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Porus 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Lachi and Puru’s Emotional Attachment; Olympia Brainwashes Posenius To Kill Philip

Porus 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puru continues sword fight with Barsin and says if needed, her father will sacrifice even her. Hasti stops seeing someone and thinks he has to go in from some other way. Puru injures Barsin’s shoulder and says she is injured. He says that is fine. He says she treated him once, let him treat her once, she should trust a Bharati’s treatment once and takes her with him. Laachi watches them from a distance.

Hasti reaches Darius. Darius asks why did he return back to Pourav rasta. Hasti asks why was not he told Dasyu lok will be destroyed so much, many Dasyus died and even Dasyu king’s life was at risk. Darius asks why he is worried, Dasyus are not his relatives. Mauses says king Darius wants to know why Dasyus came here. Hasti says they came to loot Pourav rastra’s grocery

and wealth and kill king Bamni on holi day, then he and his mother will escape from Dasyu lok. Darius says Mauses will show him Pourav rastra’s grocery and wealth godowns and will help him know when Bamni will play holi with his praja/people, once he kills king Bamni, he can go to Faras with his mother and can enjoy immense wealth and power. He drops wine from glass and says this time he will play with Bamni and Porus’ blood.

Puru applies turmeric on Barsin’s injury looking into her eyes. Barsin says this is a spice which Bharatis use in food. Puru says Bharatis have many secret ingredients which manyh don’t know, even their soil is a powerful wound healer. He says looks like she has more scars on her mind which he has to heal. Laachi peeps from window and feels disheartened seeing them smiling at each other. Barsin opens up and says she is hurt a lot by his father’s words, but he is king and she is a princess. Puru says he does not want to know her too personal issues, he wants to know some secret about her father. She asks asks what secret he wants to know. He says where Darius keeps his wealth. Barsin says she does not know exact details, but knows in north direction from Pourav rastra, her father has Farsi warehouse, she wants him to go there and see what her father does. Laachi gets more emotoinal seeing them, but reminisces Mahanandi’s promise not to meet Puru and inform him about their plan. Puru sees someone near window and runs. He sees Laachi and runs behind her. Laachi hides. Puru says where are you Laachi, why don’t you come in front. Laachi feels more emotional. Puru touches other side of walls which Laachi touches and feels her presence, repeats Laachi. Laachi extends her hand, but stops reminiscing promising her mother that she will not meet Puru until their task is complete. She backs off hand hides. Puru continues taking Laachi’s name emotionally.

Barsin comes and asks if he saw her. Puru says he could not, but his heart says she was here. Soldier says there is no one, he did not see anyone. Puru says Dasyus are seen when they want to. Barsin asks why did she leave seeing him. Puru says there is a reason behind every act, he is sure even Laachi has some reason, repeats Laaachii…Laaachi cries. They continue feeling each other’s presence. Puru walks a bit. Laachi peeps. Puru stops but walks away.

In Macedonia, Posenius fumes remembering Philip insulting him and calling him dog and servant and spitting on him. Alexander walks to him followed by Olympia who asks Alexander to go as she will handle situation and does not want his name to be come out if situation worsens. Alexander says she is right and waits outside. Olympia starts brainwashing Posenius and says she is not on Philip’s side, he did a big mistake by insulting Posenius’ loyalty. She says if he was Alexander’s loyal instead of Philip, it would have been good for him as Alexander takes care of his people well, see how he protects Ephastian always. It is up to Posenius if he wants to support rising sun Alexander or drowning sun Philip who will continue insulting him. Posenius says from hereon he will be loyal to Alexander. Olympia says loyal should be shown and not told. Posenius asks what he has to do. Olympia says he should kill the one who insulted him, he should not worry as Alexander will be future king. Posenius pulls out his sword and submits to her. Olympia says he will be informed when and where to kill Philip.

Puru followed masked man. Laachi returns to her Dasyus’ hideout. Mahanandini says tomorrow his holi, they will attack Pourav rastra’s godowns tomorrow and will destroy Pourav reastra’s wealth. Hasti comes and says he found out where Pourav godowns are. Laachi says he had gone into palace, then how did he find out where godowns are.
Kanishk asks Darius why did not he talk about his and Barsin’s wedding. Darius asks if he is sure he will be alive till morning. Olympia orders Posenius to kill Philip tomorrow.

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