all over the belly she was feeling ticklish can’t able to take this she was about to escape but he held her hand and stands up she sees his eye which is filled with love and desire feeling shy she lowers her eyes sanskar scoops her in his arms
Sanskar : abb kaha bagogi
Swara : bhaag na bhi kaun chata hein
He lies her on the bed and comes above her and kissed her hardly taking a dominance swara let him do whatever he want he kissed her passionately he left her to catch the breath
Her cheeks were red by her blushing
Sanskar :  your cheeks are so red jaan let me cool it
Saying this he applied cake cream on her cheeks he came to her neck and started to kiss and bite there swara moaned he sucks the bitten area and removes her blouse and sucked her boobs hard
Swara : hmm…sanskar slowly
Sanskar : sorry jaan u teased me a lot now you have to bare my wildness
He was sucking pressing other one swara was moaning loudly after getting satisfied he came down to her belly and started to play with the belly ring with his tongue she held the bedsheet tightly he was kissing her upper body madly making her moan loud
Sanskar : swara do you want our neighbours to hear you
Swara : hmm sanskar you are so hard today
Sanskar : are you enjoying it
Swara : hmm…love you
Sanskar pecking her lips
Sanskar : love you too baby
He again came back to her belly and started his work there now both lost there senses he was about to remove her skirt but they her a door bell sound they both were started sanskar got up and wared his shirt she sat covering with the bedsheet
Sanskar : kissed her forehead I will see you just change
Swara nodes he went and opened the door and saw his villain standing there
Sanskar : not again why he will always enter wrong time only he was wondering for solution
Since arnav didn’t go for office shekhar went to attende his meeting
Shekhar saw him lost somewhere he pinched his arm sanskar screemed
Sanskar : ouch..villain
Shekhar glared him
Sanskar : come in baba
Shekhar : why are u here u didn’t go for college
Sanskar : aaj Valentine’s day na so every one will be busy so
Shekhar started to laugh sanskar was confused
Shekhar : what sanskar being in this generation you don’t have any girlfriend at your age I was having four girlfriends aaj kal ke bacche will be having two to three girlfriends but you poor fellow mujhe laaga tha kii tum sirf kaam keliye naalayak ho par tum tho girlfriend banane mein bhi naalayak
Sanskar was full angry mode Because of anger smoke was coming from his ear
Sanskar : mein naalayak nahi meri girlfriend bane keliye kohi ladki layak nahi thi (poor sanskar he forgot about swara)
Swara : what did you say
Sanskar : scaredly nothing swara bus yu hi
Swara glared him
Shekhar : what is there on your cheeks
Swara : its cake
Shekhar : he don’t know how to make girlfriend and you don’t know which is mouth and cheeks swara glared sanskar when arshi will come they will had their dinner and come
Shekhar : okay iam going to take rest I had my dinner with clients so have yours goodnight
Swasan : goodnight
Sanskar ordered the food they had their dinner feeding each other with their light moments
Arshi came back
Sanskar : bhabhi how was the day did this gabbar let you enjoy
Khushi : OK OK you know na seeing his strict face my mood only goes off  lord Governor hmm
Arnav : ohh because of this strict face only you are pregnant na they both were arguing
Swara : stop dii you are looking tired go and take rest baby kho bhi rest chahiye na
Arnav : did you guys had dinner
Swara : hmm we had it
Arnav : what you guys were doing
Sanskar : naughtly we were  playing games
Khushi started to see every where
Swara : what are you seeing dii
Khushi : I’m checking whether everything are proper or not
Swara : why
Khushi : while playing you both will start fighting and ends up breaking anything so I was seeing what you guys broke today
Arnav listening his innocent wife he hits his head
Arnav : (murmerers) if you want to see go to there rooms and see as they were playing there
Swakhu : did u said something
Arnav : nothing you guys go and sleep
Swasan went they slept in swara room in each other embrace

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