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Love story of Shah Sisters & Kapoor Brothers (Chap-2) Swasan- Kanchi ff by ArpitaKrish

Hi guys again I’m back with my bak bak. Thank You friends for supporting me. Okay now let’s move with next chapter. 

Love story of Shah Sisters & Kapoor Brothers (Chap-2):

Recap- Introduction of Kapoor family & Prologue.

So today I will make you meet with Shah family.


“Welcome…… Finally you came” Kusum taunts Sanskar while he enters into Kapoor Mansion.

Kabir & Anand were stand beside her. Trio were well dressed like they are going somewhere.

“Mom Sorry” Sanskar pouted.

“I don’t want to listen any sorry” Kusum did not melt.

“Bhai, Dad! why you both are silent. You say something to mom” Sanskar requested.

“Today we are fasting” Both clear their point.

“Fast???” Both Kusum and Sanskar were surprised.

“Fast of being silent infront of Kusum” Kabir & Anand replied.

Sanskar & Kusum starts laughing. Seeing them Kabir & Anand also starts laughing.

“Okay. Stop now. Already we are getting late. Shah family will be waiting for us. Sanskar go and dress up in 15 min. We are waiting” Anand said.

“Oh… I have forgotten that Today I’m going to meet my bhabhi. Okay. I’m coming” Sanskar went.

After sometimes,

“How I’m looking?” Sanskar came downstairs.

“Excuse me Sanskar. We are going to meet girl for Kabir mrg” Kusum laughs.

“So what. She will have sister also. Sanskar, You are looking handsome” Kabir defends  Sanskar.

“I love you Bhai” Sanskar hugs Kabir.

“Love you too Sanky” Kabir responds.

“Now stop your brotherhood. We are getting late” Anand said.

Everyone came out of house.

Scene shifts to Shah’s home,

“Where is Sanchi & your younger daughter” Kusum asked while taking sip of tea.

Anand, Kabir & Sanskar were also present there.

“Actually she had some important work. So she went somewhere. She will be coming” Jaya Shah replied.

“Swara!” Jaya called.

Swara came. She was wearing red long skirt & yellow top with matching earrings. Her hair was open.

“You?” Sanskar became surprised seeing her.

“What are you doing here?” Swara’s reaction was same as Sanskar.

“You both know each other?” Kabir asked.

“Yeah.. We accidently met in morning” Sanskar replied. Swara smiles.

Just then Sanchi came. She was wearing pink kurta, white jeans with matching earrings & pony, making her look more beautiful.

Sanchi was unaware of all this. Jaya saw her & stood up.

“1 min. I will just came with Sanchi” Jaya excused and went to other room with Sanchi.

“Mom, what is all this? I already discussed that I don’t want to marry then why are you forcing?” Sanchi said.

“But Sanchi you can’t live alone. After sometime you will feel that you need a life partner then it will be more late. He is nice guy. He was my student. I’m not in hurry. Just meet him once. If you will not agree then I’ll not force you” Jaya made her understand.

“Okay mom” Sanchi hugs her.

“Beta, what happened? Any issue?” Anand asked to Swara.

“Nothing uncle. Actually Di came and saw all of you so she became nervous” Swara replied.

Sanskar & Swara both smiles at each other.

“I’m thinking to fix your mrg too” Kabir mumbles seeing them.

“Bhai!!” Sanskar blushed.

“See. Sanchi came” Kusum seeks attention of everyone.

Jaya came with Sanchi.

“Kabir, I want you both to talk & clear everything. You have to be with each other for life time” Jaya said.

“Haan Kabir. Go” Kusum also agree.

Kabir stood up & both Kanchi went inside Sanchi’s room.

“Beautiful” Kabir mumbles looking at Sanchi.

“Means?” Sanchi asked.

“Room is beautiful” Kabir pretends.

“It does not make sense. I have to live with you” Sanchi was sad. Kabir senses.

“I will make our room of your choice” Kabir said.

“You are too fast” Sanchi smiles.

Kabir also smiles.

“See. We are going to marry. So I want you to aware about my past” Sanchi said.

“I dont have to do anything with your past. Does your past is more important than our future?” Kabir asked.

“No” Sanchi replied.

“Then no need to say anything. I also have past so what to worry. Just think about present and future” Kabir consoled.

“Thank You” Sanchi smiles.

“In friendship, No sorry No thank You” Kabir said.

“But when we became friends?” Sanchi asked.

“Now. Will you be my friend Miss Sanchi Shah” Kabir farword his hand.

“Okay” Sanchi responded.

Both smiles and came out.

“So what you both decided?”Anand asked.

“We are ready” Both said together.

“Congratulations” Swara came and hugs Sanchi. Sanskar hugs Kabir.

Everyone congrots each other.

“So tomarrow we will do engagement. If everything is alright then why to do late”Jaya shared.

Kusum & Anand agreed.

Kanchi smiles at each other & Swasan were teasing them.

To be continued…….

Jaya Shah – She is lecturer in a college and a single mother of Swara & Sanchi Shah.

Swara Shah – 23 years old. Younger daughter of Jaya Shah & Younger sister of Sanchi Shah. She completed her graduation.

Sanchi Shah- 25 years old. Elder daughter of Jaya Shah. Elder sister of Swara Shah. She is also lecturer.


I hope you guys like it. Thanks for your comments on previous one. I did not reply due to net issue. Thanks mitu, jinny, bibu, sanu for your love my bffs. Sorry if it is short chapter. It s my weakness. I can’t type more.

Will post Khamoshiyan & You&Me both asap. Bye. Take care.

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