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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arpita Misleads Court in Diya’s Case

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratan asks Diya to sleep and says he can’t bear anyone blaming her. She comes to him while he is sleeping. Ratan holds her hand. Title song plays…..Diya sits there itself and sleeps. CT thinks about Arpita’s threat. She thinks once Diya gets freed from this case then Arpita will have no proofs that their marriage will break. She prays to God.

In the morning, Ratan wakes up and sees Diya sleeping while sitting. He wakes her up and asks why did you sleep here. Diya says she was placing pillow right, but when he held her hand then she haven’t wake him up. Ratan asks Diya why she didn’t wake him. Diya says you was sleeping peacefully, so I didn’t wake you up. Ratan says someone didn’t wake me up, even after alarm rang. He asks why you aren’t worried. Diya says since

you have decided to prove me innocent, you took away my tension. Ratan says you trust me so much, and says I will miss you. Diya says I know, I am just 1 piece. Ratan kisses on her forehead. Diya asks him to get ready.

Court case begins. Prosecution/Abhay lawyer shows the CCTV footage in which Diya is threatening Abhi holding broken green glass bottle. Judge asks Defence/Ratan if he wants to say something. Ratan says nothing. Arpiya thinks Diya will repent now for letting Ratan fight the case. Prosecution tells that diya went to meet Abhay and then attacked him with glass bottles. Ratan objects and tells judge that he wants to call Abhay in witness box. He asks Abhay if he is beaten up by shatrani. Diya smiles. Ratan asks Abhay if he is sure that it was same glass pieces. Abhay says yes. Ratan tells Judge that the glass pieces which were taken out from him was of red color, but the bottle with which Diya is threatening him is green in color. He says this is Arpita and Abhay’s conspiracy to frame Diya. Judge gives a break. Prosecution asks Arpita why did she hide this from him.

Diya talks to Sajjan Singh via video call and tells him that she will win the case because of Ratan. Bhuvan tells Mohak that Ratan is fighting case after studying for 2 days. CT is there standing tensedly and hiding something. Diya asks Ratan to sign on the documents. After the court resumes, Arpita tells Judge that court that Ratan is misleading the court. Ratan tells that he got glass pieces from hospital with Police help. Doctor comes and tells that the glass pieces which they took out from Abhay’s body were green and the proofs is tampered. He says they have the recording for the same. Arpita and Abhay smirks. Diya thinks who has changed the glass pieces.

Ratan tells CT that he wants to do something. CT says it is risky. Diya gets worried for Ratan and says if something happens to him.

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