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My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 14

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Diya : U smoke??

Arjun little bit scared..becoz no one knows about this habit in his family..but now he caught to his Darlin Diya..

Arjun: Not a chain smoker..Sometimes..

Diya: Sometimes ??

Arjun : Believe me dear..

He tried to drag that packet from her..but before that she throws in dustbin..

Arjun saw that like his soul was thrown (#NoOffense)

Diya  smiled like she did nothing..

Diya: what??

Arjun knows very well..nothing is going to happen..he should quit that for the sake of his love..

Arjun: come let’s go..

They went to hall..Diya nd her family came to meet Anjali, Kishore nd their family..

Then Diya excused herself to drink water..but the actual truth is she searched for her Darlin Arjun..

Eventhough They both meeting secretly …she always wanted to see him..

She successfully reached Arjun’s Room..she opened the one is there..its office..where was he??

Then she heard sound from washroom..

So she began to examining his room..she smiled herself by thinking going to be their room one day..its normal Bachelor Room..

At the time door opened…she saw Cigarette pack in his Table..

Arjun was shocked to see her in his room suddenly..The second shock that cigarette pack..


After that they both came nd seated themselves in hall they didn’t spoke to each other..

Anjali signalled  he sissy as well as Arjun ..

They both blushed..

Diya father asked Arjun..when he was going to marry?

Anjali smiled..Diya shocked..Like does her father knows??

Arjun was like..he didn’t know what to say?? Does he want to know when i was going to marry or when i am going to marry Diya??

Before he could decide..One voice came from main Door..

Arjun’s Pov

Actually its familiar..

Haan!! Kamla Bua!!!

How can she miss this chance?? She will be always here when bhabhi parents are here..Not that exactly..When Diya was here with me..

I don’t know what was her problem with Diya..

So now what was on her mind..

Wait there is some other person with her..

She too familiar..Its Neha..

My Colleague..what was she doing with her..

Oh God!! Don’t do that what was going in my mind..

While these thoughts running in Arjun’s mind..Actually that was happening..what he don’t want to happen..

Kamla Bua chose Neha for him..

Neha was in Arjun’s Team in office..She was very rich..nd will get whatever she want..

Like that she asked Arjun..directly to him..but he said no..nd never mind her then..

She tried whatever possible..

Arjun’s mind nd Heart always filled only with Diya..

Diya’s pov


Seriously!! Does this happening??

Who was she?? From where on the Earth…she comes into my life?? our Life??

Arju!! Why don’t u say this to me??

I am sure ..U don’t involved in this..

But why?? U didn’t said anything about her to me??

And why this Kamla Bua always wanted me away from Arju!!

I Hate you!!! kamla Buaaa

All of the sudden Both Arjun nd Diya doesn’t know what to react..

Bua holding Neha’s hand saying whatever she Arjun said ok for this..

She doesn’t ask his opinion..she was like ordering Arjun nd His parents..nd informing Diya’s family particularly Diya..

Kamla Bua don’t like that much Anjali as well as her family..

At first she tried her friend’s daughter to marry Kishore..that didn’t happen..

So now she doesn’t want Diya too.

She knows very well something was there b/w Arjun nd Diya..

Nd Neha somehow Planned well to meet Kamla bua for her Love..

Neha seeing Arjun..

Arjun stared at her for a second..then he searched for Diya..

She already left..

After that neither she was attending his Calls nor she called her ..

                                                                                       To  Be Continued…


hey guys..hope u all doing good..sorry if this update was usual got busy with my work..will try to post long one in next update.

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