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Mere Sai 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Villagers Witnesses Hanuman ji At Temple

Mere Sai 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The villager provokes other villagers to see Suwarna’s drama. Guna ji says keertan will not happen as nobody will go. Bayaza asks Sai how can he be so relax and says Suwarna Bai has challenged you and chosen ekadashi day to do tamasha. Sai says one shall have pity on such people and says actually they make their own loss. Champa sees villager men fighting while Guna ji enjoy to see them fighting. He sees Champa and her friends to bring her to watch tamasha. Bayaza comes and holds his hand. She scolds him for spoiling kids. Guna ji says this is my work. Bayaza tries to stop villagers, but she couldn’t. Guna ji laughs and says this is Suwarna Bai’s name magic. Jhipri comes there with her friends and shows on the slate about keertan in temple. She says keertan will happen. Suwarna Bai comes out of tent

and tells first five men who buy tickets can dance and hold my hand. Bayaza gets upset.

Kulkarni tells Swarna Bai that she thought right to keep tamasha on ekadashi and tells that may be people are hesitating, when I come to watch your tamasha as a chief guest then people will come. Rukmini is tensed.
Jhipri and Champa bring the table and place it. Sai says they can do keertan alone also. He says someone is going to come today and says hanuman will sit on it. Rukmini thinks when she can come to his keertan. Aayi hears Champa singing bhajan and tells that her voice is melodious, whatever mom is doing is right. Madhav says perception will change. Jhipri tells Rano ji that hanuman will come and sit on table. Rano ji, Jeeva and Mhalsapati ji don’t believe her. sai asks Jhipri to have faith on her belief and says when he wants to come, will come. Jeeva tries to move the table, but fails. Others also try to lift it, but couldn’t. Jhipri tells them that hanuman ji is sitting on it. Everyone feel his presence and fold their hands. Om sai plays…

Suwarna’s tamasha begins, when some villager men come there and tells about hanuman ji appearing in maruti mandir. Suwarna says what nonsense. Guna ji says this is Sai’s trick. Anta and Banta try to stop them, but they leave. Suwarna asks Kulkarni how can they go as you are here. Kulkarni says Sai does black magic and says all men left, and asks her to show Sai what your beauty can do. Suwarna looks on revengeful

Sai is doing keertan when Suwarna comes and calls him.

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