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Shakti 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya refuses to divorce Harman

Shakti 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya standing sad. Preeto comes to her and says don’t know when Harman will grow up. Soumya says when he will agree. Preeto says very soon and says when she was talking, he was hearing her patiently. She says she will convince him. Soumya says this time seems like he will not agree. Preeto says I will ask his friends to convince him. Soumya says he might get angry. Preeto says he is already angry.

Surbhi and Sumit are in the car. She asks him to stop the car seeing temple and gets down. Sumit says if you will do good presentation as you came here. Surbhi says it depends on us to do good or bad, and tells that they shall take God’s blessing before doing anything. Sumit complains to God about Varun and tells Surbhi that Varun will feel proud of her when she gets successful.

Surbhi comes to the office to give presentation. She starts presentation and then gets worried thinking where are other pages of the presentation. Varun burns her presentation papers. The clients get angry. Surbhi says sorry and says she will make presentation in 10 mins. Boss fires her from the job. Surbhi and Sumit are shocked.

Preeto talks to Harman’s friends and tells them that Harman is not talking to his wife over a small argument. She asks them to talk to Harman. They call Harman and ask him if he had any argument with his wife. Harman gets angry. His friend tells that Preeto asked them to make him understand. Harman goes.

Preeto comes to Soumya and asks her to have strength. She promotes the show Bepannah. Harman comes home and break the things. Soumya asks what happened? Harman asks why she don’t stay away from him and says Preeto went to my friends. He says you would have told my friends about Soumya’s kinnar truth. He says mistake is mine, but now I will rectify it. He says you claims to love me and asks her to proof what big sacrifice she can do for him. He gives her divorce papers and asks her to sign. Soumya looks on shocked. Harman asks her to sign and show her love. Soumya takes pen and is about to sign, but Preeto stops her. She says you will not do this. Harak Singh holds preeto’s hand. Harman asks Soumya to sign.

Soumya is about to sign. Preeto asks her not to sign. Soumya strikes all papers with pen, tears and throws it. Soumya says you hate me so you show your hatred and I will show my love. Harak singh says until when you will act and blames Preeto for supporting her. Soumya asks Preeto not to try to unite them. Harman tells Soumya that kinnar can bless other, but can’t give love in all relations.

Harak singh asks everyone to go to their rooms. Preeto blames herself and apologizes to Soumya. Soumya says you aren’t wrong, you tried to do good. Preeto says my hopes are getting lessened, don’t know if he will agree or not.

Nani waits for Surbhi. Nani comes there with Sumit. Varun tries to slap Sumit, but Surbhi stops him and tells that Sumit brought her home else she wouldn’t like to come home. Varun is about to slap her, but Sumit holds her hand and asks him to treat her as his wife. Surbhi tells Maninder about Varun’s deeds and says she was thrown from job. Varun says I didn’t do anything and goes. Nani asks Surbhi not to worry. Varun thinks mission accomplished.

Harman asks a guy to leave weight bars and calls Soumya. He says he wants weigh someone’s love. He says lets weigh your love. He ties those bars to her legs and asks her to go and clean kitchen. Preeto says it is clean. Harman breaks the things in kitchen and throws stuff on floor. He then asks Soumya to either clean the house or leave the house.

Harman takes Soumya for a walk and leaves her on road. Some goons come in car and kidnaps her..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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