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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ananth Misleads Sadhna

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay calls Ananth and informs him about Sadhna falling down and losing her mental balance, etc.. Vasu applies herbal paste on Sadhna’s feet. Sadhna wakes up and gets angry to return paste. Vasu says she made this paste learning from internet. Sadhna says she is lying. Vasu says she is not. Sadhna scolds her to leave. Bulbul who is watching all this standing near door gets sad. Ananth walks in and asks Sadhna what happened to her, he came running after Vijay informed him about her condition. Sadhna asks him to convince Vijay to find out Prabhath’s murderers. Ananth says Vijay would not until election is over. Mandira walks in and shows her fake concern for Sadhna, apologizes Ananth for coming without informing him. Ananth says he is happy instead that she came. Mandira

forcefully applies herbal paste on her and goes to bring food for Sadhna.

Angad touches Resham”s feet and says he is going to meet CM now. Resham praises him that he has raj yog and will succeed high in life. He cuts his finger and does Angad’s tilak. Angad hugs him and leaves. Rasik thinks his blood will totally destroy Vijay’s family.

Mandira returns to Sadhna’s room with food. Ananth adds Prabhath’s sim in his mobile and calls Sadhna. Sadhna panics. Mandira takes phone and is shocked to see Prabhath’s number. She goes down and asks Gayatri what happened to Sadhna. Gayatri says Bulbul did black magic on her and is trying to prove her mentally unstable to send her to mental assylum. She asks her to cut vegetables and leaves applying face pack on her face. Mandira reminisces Ananth giving money to a stranger and thinks he is behind all this.

Vijay meets lawyer and asks to speed up Prabhath’s case. Bulbul calls him and enquires. She then goes to kitchen. Vasu comes and touches his feet and says she got admission in dance school. Bulbul gives her sahagun and gives moral gyan to use her leg pain as her strength. Mandira walks in and stops Vasu. Bulbul warns her not to stop people going outside. Mandira yells at her that she is up to something and is showing one side of coin, she will find out what her other side is….

Precap: Vijay tells Sadhna that court needs proof and are not affected b y emotions. Sadhna says she is affected by emotions and wants Prabhath’s murderers punished soon. Bulbul encoureages Vijay to keep fighting.

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