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Meri Durga 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti helps Durga

Meri Durga 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga telling everyone about her pregnancy. They all get shocked. Sanjay says you should have not come here, there would be preparations going on in the academy. Everyone practices. Bhagat asks them about Durga. Palak says sorry I don’t know. He asks them to meet him on track. Durga says I don’t know to run in race or forget it for this child. Sanjay says Durga should go back, its imp for her to run in race. Gayatri says I m also a woman and mum too, how can I ask my bahu to forget her child. Sanjay says its dream of so many people. Yashpal says I always told her not to think about anyone and run, this time what shall I tell her, I don’t know, its her right to decide. Sanjay asks what about her dreams, she can’t move back, its my decision too, I will drop her to academy.

Aarti comes and says don’t leave your dreams Durga. They all get shocked.

Aarti says I have come to take Durga for international race selection. Durga asks how does sit matter to you. Aarti says I spent my life in failing you and couldn’t focus on myself, I fell in my own eyes, I want to see you win the race, today I m going to do something which I haven’t done before, maybe I can forgive myself doing this. Durga says maybe your repentance is true, but its late, I can’t run in race. Aarti says you think you are pregnant right, you are not pregnant, its my dad’s plan to make you lose.

Aarti’s dad meets Ranjan and signs him. The girls prepare for the race. Aarti says you don’t know the entire thing, Tanvi was frustrated and wanted to make Durga out, her plan wasn’t working, she wanted to make Durga’s life hell like my dad, he saw Tanvi and joined her to ruin your career. FB shows Aarti’s dad meeting Tanvi and saying I hate Durga, we have to attack Durga to make her out, her strength is her heart and her weakness is also her heart, I will target her emotions this time, you have to support me. She nods. Aarti hears them and goes. FB ends. Aarti says dad thought you will win money and get back your inlaws house, so he planned all this, I realized I was punished, I was depressed, now I want you to win, I tried to stop my dad, Rohini was also involved to add medicines in your food so that you feel dizzy and vomit, Rohini changed the pregnancy kit as well.

Gayatri asks Aarti is this true or any other plan of her dad. Aarti says no, I m saying truth, Durga can do test again. Durga does pregnancy test again. Everyone waits. Durga says I m not pregnant. They all smile. Durga says thanks Aarti, but I got much late. Aarti says I didn’t come to just tell this to you, I want you to run, its my responsibility to make you reach the race, its your responsibility to win. She calls driver and gives her shoes. Durga thanks her. Gayatri says how will we reach there on time. Aarti asks SP to race today and throws the car keys to him. They smile.

Durga reaches late for the race. Everyone asks Durga to run fast. Bhagat cheers Durga and asks her to run fast, she is just 50 meters behind others.

Update Credit to: Amena

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