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Piya Albela 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Police arrests Naina, Supriya reveals to Naren about his birth truth

Piya Albela 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren asking Naina if she will not tell anything. He asks her to wipe her sweat. Naina says you both have played a good game and says who will believe you. She says she has proof and shows Pooja’s pic as Doctor hunterwala. Naren says you don’t have to worry, whoever are concerned have listened to your conversation. All Vyas Family members get up from the stretchers. Harsha slaps Naina for killing Mayank and says I would have given you everything. Naina asks them to listen. Harish asks her to tell in Police station. Pooja says you don’t have to work and says everything is recording here. Naina runs to Supriya and keeps knife on her neck. She asks Naren to bring medical equipments and aims at Pooja. Naren says I will not do such things. Pooja says I am ready to do anything

for Pooja. She asks Naren to aim at her and says this is the time to lower her favors. Naren feels helpless. Naina signs him to throw medical equipment on her. Naren throws it on Naina. Naina puts rope around Pooja’s neck and asks her to see her family for last time. She says only her dead body will come.

Pooja feels suffocated and asks Naren to take care of everyone. Supriya asks Naina to leave her bahu. She gets up shocking Naina. Naren holds Naina and calls Danish. Danish brings Malti and Govardhan. Pooja says hiring fake actors and making them wear good clothes don’t make them your relatives. Police comes to arrest her. Naren tells Inspector that he wants to handcuff Naina. Naina says you are doing mistake Pooja. Satish says I have done a mistake by not getting you arrested. Naren handcuffs her. They go home. Neelima tells Rahul that it is good that he is saved from psycho Naina and praises Surbhi to be a good bahu.

Chandrika comes there. Pooja asks who have called you. Naren and Supriya comes. Rahul says he is very happy to see them. Supriya tells Naren that she was fine from always, she could walk and stand, and was not paralyzed. Everyone is shocked. Supriya says I want to apologize to Pooja, and says she was blinded in her son’s love that she didn’t care for her married life. She then apologize to Chandrika for bearing the humiliation and standing with Pooja in all times. She says I couldn’t be good saas like you. Pooja and Chandrika get tensed. Pooja asks Supriya to forget everything. Supriya makes Naren sit and tells him that she feels proud to have son like her, even though she had not given birth to him. Naren is shocked. Supriya tells him that Chandrika is the one who gave him birth. Naren doesn’t believe her and asks her what is she saying. Supriya says she is saying right. Dadaji comes and says Supriya is saying right.

Pooja hugs Supriya. Harsha asks what you are saying? Supriya says I came to know this 6 months ago. A fb is shown, she heard Chandrika telling Pooja that Naren is her son and if anyone comes to know this. Supriya says she acted to be paralyzed as she wanted to keep Naren close to her. Naren asks Supriya to tell that he is her son. Dada ji says Supriya is right, you are not Supriya and Harish’s son, but of Chandrika’s son.

Dada ji says I knew this from the beginning. Pooja has suffered a lot and gave her mother’s place to Chandrika. Harish shouts and says Naren is his son, his blood. Dada ji says this is not right, and says this big truth can’t be acceptable by mind and heart easily, but truth can’t be changed.
He says when Supriya was pregnant, she came to Ashram for her delivery due to my insistence. Just then someone left baby in the Ashram and everyone was rejoicing about that baby. Supriya’s car couldn’t come inside due to that and when she gave birth, baby was dead. He says I have replaced the baby thinking Supriya shall not be shattered and changed the dead baby with alive baby. He says he named him Naren Harish Vyas.

Naren frees Pooja from all relations and returns her ghungroo, and walks out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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