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RAGSAN- Ich Liebe dich {chapter 1- the start….}


Hello…everyone….I am naina with a ragsan ff. I am a die heart fan of ragsan. I always wanted to see them together and talking about RAGLAK AND SWASAN I can’t even imagine them in my worst dreams. Well that’s my opinion it may differs from other. Well currently I am also writing a Kriyam ff. hope you all like it.

So let’s peep into the story-


Ragini Sharma- a young independent girl. Love others and cares for them but understands the importance of her life. People sometimes call her selfish but to think about your self is self concern not selfishness. Loves her parents sharmishtha and raghu. Her real mother died in an accident and when sharmishtha husband left her raghu became his life partner and both the girls got their missing parents.

Swara sharma-sister of ragini. A cute loving girl. She is so determined towards her family that she can even sacrifice her life for them. Can be said as ragini in the real show. Her sister matters her to the most. She is only her friend…her fighter and her world.

Laksh ans sanskar maheshwari – two hot handsome guys. Laksh is a year younger than sanskar. But anyone can’t easily depict that they are not of same age. However their life continuously shocks them. First when got into love with ragini and swara respectively and secondly you would get to know. Swara

So discussing about parents-

Sharmishtha- swaragini mother. Love her daughters very much but have a special place for ragini . loves her family from the bottom of her heart.

shekhar- sawragini father. Loves her daughter very much. He is a successful business man and a good friend of durgaprasad also.

Anpoorna – laksh and adarsh mother. A sweet loving lady. Always wished her family to be united.

Adarsh and uttara are same. Adarsh is married to pari.

Sujatha- mother of sanskar and uttara. Loves ragini very much for her boldness because she believes that what she can’t do because her modern bahu would do. Basically she wants that she can’t rule over keys but she wouldn’t let that happen to her bahu also.

Ram-father of sanskar and uttara. Truly respects his brother. A kind hearted family loving man.

So this was the list. Almost all the characters are same. Here ragsan and swalak are already committed. They already love each other and even confessed it to. So here it ends. Hope you all shower your love on this one also. Till then bye! And ha next episode would be aired soon.

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