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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha saves airaavat.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kanha distracting airaavat. Airaavat follows kanha wherever he goes. There nand and all men dig the huge hole for airaavat to fall in, as nand and the men come out, the child’s father lays down all spears inside the hole. Nand sees and says what are you doing? We decided not to kill that elephant, you cannot do that. The man says nand, my son was in danger, he could have died, it is my decision to take revenge and I will take it. Kanha is coming with airaavat. All people run away and hide in the trees. Kanha comes running and sees the hole, he says I cannot let the elephant fall inside and die, I have to save his life. Kanha comes in another direction as airaavat follows him. As kanha goes ahead, airaavat comes running faster and he then uproots a tree and throws

it on kanha. Kanha falls on the log of the tree and says elephant I saved your life back there and you are trying to kill me. Airaavat tries stamping kanha, kanha saves himself.
Suddenly kanha stops and airaavat holds him with his trunk. Indra dev sees and laughs and says kill that kid airaavat. Kanha sees airaavat’s forehead and says there is indra dev’s gold coin on it, I think that is why this elephant is attacking everyone, this is airaavat. Kanha removes the coin and airaavat comes to his own form as a white elephant with gold on him. Kanha says airaavat calm down, I know you want to be my friend. Airaavat trumpets and then puts kanha on his back. Indra dev is angry as he sees this and he screams.
There yashoda goes running to the temple of lord Vishnu and prays, prabhu please save my son. All people go behind yashoda. There airaavat puts down kanha and kanha says airaavat now I have to go as my mother must be waiting, airaavat bends down and takes blessings, kanha blesses airaavat and he goes. Indra dev gets angry and says no! I will not leave anyone now, everyone shall be killed. As kanha is heading back, suddenly a huge storm comes and kanha sees the storm, it is hundreds of elephants running towards vrindavan. Kanha is worried and says what to do now? Kanha sees the elephants and suddenly hanuman ji comes! Kanha says hanuman ji? He smiles. Hanuman throws his gadha and creates a huge gap between the land mass, all the elephants run away. Hanuman says jai shree ram and says no one can harm my prabhu shree ram. Hanuman takes kanha and goes back to vrindavan. Hanuman goes.
Indra dev says no, it was hanuman this time. I think hanuman doesn’t know what bhagwan indra wants, I wont leave the people unless they start doing my Pooja, I will kill all of them.
There kanha says I shall go before that radha comes here. Radha comes calling kanha and says kanha what are you doing here? Kanha says nothing, I distracted the elephant and it went away. Radha says do you know who I am? Kanha says yes, you are the daughter of a man who has 1 lakh cows, I have heard that a million times, lets go back now.
There kansa is in brahma lok and he says everything in brahma lok looks just same like a palace, what is so different here? Kansa laughs and says let brahma do what he wants, I have come to do my work, I will do that and go. As kansa goes, his body clothes suddenly change into white clothes of a rishi. Kansa says okay, so development in clothes but brahma doesn’t know, he cannot change what I think and I will do my work at any cost. Kansa goes.
Indra dev there tells suryadev that suryadev let the people on earth know what they get after messing with indra dev, you go so near to earth that everything starts burning and people will do my Pooja then. Suryadev says okay.

Precap: suryadev comes near to earth and increases his heat and says people on earth, you will die now. In vrindavan, everyone say how has the heat increased so much? Kanha goes with hanuman to stop indra dev from doing everything.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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