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Mehrya My version Part 55


It was soon time for dinner all the Khanna’s gathered for the meal together. Mehak has no appetite at all to eat but Shaurya give her a warning look asking her to eat. Dolly maasi during the meal asked why bahu why are you not eating anything, you were okay earlier did Shaurya say anything again. Mehak said no maasi nothing just not feeling hungry. Then Harish papa asked Shaurya how was your meeting with the investors Shaurya. He replied all good same agenda need to some changes here and there. Nothing much.

Finishing their dinner, Shaurya and Mehak went to the lawn for a stroll. Both were quiet and after a while both sat on the garden bench and Shaurya stretched his arms Mehak rested her head on his broad chest, he hugged her and kissed on her hair. Asked why today not talking much usually you will be talking so much not giving me a chance to say anything didn’t eat much also for dinner what happen. Mehak said nothing I want to stay like this. Don’t tell me you are thinking about my business that’s why you are being silent. Mehak lifts her head up and looked at him, than I cannot worry for you is it. Now you had investor pull back like this I am sure there will be huge loss. It’s all because of me right? I am feeling so guilty Shaurya. Do you think if I go meet Archie and apologies to her, she will change her mind and maybe things will get better? Shaurya looks at her innocents. He asked her not every matter can be sorted with an apology Mehak, and where do you get this type of idea is it from this small brain saying that he gently knock her head. But Shaurya Mehak started he place his index finger on her lips. She became quiet and looked at him. He gently pulled her on his lap she surprised by his gesture and asked what are you doing someone will see us. Let them see, husband and wife are like that when alone. I never had any quiet moment with you since that Archie comes in. First we fought and now I don’t want any problem anything happens let me sort it myself. Look at me Mehak. He cups her cheek with his right palm you don’t be smart and do something. You are my Mehak i don’t like someone belittle you or say anything about you. I will be busy because need to sort all these matters in these time I need your support for me. Eat properly, take care of your health and always don’t forget to smile as he say that he rub her cheek with his thumb. So how will you sort this Shaurya asked Mehak. Frankly speaking I have no idea. They have given me some time I will need to work on it soon. He asked her lets go back to room as its getting cold outside.

They entered the room and Mehak went to freshen up and came Shaurya was at his study table with laptop. She asked aren’t you sleepy he asked her to sleep if she is tired. She said I am not sleepy too, he ask her to watch TV if she wants. She shakes her head and sat on the bed playing with her IPad. After sometime she saw Shaurya still busy so she went to search for new recipes and started to write down in her notebook. While Shaurya busy with his work he asked Mehak did you take your supplements? His eyes was still on the laptop monitor. Mehak chew her lips and telling herself this guy although busy but still remember all other stuff. He called again Mehak. She came out from her self-talking. Not yet will take in short while. He ask her take the pill out and eat it now. She replied him in short while Shaurya you do your work. He gets up from his seat and came to her bedside drawer and open it he took out the tablet box it was last pill left and asked her this is the last pill and you didn’t remind me to buy it that means you didn’t eat this for few days right. He took out the pill and pour a glass of water give it to her. She didn’t argue but just took it from him and gulp it. He continues to nag her I just told you, you must take care of yourself first then only you can take care of others. But you keep doing like this Mehak. He went to continue do his work at laptop. Mehak look at him and said sorry Shaurya I forgot about the supplement. Now don’t get upset please. You know when you scold me like this nagging me like this you are like Kanta Chachi in male form she smirked at him and continue to do her work lying on her tummy shaking her legs on air. Shaurya looks at her and smiled as he continue to do his work.

Mehak off her IPad and put it on the bedside table and asked Shaurya to come fast she wants to sleep. He told her 15minutes soon he finish his work and saw Mehak already slept. He gets up from his seat and join her in the bed and switch off the lights. Kissed on her forehead and held her closer to him and slept.

Next day morning Shaurya got up early did his morning workout. Mehak prepared the breakfast for all and get his morning smoothie for him. She walked to the lawn and saw him reading the paper she passed him the smoothie. He smiled and took it from her. He asked how is her cramps today is she feeling better. She nodded and said she is fine today. Shaurya ask her what is she preparing for breakfast. She told him the menu which is Poori and potato gravy. He said after breakfast get ready we go for shopping and watch movies eat out. Her eyes twinkled he ask her go quickly finish up all work then they will go.

Mehak went into kitchen to check, Awara already place the food on the table, she quickly made some salad and bring it table, by then all the family members came there for breakfast too.  All sat and enjoyed the meals together. Later Mehak went to her to freshen up and change to another dress. Outside Shaurya told Vicky to take care of White Chilies he agreed okay. Mehak was adjusting her bindhi and Shaurya came in, he went to his table saw some papers he printed out and put back inside the folder and asked Mehak are you ready shall we leave? She looked at him and wonder what happen to him. She stands there rolling her lips waiting for him to see her. He turned and look at her and asked what why are you still standing there come let’s go. She followed him to downstairs and both take leave from the elders and get into the car. In the car Mehak on the radio and change to her favorite station and listening to the program while Shaurya smiling and driving down.

They reached the mall and they headed to some shops. Shaurya chose some modern type long Kurtis and maxi dresses. Then they went to watch movie, after the movie they went to a café for lunch after ordered the food and Mehak went to washroom. While Mehak was away Shaurya was checking his mobile and he gets a call from a Private number. He slide to answer and before he say hello, it was Archie on the other side. Wow Shaurya Khanna seems like you are in good mood outing with that Chandi chowk girl. I thought I have shown you what can I do but that’s not enough. Your business will topple down soon as she saying that Shaurya’s fist tightened and his eyes gets red in anger. Maybe your business is not important to you how about your precious Mehak? I know she is not there next to you if I do anything to her now this instance this second I want to see your reaction , how will you tremble. Saying that Shaurya realize that Archie is somewhere near them and watching them, he starts to worry for Mehak. He gets up from his table and asked Archie don’t you dare to do anything to her if any single scratch on her you will be paying heftily. He comes out café and walks to the washroom direction and looking everywhere and nearby he saw Mehak talking to someone, he called her Mehak she turned to look at him. His call got cut off. He rush to her side and asked are you okay, she said I am okay I was coming out of washroom and saw my schoolmate so I stop by talking to her. Her friend left and both went back to the café Mehak asked why you are looking worried Shaurya you scared is it I took so long from washroom. He just smiled and brushed off his ill expression away, yeay I was worried what happen to my laddoo suddenly someone taken or what. Their food arrive and they enjoyed their meal. Though so much anger confusion and emotion turmoil running inside Shaurya he tries to keep himself cool and behave normal because he knows Mehak will find out even something he is hiding from the root of his heart. Once they finished their meals they left the café and went to the car park. Shaurya drove and instead of going home he went to the park which he likes to go. He parks the car there holds Mehak’s hand she looked at him smilingly and asked why we came to park. He said I want to be alone and spend some time with you that’s why. Both gets down from the car and stroll in the park hand in hand. After they walk for some time they sat on a bench observing others and relaxing. Mehak asked you are worried because of the investors right Shaurya? He replied if I said I am not worried about that then it’s a lie but I don’t want to think about it too much I am sure there are some investors outside who I am capable to get in this, just that some things need to be done and it’s not so soon. You don’t think about all these okay just keep smiling and be like this sweet with me I love to see my Mehak like this with me. Sticking to me like chewing gum Mehak looked at him smiled and hold his arms around. They sat and enjoyed the park till sunset and going around to the street foods seller enjoying the Delhi’s street foods with each other’s companion.


P/s : I am sorry guys its a very short update I will be back with a good part in coming week. Been working in tight schedule since last week

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