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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 1)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the character sketch.Today I’m planning to give a small episode. I hope you all will like it . I’m currently in 11th grade and I have exams now so I can only post short episodes.well in my Fan Fiction dayaben will be playing a positive role. And Avni’s mother Asha is not a Muslim in my ff . if there’s any grammatical mistakes I’m sorry . Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction

enjoy the episode.

Scene 1:

Location: Mehta mansion , Mumbai

sun rises and the city of Mumbai is shown . Mehta mansion is shown. It is decorated everywhere as a grand wedding is going to take place. Servants are seen decorating the house and Mandap.

Servant 1 : Hey , did you order for the garlands?

Servant 2: oh my god, I literally forgot about that.

Servant 1 : WHAT! How did you even forget about that ?

An old lady comes there and she’s wearing a traditional lehenga.

Lady : What happened ?

Servant 1:Dayaben ….

The lady is dayawanti Mehta.

Dayawanti : (in an angry tone ) My god . You forgot to order for the garlands. Can’t you do a small work properly!

Servant 2 : sorry

Dayawanti : What sorry ? Today is my Avni , my rajkumari’s wedding. And you guys are spoiling everything .

A guy : Daadi leave them .

A guy in cream colour Kurta comes there and stands near dayaben and tries to calm her .

A guy: leave them Daadi . Why are you scolding them and spoiling your mood ?

Dayawanti : Aman see here , they forgot to order the garlands. They don’t do anything properly .

The guy turns out to be Aman

Aman : Hufff…. Daadi why are you getting angry for a small reason ? (Says to the servants) And yeah please order it soon .

Servant 2 : ok

Servant 1: (to Servant 2) thank god dayaben is in a good mood today .Do you know what would have happened ? She would have fired you right away. This is her granddaughter’s wedding and she loves her grand daughter Avni a lot .She wants everything to be perfect . So order it and try to get it soon.

Servant 2 : okay

Dayawanti : (to Aman)small reason ? Anyways I don’t want to spoil my mood . Today is a very important day for my Rajkumari Avni . She’s getting married today.

Aman : yeah…. but Daadi …

Dayawanti : What ?

Aman : did Avni willingly get agreed for this marriage ?

Dayawanti: (in a serious tone) What do you mean ?

Aman : Daadi I mean … Avni is just 22 and she has to do many things in her life and you are getting her married so soon ?

Dayawanti : Aman … I know what’s right for my Avni. Groom, Ritesh parekh is from a very good traditional Gujarati family . And his parents are very good . They’ll definitely take care of her well .

Aman : but still Daadi ..

Dayawanti : we are not talking about this again …… (in a loud voice) Riya ! Riya beta

A girl in pink lehenga  comes there who happens to be Riya , avni’s cousin.

Riya : yes Daadi .

Dayawanti : did Avni get ready ?

Riya : she’s getting ready. Asha Badi ma is helping her.

Dayawanti : ok fine …

Ashish comes there ..

Ashish : maa .. groom’s family are on their way . They’ll be here any moment and pandit ji is here too .

Dayawanti : thank god . I hope everything goes fine .

Scene 2:
Khanna’s house

In a dark room

A guy is scene playing with the punching bag. After finishing it ..he picks up the water bottle and pours the water on himself. water moves from his head till his torso.

Suddenly he hears a guy’s voice .

A guy : bhai … Neil bro where are you !?

Neil : (with a small smile on his face after seeing the guy ) I’m here Neeraj .

Neeraj hugs Neil .

The guy who was playing with the punching bag is Neil and the another guy is Neeraj who happens to be Neil’s brother.

Then A lady comes inside and hugs Neil

Lady : (kisses Neil on his forehead)

Neil : maa …(smiles) what happened to you both !? Is something special today !?

The lady happens to be Neil and neeraj’s mom Shweta

Neeraj and and Shweta look each other .

Neeraj : god . As expected . Bhai seriously don’t you remember ?

Neil gives a confused look

Shweta goes near Neil .

Shweta : tillu (Neil) today is your birthday.

Neil’s smile fades away.

Neil : please don’t remind me of that ..

Neeraj : bhai you turned 25 today . Why are you always sad and why don’t you like

Neil : Neeraj , mom you know I don’t want to celebrate my birthday .

Shweta : but why ?

Neil : (in an angry tone) Mom you know the reason . You know what happened with us on my 7th birthday .

Shweta : So What tillu ?

Neil shockingly looks towards Shweta .

Shweta : Whatever happened 18 years ago that happened with me . Now I don’t even care about that and now we’re leading a good life . But why are you still …

Neil : MOM I CAN’T FORGET THAT! That person … that person left us for money and he betrayed you.

Shweta : Neil he’s your dad ….

Neeraj : mom .. seriously ? You still respect That person who left us for money and who never cared about us ? And who ill treated us ?

Shweta : you know what forget about all this . all I want is to see you both happy and today is my tillu’s birthday ..

Neil : no mom . I’m not still not over this . Whenever I think about this I feel like …. Leave me alone for sometime.

neeraj : bhai But …

Neil goes out .

Neeraj : I feel so bad for him .

Shweta : I wish I could see Neil happy again .


Precap : Avni runs away from her marriage . Both Mehta family and the groom’s family get shocked . AvNeil’s meet.


guys if you liked the episode please do read and comment so that I can proceed. I hope you all liked it .

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